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Project Angel: Introduction

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1 Project Angel: Introduction on 29th October 2011, 22:31

Reanimated Presents

A Balaldie Enterprises Production


In the 1970’s the world witnessed its first true superhero, or Post-human as they would become known. For almost 40 years the Post-Humans were looked at with reverence, but then things began to change.

After decades of unrest, the Earth was declared secular. There was massed resistance from world religions, and the more fanatical elements of each banded together to form the Brotherhood. They made an almost useful attempt at world domination but were brought down by internal struggles. However, not before running a successful PR campaign decrying Post-humans.

Shortly after a Corporation declared it had developed an Inhibitor chip which would nullify Post-human abilities. Some Post-humans fought against it, but after six days of conflict the war was over, and the Post-humans had lost.

Now it is 2028 and Earth now has a unified World Government, but the real power is held by a number of Mega-corps and, though no one would admit it, organised crime. The military/security organisation PRISM has its hands full trying to regulate the Mega-crops and root out the criminal elements. They don’t deal with post-human problems directly, that is the job of the PHMA (Post-human Monitory Agency) who keep super activity under control with their Enforcer power-armour squads. Not all supers are inhibited however, there is a behind the scenes resistance which is attempting to demonstrate peacefully against the Inhibitors.

Ten years have passed since the Inhibitors were developed, and the system is now under review by the World Government but strange occurrences have developed in the system. Some Inhibitor chips have ceased to function, others fitted with Inhibitors have disappeared, or suffered psychotic episodes. The advent of cybernetic augmentation has added a new complication, as now normal humans, with enough money, can give themselves superhuman abilities. And with the review upcoming, the Resistance have begun taking risks, opening displaying powers and saving people in a bid to show the world that supers aren’t the boogeymen of stories. And it soon becomes apparent that it is not just the heroes Inhibitors which have ceased functioning.

It’s a shame that no one knows the true powers at work in the background. At least, no human…


Welcome to Project Angel, a new futuristic superhero game. If you are interesting in playing just come with a character and post it in the Project Angel Bio Page. Background wise, all you need to know is above, but there is also a detailed World Overview below if you want more information on the setting. Above all, have fun.

Oh and apologies in advance for anything I get wrong about the US. Although the game is set there, I’ve only been once, and so am liable to make a number of errors. Fortnight comes to mind…

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2 Re: Project Angel: Introduction on 29th October 2011, 22:36


1960’s - Although unknown at the time, a large number of children are born who exhibit unusual and often extreme abilities.

1970’s - The world begins to notice the so called ‘post-humans’ and their abilities.

1973 – The first true Post-human is seen by the public, an Egyptian styled hero with super-strength, toughness and the ability to fly. She is dubbed First shortly after by the media when her appearance is followed by several other super powered individuals.

1976 – First is revealed to be in fact a super villain moving to take control of the world. She is defeated by a group of superheroes from across the globe, a move which goes a little way to ease international tensions.

1990’s - Earth’s security becomes dependent on post-humans, though public option begins to turn against them.

2009 - Construction begins on a number of research stations in orbit of Earth and on the surface of the moon.

2012 - Earth is declared secular. Mass outcry from world religions.

2017 - The various religious groups are finally disbanded. Many extremists, religious and otherwise, band together to form The Brotherhood.

2018 - The Brotherhood beings a war against the various world Governments. Several post-humans are killed in the battle. The Brotherhood runs are successful PR smear campaign against Post-humans, but brought down itself by internal power struggles. Rush on markets, leading to the formation of the first few Mega-corps.

2019 - Various would governments attempt to restrict the powers of post-humans. Most attempts fail or are reacted to with outright hostility. Inhibitor chip invented, much to the anger of the post-humans. The PHMA is formed, post-humans brought down in a six day campaign by PHMA.

2019 to 2028 - Pace of tech advance slows considerably

2020 - The first manned expedition to Mars takes place. Massed but temporary failure of the Internet. A second rush on the markets occurs. Several companies fail or are bought up by rivals. The E-Network is established in place of the Internet.

