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Until I Have To Go

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1Until I Have To Go Empty Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 17:45


This is not part of the RPG Spy Game even though some of the characters from the game will appear and take place at some points in the story but they are just interpretation of MissAusten and me, we do apologize if anyone is offended and think we misinterpreted their character. In that case we just borrowed the idea of the character and never meant to copy the characters.
This is a nice little two girl game for MissAusten and me (Ariel Buttercup), but we will be happy about every reader the story attracts.

Give the Kid the main part (well one of them) while Candy have a supporting role and meet Josephine Yvaine Williams the cousin of Candy.

I hope you enjoy the story, we certainly do.

The unsorted soundtrack

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A Bookworms meets a Scientists

Lorelai looked at Liam, he had just played her a song on the piano. Lorelai was flattered, but she really had to talk to him.

“Liam listen we have to talk. I like you very much, but not this way. No matter what happened between us, I told you that it was just fun and not love. Please Liam, open your eyes and see all the other pretty girls.”

“But Mina I really love you.” Liam looked with the pleading eyes of a little fox cub at her.

Lorelai stepped away. “I love you too, but like a little brother.”

Liam looked broken, but nodded. “I better go back in my room; I have to finish the gadget for Dick.” He basically ran out of her room.

Lorelai felt sorry she had to do something. She lied down on the bed deep in her thought when the phone rang.

"Aaah, oh. Hello?"

"Lor is that you it's me Jo? I just arrived in London, in my hotel and mum told me to call you right away. Luckily you are in your room. Lor?"

"Yes Jo, I'm here you were just talking with no comma..." Suddenly Lor's face lighted up. "...Why don't you come to my hotel and we have dinner here? I hope you don't mind that a friend of mine and John will join us."

"Oh... um yes that sounds good. Do I need to wear a dress?"

"Only if you want to, sweetie. But I think you look very pretty in a dress."

"Okay I will see what I took with me, I bet mum packed a dress in my luggage right after I told her I'm finished with packing."

"Oh Jo, just come around at 7 okay?" Lor was already planning how she would introduce her little sister with her little brother. Yes okay that sounds a little sick but whatever. "Oh and Jo please be on time."

"Yes I will be, see you tonight." Jo giggled shy. Lor knew that Jo had a huge crush on John, but she also knew that it was not real love Jo felt. It was the crush of a shy little girl, but Liam and Jo would fit perfectly together and the best he is even a little bit older than she.
A few hours later Lorelai was sitting next to John and on the opposite of Liam, they were waiting for Jo. "I am sorry, I told her to be on time. I hope she is okay, she is not used to such a big town. Oxford is much smaller and she can't drive yet."

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"Don't worry Lory she is just tem minutes late and Josephine is a smart girl, she will know how to use the Underground." John smiled at her, but Lor was still worried. Another five minutes later Jo hurried into the dinner room.

"Jo what did you do to your hair?????" Lor looked shocked at her cousin, that had a cute pixie haircut.

"It is much more practical to have short hair. That way they don't annoy me while I read." Jo hugged Lorelai, and when John also had gotten up she smiled shy, blushed and hugged him back.

"It is good to see you Josephine. How is Oxford?"

"It is good thank you." Jo mumbled and sat down next to Liam. "Hi." Jo didn't even look at him.

"Hi." Liam just had eyes for Lorelai, as usual. Lorelai sighed this would a lot of work. She had to let John in on her plan to set up Liam with Jo. The two kids were glooming at the other person on the other side of the table.

"Liam may I introduce you to Josephine Williams? She is a genius just like you. She graduated from high school two years earlier and is now in her second year at Oxford, she is studying English Literature and Philosophy. Jo that is Liam, he is good with all the technical stuff I don't understand at all."

Now Liam turned around and looked at her. Jo felt a weird tingle going once from head to toe. "Hi." She whispered shy. Lor grinned she knew that Jo would totally fall for him. First she heard that he was a genius, and then she looked into this cute face.

"Jo I already ordered for you, let's go and refresh our make-up."

