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Agent History

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1 Agent History on 8th December 2011, 14:06

This thread is for the Spy Games characters to put their origin stories. The bios made some of them sound pretty interesting, and if you'd like to write more, this is the place to put it! let us know the thrilling tale of how your Agent came to be in the Improbable Missions Force...


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2 Ich haette fuer dich getoetet on 18th December 2011, 19:01

It was a beautiful spring day, it was perfect, a slight breeze, the sun was shining and at every corner were flowers in bloom. Lorelai did not know very many guests in the small church somewhere in the countryside of England. She didn’t know any woman that would be her bridesmaid, but those were just this English nonsense.

But nothing of this mattered right now, John was an hour late. She was trying to stay calm and remember the wonderful moment.

The day John proposed to her, they were in Wales and the hot summer day got interrupted but a heavy shower. They were soaked through all layers of clothes, but it didn’t matter. In this wee alley he got down on one knee and…

“My dearest Lorelai, here I am on my knee and I will promise you to honour you and love you forever, I will grant you every wish you ever have, is you give me the pleasure of becoming my wife.”

No matter that it rained, Lorelai felt never happier in her life.

And now here she was… alone in this church. He wouldn’t leave her like this.

“Miss it is two hours the groom is late, and we can’t reach him anywhere…” The pastor looked concerned at her.

“He will be here any minute, let’s just wait a little longer…” Lorelai tried not to burst out into tears right here, but the time passed, the sun set and Lorelai walked down the aisle not the way she expected it. It was the walk to her own funeral, in her beautiful, simple white long wedding gown. A dress he would never see.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’m here… to inform you that… The wedding is off!”

There was mumbling and whispering but Lorelai didn’t care. She ran back the aisle and took the first car she found unlocked. There was nothing in this church she wanted to keep. She had money and one of her passports. The perfect day ended with a disaster, it started to rain. Lorelai drove to all the way to Newcastle not sleeping or eating all she did was drive, drive to the harbour. She would go back, back to where she belonged, not in this God damn country they drove on the wrong side of the road. When she was in her cabin on the ferry back to Germany she took of the dress and cried, cried for everything he had made her feel, cried for every moment with him, and cried for every moment they could have had. She would never ever let this happen to her again. She would never let a man pouch her heart again.

The ferry docked in Hamburg and the tough, sweet BND agent was gone and the hot, self-confident chick stepped down the walkway. She would not let anyone hurt her again.

Lorelai looked at the city… I would have killed for you, I would have let you die before me so you don’t have to suffer by living without me. But I was nothing than a toy for you.

A gentle breeze stroke over Lorelai’s face. It felt like the soft touch that once used to push her blond hair behind her ear. Something she would never feel again.

“Let’s get back to work.”

Lorelai walked to the taxi stand and drove with the ugly beige car into her future.


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3 Re: Agent History on 19th December 2011, 00:18

John was often a little late, but never while he was on the job. Perhaps that was why Lory scheduled the wedding to take place in the middle of a heist mission they were completing against a double agent.

But there were always unforseen problems associated with having a wedding in the middle of a mission. Like, for instance, the possibility that John would grossly underestimate the double agent and get--well, tied up.

He struggled in the handcuffs for the hundredth time in said agent's basement. He'd been chained to a metal chair. His pocket knife, the lockpick concealed in his sleeve, even the bottle opener on the bottom of his shoe were gone, taken by the agent who knew just as much about spies as he did. The man even took the wedding rings from his breast pocket.

She'll wait for me, he thought. I know that she will. Besides, I'm not that late. He didn't have a watch, so he couldn't tell.

The door opened above him, shining light on him. "Well, Mr. Hubris, if that is indeed your name, you had better tell me who you're working for."

John grinned at the agent. "That is, assuming, I'm not working with anyone." Maybe she's going to come to my rescue. That would suit Lory well--I wonder if she gets turned on by a man in handcuffs?...

"Tell me!" the agent snarled.

"You're only angry because you know I'm telling the truth--I've got a partner who's already told Central Control all about you. I'm afraid the rest of your stay in England will be in the London Tower."

"You're lying!" the agent said, and struck him, which was exactly what John wanted. He tripped the man has he swung, and, once the man was on the ground, brought the chair crashing down on top of him. It was the work of a moment to work the keys out of the man's pocket and free himself.

"Alright, where are the rings?" John demanded.


"The rings! A silver one for me and a ruby for Lory. She asked specifically. Now hand them over."

The agent's hand trembled as he handed him the rings, and it seemed like a moment later he had dropped the agent off at Central Control and sped into the English countryside. He couldn't wait to see Lory, how lovely she would look in the light from the stained glass windows. He couldn't wait to see her little warning glance she always gave him when he did something stupid, followed by her loving smile. By the time he threw the doors open he was sure that he would die if he had to go another second without seeing her look at him like that….

The church was empty. He blinked. The church was still empty. His heart in his throat, he ran outside, but he hadn't noticed before that there were no cars parked outside. He was sure it was the right church. He swallowed, and looked inside again, just in case he missed the crowd of people on first glance, just in case he somehow had not seen his bride….

"Lory?" he said, loudly though his voice cracked. But no one was there. She hadn't waited for him. A few bouquets of flowers lay wilting on the altar.