2021 – The World Government is formed. Its first act is to form the para-military organisation PRISM with the dual purpose of overseeing the activities of the Mega-corps and ensuring the security of the people of Earth. Colonies are first built on Mars.

2022 - A manned mission to Jupiter enters the planning stages.

2023 - Franklin Breznik forbids Mega-corps from running within Egypt. Many nearby countries follow his lead, creating the so-called Breznik states.

2023 - 2027 - More nearby counties join the Breznik states including, to the surprise of the world, Greece and Italy.

2025 - The Endeavour Jupiter mission is launched. Contact is lost nine months later.

2026 - The Ares Liber resistance group is formed on Mars, attempting to wrest control of the planet from the Mega-corps.

2028 - Inhibitor review takes pace. Russia announces its intention to join the Breznik States. Game begins

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3 Re: Project Angel: Introduction on 29th October 2011, 22:37

World Overview

The year is 2028. Although in theory the World Government, headed by the World President, is in charge of planet Earth, the real power rests in the hands of the Mega-Corporations, powerful companies which stretch across the globe. Except in the Breznik states, comprising of Africa, south east Europe and soon Russia, which refuse to allow Mega-Corps direct entry into their countries. While the seven Lunarvilles on the moon are under the control of World Government, Mars is controlled by various Mega Corps, though there is a guerrilla organisation called Ares Liber fighting for independence for Mars.

Super-powered individuals, known as Post-Humans or more colloquially ‘Supers’, have been a strong feature of the world since the 1960’s. Although few in number, less than 1 in a million, they still are a potent force in the world, or would be, if they weren’t forced to undergo mandatory Inhibition by PHMA, which prevents Post-humans from using their abilities.

Life in most of the world is easy and mostly high-standard. However there is the constant surveillance and regulation but this is done on the quiet in the background, so most people just accept it.

Breznik States
When Franklin Breznik announced that mega-corps would no longer be allowed to operate within Egypt’s boarders, many nearby countries followed suit and this loose alliance became known as the Breznik States. Now the States cover most of Africa and south-east Europe. Russia has recently announced its intention to join the Breznik States. Life within the Breznik States is less luxurious than the rest of the world, but far less regulated and there is a greater sense of freedom. However, organised crime is not so much prevalent as part of everyday life. On the plus side, the number of small scale crimes such as muggings and burglaries is surprisingly low.

The Para Rescue, Investigation and Security Military. This world security organisation, which has the aircraft carrier ‘Sentinel’ as its headquarters, has jurisdiction over the entire world. It supports the local police and other forces, though generally does not handle Post-Human cases. With a large proportion of the World Government’s budget, PRISM has exceptional high-quality equipment. They are split into three main sections; Security, Investigation and Rescue.

The Post Human Monitoring Agency, pronounced Fee-Ma. (The actual FEMA organisation doesn’t exist in this world.) They deal with all Post-human incidents, from the occasion super-villain activity to identifying Post-humans to fit with Inhibitor chips. Their main strength is their force of Enforcer Power Armour agents. The Enforcer Armour is equipped with numerous defences that protect against most powers, as well as several weapon systems, all designed to subdue and capture rather than kill. In order to defeat an Enforcer one on one a Post-human would need to be very lucky, very prepared, or very powerful. The Inhibitor Chips are not in fact mechanical in any way. Inhibitors are crystals which are dull orange in colour with green veins running through, weaken the abilities of any post-human if inserted under the skin. The Chips are implanted in the spinal cord just under the neck, where they completely nullify most Post-Human abilities. They seem to have no effect on the extended lifespan, nor completely deaden any physical or mental enhancements, though they are reduced to more natural levels. Removing an Inhibitor is difficult, and if done incorrectly or without adequate skills or equipment, is likely cause damage to the spinal cord, or send the victim into a coma.

Individuals with extraordinary abilities are known as post-humans or ‘Supers’. The exact nature of abilities varies from person to person; enhanced physical or mental ability, the power to control fire, complete immunity to damage, the potential possibilities are endless. The only constant ability is that post-humans seem to have a longer lifespan than normal baseline humans (those who are not killed that is), though this can still vary from 10 or 20 years to almost a whole century. It was in the mid 60’s that the first true post-human, who became known as ‘First’, came to light. Since then there are many who wonder about the existence of post-humans before that time. Post-humans who display some form of physical abnormality, such as unusual coloured skin or permanent aura powers are rare but not unknown. All post-humans are required to be fitted with an Inhibitor chip, though there are those who have avoided such a fate, especially those who are ‘under the radar’ in the Breznik states.