"But Lor, I'm not wearing any make..."

"Come on Jo!"

Lorelai leaned closer to John, let it look as if she kissed him on the cheek and whispered. "Jo and Liam are perfect for each other." John knew about the crush Jo had for him, at least since Lorelai had told him about it earlier. John nodded nearly not visible and kissed Lorelai's cheek.

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As soon the two girls were gone John cleared his throat. "Liam, listen can we talk? I know you like Lory..."

"I love her!" The youngster said hotly.

"Okay I know you love Lory, but you also know that Lory doesn't love you the same way back. I know you hate me for being the man in Lory's live, but can I give you some advice?"

"If you have to." Liam crossed his arms and looked aggressive at John.

"Josephine is Lory's cousin, she is nearly two years younger than you and as Lory already said a genius. I think she just has to read a book and remembers every word in it. And you didn't even look at her, she is pretty. I'm not saying stop loving Lory but maybe you should open your eyes to see when other girls are around."

Liam looked at John, "I am sorry to tell you, but I am not interested in girls of my age, they are all boring and immature, no matter how much she reads."

John thought about making a remark but he let it go. "Okay I just meant it good."

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Meanwhile in the ladies bathroom

"Jo you like Liam don't you?"

Jo blushed, but nodded. "Do you think he noticed?"

"Knowing Liam no he won't. It will take some time. He is rather slow in things like that. And rather obsessed with me. But I promise you that I love him like a brother."

Jo looked at her cousin, and knowing Lorelai she asked the one question she wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer. "But you told me about the birthday present for him. It was more than this once at his eighteenth birthday wasn't it?"

"Yes twice, but it didn't mean anything. It was not different than all the talks we had."

Jo grinned, "I didn't expect him to be as shy as I am."

"Trust me sweetie he is shy, just as you are. He is a good boy and so much better than John for you."

"Are you saying this to have no competition by him?" Jo giggled and let Lorelai put some make-up on her face. She didn't even have to tell her not too much. Lor knew her little cousin, and she knew that even when she was wearing a dress that this didn't mean Lor could turn her into a doll. The two went back to the table and arrived just when the starter came including the drinks, white wine for Lorelai, a sweet cider for Liam, apple juice for Jo and a Martini for John. The starter was mixed salads for everyone.

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Lorelai saw how weird Jo felt, so she kicked John gently under the table and he got what she wanted.

"So Josephine how is Oxford, still the way I left it after I won the last rowing match?"

It was funny how much her eyes started to light up, when she was allowed to talk about things she knew a thing or two.

"Oxford is just as great as it always was. We had to get a new window in the library, some first years made a prank and through their cider bottles through it. But it had one good think because of the prank we had to move one of the shelves away and we found an old exemplar of a well you would say chemistry book. It is approximately 200 years old. Luckily the place between the two shelves was dry and warm to the book is perfectly conserved. And... I'm sorry I don't wanna bore you to death. Liam did you go to University?" Jo looked with sparkling eyes at Liam, she secretly hoped they could keep talking about book, University and things like that. She wouldn't even mind if Liam talks about his stuff he is inventing. Not that Lorelai could really tell her about it. For Lor it was mostly just technical stuff and Lor often mentioned what Liam, John and the rest of the gang. At least as much she was able to tell her. Jo knew that she worked for some government organisation, but she wasn't sure what.

Liam coughed, chocked on his cider, sobered up and managed to say. "University is a waste of time." He coughed once more. "I mean at least for me, but for some it is the right thing to do. Actually most of the time I think children of my age bore the crap out of me."

John moaned, kicked Liam under the table and looked stern at him.

"I mean, um what I was trying to say is..."

"It is exhausting to talk to most people in our age. They are... well kind of dumb." Jo said like a matter of fact. Lorelai's jaw dropped down, mainly because Liam didn't hear that Jo just agreed with him.

"Well I am not used to them." he said.

