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Morrigan Beretta

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1Morrigan Beretta  Empty Morrigan Beretta on 5th December 2011, 00:21

Morrigan Olivia Beretta

DOB: 08/28/1985
Sex: Female
Nationality: American (Irish and Italian)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: dark brown, long and wavy
Eye Color: blue
Build: athletic
Hometown: Georgetown, Colorado
Profession: student of veterinary medicine at CSU- Fort Collins, Colorado
Portrayed By: Anna Popplewell
Theme Song: Dust in the Wind-Kansas

Morrigan Beretta  Image2

Morrigan was born in the historic town of Georgetown, Colorado, the youngest child of Weston and Eliza Beretta. She has two older brothers, Shane and Kyler. She displayed an early interest in veterinary medicine from working with the family's horses, and soon after graduating from high school at the top of her class, she started a biology degree at CSU in Fort Collins. She finished her Bachelor's Degree in two years, taking year round classes, and is now a veterinary medical student.

Morrigan seems like the average country girl when one looks at her. She dresses in jeans and spaghetti strap tank tops with button up long sleeve shirts and knee-high boots. She wears her hair under a cowboy hat when working on her family's ranch and tends to like to leave it loose so that when she's riding, it can catch the wind. She likes to wear smoky-eye makeup and long earrings. She always wears a sapphire and silver ring on her right index finger. She won't tell anyone how she got it, and insists that she can never take it off.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Always a an animal lover at heart, Morrigan has been playing with bugs and other wild animals since childhood and now fosters an uncanny ability to "speak" with animals. Her mom insists that it's nothing, but she's been featured in local newspapers holding pacified rattlesnakes and a whole menagerie of reclusive local wildlife.
Morrigan has never been much of a people person, and that's made her social life a bit awkward. She has very few close friends and tends to prefer the presence of family or solitude. Her closest companions are her brothers, but as of late she's been painfully isolated from them.
She's a black belt in karate and can hold her own against her older brothers, but when it comes down to it, she prefers to avoid conflict. Her greatest weakness is her trust in people. An optimist in the extreme, she tends to believe that all people and creatures have a good side to them if you look hard enough.

When she was on a hiking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, her friend fell and broke his ankle, claiming that a creature jumped out at him from one of the trees; this was the first time that Morrigan admitted to herself there really were supernatural beings, and that her family business wasn't just a joke after all. A few weeks later, her oldest brother, Shane, disappeared on a hunting trip and reappeared a week later strangely mum, something she is having a hard time dealing with. All her life, Morrigan has known there is something different about her family, and now it's her turn to join in the battle.

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2Morrigan Beretta  Empty Re: Morrigan Beretta on 22nd December 2011, 15:17


You're the only SPN character for whom I can see this picture working:

Morrigan Beretta  Hunter11

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