The Resistance
A group of Post-humans and like-minded normal human who protest against the practice of Inhibition. They engage in solely peaceful protests, and are quick to condemn any violent demonstrations. Behind the scenes, they also help keep active Post-humans hidden from the activities of PHMA, using misdirection and smuggling individuals and families should it become necessary. They have agents in most cities across the world. With the Inhibitor review soon on the World Governments agenda, many members of the Resistance are now openly engaging in Superhero activities.

Cybernetic Augmentation
Cybernetics and bio-modifications have moved beyond the experimental stage and have become wide-spread, even though they are rarely cosmetically pleasing. All cyberware and bio-mods are required to be registered by PRISM, which normally takes place during the operation required to implant such devices. However, operations undertaken in the Breznik States won’t always inform the authorities, so there are still ways to avoid registering. Russia is the main forerunner in Cybernetics and augmentations, in the US they are usually restricted to the few who can afford them. China also has an advanced Cybernetic field, but they keep their secrets hidden and they are unavailable to the general public. As Cybernetics can potentially give an individual capabilities on par with Post-humans, there have been debates on how this affects the Inhibitor situation.

Crystal Technology
Power, electricity and fuel have not been a problem for the world since the early nineteen-nineties when Silas Cutter, a Russian inventor, created a special solar powered crystal. A power crystal the size of a fist, exposed to half an hour of sunlight a day, is enough to power a whole house for over 24 hours. These crystals are used across the entire world. Other types of unusual crystal are known to exist.

Mars and Ares Liber
Mars has several colonies, all under the harsh control of Mega-corps, and some are little better than prison camps. As it takes almost a month to travel from Earth to Mars, the World Government has turned something of a blind eye to activates on the red planet. A guerrilla movement, Ares Liber has recently formed on Mars, attempting to wrestle independence of Mars from the Mega-Corps. They have captured a number of scientists and engineers, and are surprisingly well equipped. The main settlement of Ares is Aesgard, located on the north polar circle of Mars.

The Yakuza is the most powerful crime operation in the world, even more powerful than certain Mega-corps. As such, it could be considered to be the only Mega-corp allowed in the Breznik States, where it operates heavily. It has fewer and far more subtle operations in the rest of the world, where PRISM fights a constant uphill battle to close the Yakuza down.

The Network
As well as the name given to the replacement for the internet after it collapsed, the Network is also a loose group of individuals who attempt to improve the world from behind the scenes with a widespread group of agents and safe-houses. Unfortunately, most of the members of the Network lack the power, either finically, politically, or post-humanly, to make a real difference in the world.

Religion and The Brotherhood
Religion is officially banned, Earth and its colonies being declared secular in 2012. Most religious groups were forced underground, but the more fanatical members of each sect banded together under the leadership of a man named John or The Prophet to form The Brotherhood. The Brotherhood made a play for control of the world, but was torn apart by internal power struggle at the very moment of victory, and The Prophet was killed. The Brotherhood fragmented into a number of small cells. Admitting to a religious belief may make people suspect you to be a member of the Brotherhood.

The Lunarvilles
There are seven bases on the Moon known as Lunarvilles. The first was built as a research station, while the second was constructed for use as a spaceport and heavier research, such as robotics. With more people staying on the Moon for longer periods, Lunarville 3 was built as both a residential and administrative complex. Both Lunarvilles 4 and 5 were built at the same time, 4 being the main food production for the moon and 5 as a solely residential base, as a number of families where moving to the Moon. Lunarville 6 was also residential, but also contained a number of labs which could be used for less volatile work than the research carried out at Lunarvilles 1 and 2. Finally Lunarville 7, the largest Lunarville, was built as a commercial and entertainment complex for the inhabitants of the Moon, as well as a tourist resort for visitors.