"I know what you mean, I have better conversations with my professors than with the other students." Jo said not being able to stop looking at Liam. Lorelai sighed and hoped at some point while having dinner Liam would see that. And Jo’s chance came, John saw a friend from his time at University and Lorelai was called to the phone. So the two youngsters were alone and Jo just started talking about her latest philosophy essay she had to write, easily explained it was about the universe if it really was there or not. And Liam actually started talking with her they both turned to each. Jo giggling once in a while and Liam just every second time checking Lorelai out.
For dessert (crème brûlée the best dessert on earth) Lorelai and John rejoined them. "Oh hey there you are again." Jo smiled shy at John and Lorelai.

"Josephine what is your favourite book?" Liam asked.

Jo's eyes finally started to sparkle. "I love Sense and Sensibility. What about you?"

"I would say Lady Chatterley's Lover."

Jo blushed. "Oh, um okay." She starred at her dessert, not sure what to say. Of course she had to fall for a man like this."That is a rather pornographic and scandalous book. I didn't realise that you are into something like this." Jo quickly finished her dessert and got up. "I think I better go now, it is rather late and I'm not used such a big city like London, also the journey was rather exhausting. Please excuse me. Lor I, um I give you tomorrow money for my dinner, I'm sorry."

Jo nearly ran out of the dinner room, and Lorelai actually let her head fall on the table next to her dessert bowl. "Oh my God, you are unbelievable complicated. Liam, she likes you and really tries to talk with you and even speaks about books you would be interested in and you tell her that your favourite book is basically written porn."

John patted her shoulder. "What about a drink at the bar?"

"No I'm exhausted, I wonder how the hell Emma did it being matchmaker. I'm going to bed." John and Liam got up with hope in their eyes. "Alone. Goodnight."

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The next day Lorelai had send Jo a message and asked her in a small tea house to have lunch with her. Jo was for once on time and she saw to her surprise Liam waiting in the hall. She tried to hide behind a plant but it didn't work. "Josephine what are you doing here?" Liam said loud through the room.

"Oh it is you Liam." Jo tried to look normal but she already blushed.

"Excuse me Miss Williams, Mister O’Doherty I am sorry to tell you but Miss Von Gruensee called. She excuses herself but she can't come. She suggests that you two have lunch together she will take care of the bill." One of the waiters said.

"Oh, um me and Liam lunch together?" Jo mumbled shy.

"We are already here so why not."

They had a little corner table, and a very nice light lunch. They talked about books, and she was glued to his lips when he told her about some Physic thing she didn't understand really but it didn't matter, Liam was talking to her. And Liam started to see that she had very cute brown eyes and a cute nose, it was nearly a perfect nose. But Lorelai's was well better, there were those tiny nearly not visible freckles on it. Not like Josephine's her freckles were still small but bigger than Lorelai's

"You know it is amazing that you and Mina are related you don't have any similarities." Liam didn't meant to be rude, it was just a statement.

"What? Thank you very much Liam." Jo looked out of the window, since he was sitting in her way and she couldn't run away.

"Josephine, do you mind when I call you Jo? Just like Jo March, I think her name was Josephine too. I think I read it once on a boring train ride." Liam managed to hide that he actually liked the book. At least he thought she didn’t hear that he liked it, but she did. Jo smiled shy at him, “No I don’t mind at all.”

They finished the lunch in silence, and went back to the hotel. Jo was just staying over the weekend so she went to meet Lor again and spend some quality time.

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"Can I ask you something?" "You already did."

Jo moaned, "Lorelai!"

"Sorry, I am all yours."

"You and Liam what is that?" Jo looked with those innocent eyes at Lorelai.

"Sweetie I already told you nothing. Sleeping with him at his birthday is like when you watch a movie that is based on a book, it doesn't make you love the book less. And my book is John and Liam is a good movie and come on the boy adores me. But that is nothing serious. He loves me like you love John. We are pretty to look at, but you and Liam you are made for eternity, all you have to do is take a risk and show him that you like him."

Jo looked long at Lorelai, she sighed. "I know but what when he doesn't like me back?"

