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Safehouse Specs

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Location: A few miles north of the small town of Protection, Kansas.

Tex Mosely
DOB: July 7, 1949
Age: 56
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: (African) American
Weight: 120
Height: 5'6”
Hair: Long black, curly, often worn back or in cornrows
Eyes: Soul-piercingly black
Build: Wiry, tough, hardened, a worker's body
Hometown: Protection, Kansas, but grew up in Independence, Missouri
Profession: Loremaster, Hunter: specializes in weapons manufacture/repair and cryptoherbology. Independantly wealthy and owner of a store called "Tex Hex" (purveyor of incense and pentagram necklaces on the surface, and hunting materials to those who know what to look for), she also runs an informal B&B for the Hunters she knows. Functions as the "crone" aspect of the Triple-Goddess (referring to older powers: none of this new-agey wicca crap) formed by her and her sisters Missouri (the "mother") and Wyoming (the "maiden").
Portrayed by: Kerry Washington
Safehouse Specs Kerry-washington

History: Was formerly a hotel in the 19th century, converted to an army training barrack during WWII, before being re-converted into a hotel. Purchased by Tex Mosely in 1995, whose renovations have made the building conducive to, and safe for, Hunters.

Protection, Mundane: The building itself is heavily reinforced against physical attacks, with a thick, high stone wall (7'), and set on a small hill. It is "off the grid," generating its own power and water. Tex is "the eccentric old bat" who lives there "alone," so no one bothers it much.

Protection, Supernatural: On the top of the wall surrounding the house is a network of wrought iron, good for keeping out sidhe and other faeries. A ditch runs along the top of the wall, filled to the brim with rock salt, to keep out ghosts, demons, and many other supernatural creatures, and replenished daily or as needed. On the walls are carved various devil's traps and protection symbols--Tex knows her stuff, and these are the real deal. Additionally, she has an extensive supernatural herb garden which covers the grounds: the protective species (ague weed, anise, broom tops, elder, marjoram, myrtle, snakeroot, wolfsbane) running along the inside of the wall. The house itself is also decorated with protection symbols, on every ceiling, on every doormat, carved on every door. And you'd better not let her catch you putting your feet on the table or wrecking the salt lines that line every doorway. The windows are also barred with wrought-iron, and painted with protection symbols.

Amenities: In the basement is a shooting range, gym, and an emergency bunker, as well as lockers for Hunters to keep their personal belongings safe. On the first floor is a full bar, the kitchens and dining area, as well as a rec room with billiards, cards, and home entertainment system. The second floor houses some bedrooms as well as the library and storage. The third floor, smaller, is virtually entirely bedrooms. Outside there is a large greenhouse and Tex's workshop.

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