Mega Corps
Due to rapid expansion and several disasters during the period between 2017 and 2019, only the largest and most profitable companies survived, buying up their failing rivals, and eventually forming the first Mega-Corporations. If two or more Mega-Corps work together, or even some of the larger Mega-Corps alone, they are a greater force in the world than even the World Government. Certain Mega-corps include Vulkan Industries: the main supplier of Power Crystals and off world mining, Excalibur Arms: an armaments construction company, W.I.S.: World Industrial Supplies, HunterCorp, which is behind the Inhibitor chips, Furtura, who produce high quality household products, The Disney Corp, one of the few corporations to survive from the twentieth century, and BioLife, a biological and cybernetic research firm.

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4 Re: Project Angel: Introduction on 23rd January 2012, 21:04

Meant to put these up ages ago. But basically, to try and cover the strange mixing of tones that is Project Angel, imaging something along the lines of the setting from this trailer (ignore the advert if it pops up)…

But with charries along the lines of this trailer…

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5 Re: Project Angel: Introduction on 9th June 2012, 21:15

I found this lurking in my documents file, the old trailer post for Project Angel, so I thought I’d put it back up. Ensure you read it with some apt ‘trailer’ style music on! Razz My call would be the Deus Ex Icarus Theme, but that’s just me! Enjoy.


The HunterCorp building dominated the skyline. Not so much for its size, but due to the permanent glow it exuded. A massive billboard for its own brand. From the penthouse office Lucas Hunter was surveying the city below. Even at this late hour the city was lit brightly, sleek and gleaming towers and buildings. Not a visible sign of the unrest that was bubbling beneath the surface. PRISM’s aircraft carrier headquarters ‘Sentinel’ was visible just outside the docks. His visitor in the office gave a little cough to announce his arrival.

“I assume this isn’t a social invite.”

“A super-powered individual broke into our facility last night, Mr Samuel, and stole some extremely sensitive information.” Hunter turned to face Mr Samuel, who sighed and removed his glasses.


The floor bucked with the impact of the mechanized leg. Xander rose up and faced his opponent across the room, who was almost double Xander’s size.


“You know PRISM doesn’t deal with post-human issues.”


The giant, Cannon, charged. Xander rolled out of the way, pulling his pistol and firing off shots point blank. But they just ricocheted off Cannon and a swing of his arm caught Xander sending him flying across the room.


“They do when it’s a security issue.”


His vision flickered as his HUD gave a readout of his injuries. Through the clearing static he saw Cannon had picked up a heavy metal bar and was in the process of bringing it crashing down on Xander’s head.


“Stolen Corporate secrets are a Corporate problem, not PRISM’s.”


Xander caught the bar, the servos in his arm straining as post-human strength fought augmentation technology. Sensing his opponent giving, Xander aimed a kick towards his midriff, this time sending the post-human flying.


“You think so Mr Samuel? These are the files he stole.” Hunter tossed a sleek PDA to Mr Samuel. He replaced his glasses and gave an involuntary gasp.

“Inhibitor chips?”


As Cannon rose to his feet a compartment on Xander’s arm opened launching a flash-bang. The already disoriented post-human stumbled and Xander rushed over, trying to subdue his opponent with a head-lock. In response Cannon swung a head-butt impacting on Xander’s face.


“ I believe this is now an ‘issue’ for PRISM. An individual with that information could create their own inhibitors, or worse, find a way to deactivate them. Do you have any idea where that could lead?”


His radio cracked.

“Xander, the civilians are clear, and Enforcer teams have arrived to capture the criminal. Get clear.”

Xander backed towards the window, then let himself drop from the building. His inbuilt jets slowed his decent as PHMA Enforcers began storming the building.


“To the end of the world.”


“How could it know something like that Professor Savage? That kind of archaic information is nowhere on our databases. How could an AI learn some old superstition?”
“Very interesting. Very… impressive.” Victor Savage’s voice was filled with parental pride. “I believe the correct response is ‘Amen’.”

The whole complex was eerily lit by blue and red circuit patterns on the roof of the dome. Above the lapping waves of the water distortedly reflected the stars and moon.

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