"Sweetie he will, trust your cousin, I'm a better matchmaker than Emma herself." Jo giggled. The two girls had a beauty evening it wasn't really Jo's thing but with Lor everything was fun. She stayed overnight and took the train at noon back to Oxford. She was moving today into her first own small apartment. Jo was not just a bookworm, she was an artist, painting just like John does and she was a good painter from memory. She repainted the oil painting that hung in her father’s office of Lorelai and herself from when she was just six or seven and a few paintings of Liam. The week went by and she prepared for Lorelai's visit.
Jo was excited to host Lorelai for a weekend for the first time in her own apartment, Lorelai would be staying with her. It was Friday afternoon when Jo was waiting on the Oxford train station, but the person that got off the train wasn't who she expected.

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Liam smiled bored but polite at her. "Mina had to work this weekend but she didn't want you to be alone on your long weekend so she sent me. She said I would like seeing Oxford and stuff."

Jo blushed.

"I can stay in a hotel if you want me to."

"Yes, I mean no. You can stay with me. But my apartment is not very big." Jo was trying to figure out how she could explain the painting on her easel, but didn't have one. So when she unlocked the door Liam saw the painting right away, since the apartment wasn't that big. It had one big room which was living room, kitchen and bedroom and then there was the small bathroom.
Liam looked around, “That's not as bad, I'm not actually used to a big apartment either." He was blushing even though he didn't say anything to the painting.

"I can explain it. I... I'm painting and um I needed a new model, I like painting from my mind and I know John and Lor by heart but you were a new motive and... oh never mind I put it away. I'm sorry.” Jo took the easel and moved it to the bedroom corner behind a huge bookshelf. It had the size of a wall that separated the living room from the bedroom. It was so stuffed with books (proper handled books) that it looked like a solid wall. "Are you hungry? I made some shepherd’s pie, I think it is eatable."

"You think?" Liam looked sceptical at her.

"Well I live on my own since exact 5 days. Don't expect too much before that my parents had a cook that taught me a little but I'm not sure if I'm any good. And the past days I bought food from the bakery across the street. Oh and is it alright when you sleep on the couch? It is a comfortable couch and should be big enough for you. I have blankets and stuff for you."

Jo put the pies in the oven again and turned it on. "It won't take long; um did you see my books?"

Did you see my books? Oh man what a smart question. Jo looked around and not just saw books in the bookshelf, but also in piles lying everywhere in the small apartment.
Liam was polite and had a look at her books, she had quite a lot of old books and not just novels she had books on every topic, well sorted into categories of topic. He saw the big section on astronomy. "Those books, did you read them all?"

"I'm working on reading them all, but I buy more books than anything else. I'm lucky, my father loves book as much as I do and I can send him the bills for them. He often is happy when I found a good book. Why are you interested in one?"

Jo felt safe talking about her books.

"One? I don't know any of those books about astronomy; I mean heard of them but didn't get the chance to read them. You really like books, huh?"

Jo blushed and put the pies on the tiny table. "I'm sorry... I'm not old enough to buy cider or beer, I have apple juice and I can make you a tea oh and I've got Coke."

"That is alright I think Mina is buying me cider to make me feel grown up. A Coke is fine."

The two teenager sat down sipped at their Cokes and tried the, to say it short, ugly looking shepherds pies. They both had a small bite, they were silent and then ran at the same time to the kitchen sink.

"That is disgusting, is there sugar in the pies?" Liam took two glasses and handed her one glass of water.

"Maybe I mixed sugar with salt?" Jo said apologetic.

"I would say we go to the bakery and then you can show me around Oxford. Oh and I nearly forgot, Mine gave me a letter for you." Liam handed her the envelope.

While she put on her show she read the letter.

...don't be shy... he will like you... be yourself...Life’s not a spectator sport. If watching is all you’re going to do, then you’re going to watch your life go by without you...

Jo had goose bumps, she knew Lor was right but it was rather difficult to be herself while Liam was around. She felt that she didn't manage to say one sentence that made sense. Jo sighed and put the letter away.