He sank down in the doorway, and lit a cigarette. He certainly thought he was going to be putting his lips on something sweeter.

He went back to Central Control to look for her. He called her house. He asked her friends. But she would not talk to him. He had a few weeks before he saw her to think of good excuses why he didn't show. But therein lay the problem--he and Lory were both so used to hiding their feelings, so familiar with using their personalities to influence others. When they met again neither could make any concession; they could not admit that they were frightened, that they needed each other. "I wasn't particularly interested, I only thought you wanted to," she said, and he replied in petty retaliation that he was too busy to get married anyway. She could never know how much her nonchalance tortured him inside. But they laughed and shrugged off two years of their life because of pride and misunderstanding. He could laugh away anything, even true love.

They still worked together now and then. John openly flirted with her. It was a habit that he could not break. While his brazen overtures made him look like he had no feelings for her, in reality he meant every one of his hyperbolic compliments and terrible pick-up lines. Every day that he saw her he lived in agonizing hope that some day she would see that his playfulness was genuine, and she would look at him the way she had all that time ago.

He kept the rings in his pocket wherever he went, just in case.


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4 Re: Agent History on 16th September 2012, 18:43

Okay I had a bored moment and wanted to write this for a very long time off my chest. This is my idea of how the thing of Double-Oh-Negative and Candy could have started.

The worst day to fall in love

Lorelai is a young special woman, she is a spy and she loved it. Which women doesn’t love to dress up every day, look every day different and still no one knows how you really look. But for the moment she was in her apartment –that Improbable Missions Force provided for her- in London, Charlie her dog was sleeping in his tiny dog couch, her past mission just finished and she was told to stay in London there would be another mission lined up. Lorelai was reading and waiting. She sighed, normally she really loved July at home, the horses were all excited and there were foes and it was awesome. But here she was sitting in London waiting for another mission. When suddenly the phone rang…

“There we go.” Lorelai said in a super heavy German accent. “Hello?”

“Lor, Süße. Ich habe schlechte Nachrichten.” Tommy her big brother said, and she knew by the way he said it she knew that it was something really bad...

“Tommy was is los?“ Lorelai sounded scared now.

“Lor es ist Mom, sie ist heute morgen friedlich in ihrem Schalf gestorben. Josey ist hier und ich wollte nur das du bescheid weißt. Keine Sorge Mom hat immer verstanden das dein Job wichtig ist, wir warten mit der Beerdigung und so aber… Lor bist du noch da?“

“Ja, ja... Mom... ist sie, hat sie... okay. Um Tommy, I don‘t know when I can come home and I gotta go. Love ya.” Lorelai hung up and turned around. She didn’t know what to do or say or when to go, when the phone rang a second time.


“Candy, we expect you in 30 minutes in the headquarters and…” Penny Lane said but broke off as if she was reading that distracted her.

“No Penny Lane, I won’t be coming in. Not today and not…”

“I know, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called you in. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Do you want me to organize you a flight home?” Penny Lane sounded suddenly more like a friend and less like the secret boss of a special secret agency.

“No, I just need some time to think. Goodbye.” Lorelai hang up the second time this afternoon without waiting for an answer. She was about to curl up in the couch when she suddenly put on shoes and ran into Kensington Garden, she didn’t even bother to put on shoes or take Charlie with her.
She curled up under the Peter Pan statue, her mom used to read the book to her. It was London so of course it started to rain, and it quickly got mixed with the tears of Lorelai. She wasn’t there when her Mom left this world and that was the worst thing. She was at work…
Suddenly the rain stopped falling on her, Lorelai looked up and saw John. She knew him she had worked with him a mission a few weeks ago. “You shouldn’t be alone today.” John whispered in his lovely English accent. He handed her the umbrella while he helped her up.

Lorelai nodded and let him lead her to a small tea house nearby. He ordered a strong pot tea and let her nestle against his chest. She was still sobbing and all he did was rub her back and let her cry while he had tea. He didn’t ask, but when he was called by Penny Lane and told that Lorelai was not able to join this mission, he suddenly knew he couldn’t either.
The two were sitting for a long time in the tea house when the waitress informed John that they would be closing. Lorelai was still quietly sobbing so he picked her up and brought her home.

“You should try to get some sleep, Lory.” He mumbled while he unlocked the door.

And there it was a small smile on her face. “Lory sounds like the nickname for a little five year old girl.”

“No it is the nickname of a beautiful woman and I have to say you are even more beautiful without any of your makeup and this simple hairdo.” He said flirtatious.

“Is that your best you can do?” Lorelai giggled.

“No but you just lost your mum so I thought out of respect I would go lightly on you.”

Lorelai smiled while new tears appeared in her eyes, when she snuggled back against him. “Can you stay?” She asked for the first time the shy girl she had been a very, very long time ago.

“As long as you want me to.” John Hubris wrapped his arms around her and wouldn’t let go of her. Charlie, had gotten up and lied down next to John’s feet as if he was saying he was his backup for whatever might come.

This was is the worst day to be on the best way to fall for him… but here I am totally falling for him.

Lorelai calmed down finally, held on to John’s shirt and fell asleep in his arms.


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