"Okay let's go to the bakery, the library will close soon but I work there I have a key." Her eyes sparkled.

"You really do like books. It is funny." Liam smiled friendly and let hundreds of butterflies appear in Jo's stomach. Not that he knew that. They bought a couple of warm pies at the bakery and walked the short way to the library.

"So you can't cook, what about the other things a woman should do?"

Poor little Jo was taken aback. Liam wanted a real housewife, not a friggin smarty-pants. "Um... dunno."

Luckily the books distracted Liam from his question. As expected the library was nearly empty the last students left. Jo nibbled at her pie, but she wasn't that hungry anymore. For the matter of fact, she wished she could hand Liam the keys and leave him alone. It was really not fair why wasn't she stunning like Lorelai. "Hey Liam you wanna see something amazing?"

"Better than this?" Liam looked questioning at her.

"Yeah maybe. Come with me." She unlocked a couple of door and they climbed up many stairs until the last door was unlocked, to the roof of the library. They had an amazing view over Oxford.

"Wow! That is amazing look at the stars you can see from here." Liam looked for the first time as if he really enjoyed his trip. But Jo was quiet, hurt and intimidated. She tried to be herself, she tried to act normal but he was really mean to her.

"Are you often up here?"

"No actually I was just once here."

"Really? I would be here every night and watch the stars."

"Well it is to dark here to read and I don't know the stars and I don't like watching things I don't know." Jo hadn't even stepped from the door while Liam was standing in the middle of the roof, looking into the sky. The young girl worked up her courage and mumbled. "Why are you here when you don't want to be? You know you don't have to stay."

Liam turned around and for the first time really looked at Jo. Every other day she would look young but not that lost, she felt so stupid to be with him here. Why didn't she tell him right at the train station that he doesn't have to be here? No she was too distracted and happy to see him. Of course she knew that Lorelai's appointment was a lie and it was her trying to set up Jo and Liam, but Lorelai didn't know that Jo was in no way a fair competition against Lorelai.
Liam went back and took her hand. He ignored what she had said. "Then it is good that I am here. Let me show you the stars."

Jo's heart was in her mouth, Liam was holding her hand. "Really?" Now she looked like a shy blushing sixteen year old girl.

"Yes. Come here." Liam pulled her to the middle of the roof and sat down on the floor and pulled her with him down. He leaned back and pointed at the stars, telling her about constellations and other things up there. She was listening with interest and absorbed every word he said. The night grew darker and colder. Jo started to shiver but didn't want to admit that she was cold. Their shoulders were nearly touching.
Jo's teeth were shattering when she said. "Liam? I am so cold."

He sat up and looked at the shivering Jo. "I'm sorry, here take my jacket I'm not cold." He helped her all gentleman like in his jacket and went even a step further, he pulled her into his arm to continue the astronomy lecture. She had a little difficulty in listening him, all she heard was her heart but she wasn't cold anymore. They stayed another two hours before they went back to Jo's small apartment.

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"I'm smaller than you if you want I can sleep on the couch." Jo said blushing. She was already thinking about what she would wear at night. Her PJ's looked hideous, oh why didn't she let Lorelai buy her sexy PJ's for the last Christmas?

"I'm okay on the couch." Liam said. He was friendlier but he didn't see the little hearts flying around Jo's head. He saw her like a friend, someone he could connect with. He started to see a really good friend in her and broke her heart every minute a little bit more. She let him go first in the bathroom. Out he came on boxer shorts and a plain white shirt. Jo managed to keep it together until she was alone in the bathroom.

"Ohmygod he is a Casanova." Jo was devastated and had no idea how to be around him, not only was he wearing only a thin layer of fabric, but his boxer shorts said 'Get lucky' He didn't think he would get lucky this weekend with her, did he?

She put on her white pyjama with flowers and felt silly. She felt so stupid. Luckily most of the lights were already out. "Goodnight Liam."

"Wait I found here a good book about astronomy, you will like it." Liam was sitting on the couch, smiling at his new won friend. Jo held her breath she didn't expect to sit in her little girl pyjamas next to Liam. He put one of the blankets around her shoulder. "Are you warm enough?"

"Mhm." She didn't trust her voice anymore.

"Here you see the stars I showed you earlier..." Jo was listening interested once in a while she had to remind herself to breath, but hey oxygen was totally overrated.

"Jo are you alright you look a little pale?" Liam looked concerned at Jo.

"No um I'm fine it is just late and I better go to bed now. I mean I'm going to sleep now. Not that you have to, you can keep reading do whatever you want. Um..." Jo got up feeling stupid, did she just invite him into her bed? Hopefully not. "Good night Liam. See you in the morning." She fled into her bed and turned off the light in the bedroom corner.

Liam looked a little confused but said, "Goodnight Jo."

He didn't see that Jo was not sleeping but hoping he would fall asleep soon. Liam had just one small light on to read a little bit more, it was not every day he basically slept in a library. He found fourteen versions of Sense and Sensibility and in one were many notes. He had to laugh, but had to be quiet he didn't want to wake her up. He took the big astronomy book written by a Professor Colin Williams and started reading. He made notes to help her understand the book a little bit more. He must have fallen asleep while reading. He was talking in his sleep which was kind of cute. After a sleepless night Jo got up and thought maybe a glass of milk would let her sleep at least a little bit. She sneaked out of bed, passed the couch and...

Whoa how can someone be cute when he is awake and even cuter when he was sleeping.

She stood there watching him sleep for some time. He looked like an angel painted my Michelangelo himself. It wasn't later than six AM and just as she was about to go back to bed, the milk completely forgotten, the floor board creaked under her. She froze and looked scared at Liam who rose sleepy from the couch. " 'lo."

Jo blushed. "Hey."

He rubbed his face. "What time is it? Hey you weren't watching me were you?"

Her eyes grew wide, her face was so red that he saw it in the soft morning light. "No-ho why should I? I was um going to get a glass of... milk. It is still early um sorry did I wake you?" What a stupid question of course she had woken him, what else should?

Liam smiled sleepy, It's actually cute how she acts. "Did I keep you awake?"

"No you didn't." It was amazing Jo actually managed to blush even more. "I have to go to the bathroom. Excuse me please." She was hiding in there for nearly an hour.

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The rest of the weekend Liam was nice to her and Jo just fell more and more in love with him, not that she would admit it to anyone. After he had left on Sunday Lorelai called Jo.

"Hey sweetie, I'm sorry I couldn't come I hope Liam was nice to you."

"Nice?! Yes he was, but it was embarrassing having him here. He saw me in my pyjamas and had to eat the horrible stuff I cook and Lor it was a fiasco." Jo wined on the phone.

"I bet it wasn't. You will see. And you look cute in your pyjamas. But I have to go now talk to you later."

Jo sighed and hung up. She expected never to see him again. But to her surprise he called her that evening and the next day a letter from him arrived. For another week they talked on the phone every day and they wrote letters.

"Jo you are pretty why shouldn't he like you?"


"Oh Jo don't tell me again that you are not pretty. You are pretty..."

"Yeah whatever. Hey Lorelai, we have this summer concert Saturday night maybe you want to come. Father had to travel to teach in Edinburgh and won't be back until Sunday in two weeks. Mother went with him and it would be nice if someone is there."

"Of course I will come, do you mind if I bring a friend along?"

"No not at all."

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Lorelai was sitting with Liam on the train to Oxford. "Liam?"

He looked up, she hadn't called him Fuechschen which nearly worried him."Yes?"

"What do you think about Jo?"

"She is a nice cute girl, a little bit shy, but a good friend."

Lorelai looked surprised at him. "You are unbelievable. Liam she likes you."

"Yes I like her too..."

"No she really likes you."

Now Liam looked surprised. "No she doesn't." Lorelai shook her head. "And I always thought you are smart?"

They had reached Oxford station. "Maybe it is better when I not come to the concert Mina."

"Do what you think is right."

Lorelai went straight to the concert hall. There wasn't much time before the concert started. The first artists were good, but Lorelai waited for Jo to come on the stage. And there she was, looking all cute and pretty but a little sad.

"My Ladies and Gentlemen and now we will hear Miss Josephine Williams with her own composition 'A river flows in you'"

Jo tried to smile, but she was nervous and she suddenly saw the chair next to Lorelai empty. He didn't come. Her heart shattered into thousand pieces. This meant this song would be her goodbye song for him. She sat down and began playing.

No one saw him, but he stood there after the last row of seats, listening to the cute girl. And it was weird but he had goose bumps everywhere.

Jo got standing ovations but no one saw the tears that were running down her cheeks. She didn't take her seat in the audience. She got just her heart broken how could she now be around other people. Lucky her song was nearly the last one, all she had to do was survive an hour of the after show party and then she could excuse herself and hide in the library. Many people on the party congratulated her for her perfect performance.

"Oh Jo it was a beautiful song." Lorelai knew without asking for whom this song was, and she knew how hurt her little cousin was that Liam hadn't heard it. "I'm sorry that Liam didn't make it."

"Oh really? That is... alright. I guess he had something important to do and the song was rather silly. I wrote the song and..." She broke off, her voice was shaking.

"... and it was the most beautiful song I have ever heard." Jo turned around with surprise. "I love it."
The young girl shook her head and ran out.

"Liam you are the biggest idiot of a genius I ever met. She wrote the song for you."


"Oh Liam do I need to spell it for you in the stars? Josephine Williams is in love with you."

Liam looked at her. "Why did she start crying?"

Lorelai moaned and pulled him in the deserted corridor. "Verdammt noch mal was fuer bescheuerter Arsch bist du eigentlich? I wish I could shake you. You really think that what you feel for me is love? You are stupid, you like to look at me but love is that not. Liam you love someone when you just want to be with her and don't care who she is, or how she looks. Please Liam wake up and understand this or you might lose your true love."

"But I really love you, Mina." He whispered insecure.

Lorelai turned around on her heels and let him stand alone in the dark corridor. When she would be with him another second or she would hurt him. He was a little bit confused, Lorelai had never yelled at him before. Not knowing what to do now he turned around and saw on the balcony Jo standing shaking and sobbing, he thought alone when a second person walked to her.

"Josephine? You shouldn't cry I will make you happy."

"Go away Edward I don't want you." Jo pushed the man away, but she took her hands rather rough.

"Hey!" Liam bellowed surprised by himself, he sounded more like Dick than himself. "Let her go, she said no!"

Jo used the moment of surprise and pulled her hands out of Edwards grip, but she didn't know what to do now. She wished she could flee into Liam's arms but she knew that this would hurt her.

"What will you do if I'm not letting her go?" Edward looked challenging at Liam.

"I will do nothing but you will look ridiculous. She doesn't look like as if she wants to be the prize of one of us." Liam said calm. Edwards mumbled under his breath and walked away.

Jo didn't look at Liam. "Thanks."

She was shivering, he took of his jacket and put it around her shoulders. "You know that I will always be there for you and make sure that no one ever hurts you right?"

Jo nodded nearly not visible. "I wrote also lyrics for the song. There's a road inside your heart made just for you
Don't be scared, take your first step and then take two
Pain will come but I believe you can endure
Further down that road, just trust a little more

Holding you, holding you, it's in you river flows in you
Slow it down, slow it down, that river flows inside me too
Holding you, holding you, it's in you river flows in you
Waiting now, waiting now, just be strong, you will make it through

If you let me, I will give my heart to you
So that I can feel you, what else can I do?
Can you hold on just a little longer still?
In your heart if you believe it then you will

Jo was wrapping his jacket tight around her, not feeling any warm.

"Liam I think, I'm um I think I'm falling in love with you. You don't need to say anything, I just thought it is fair when you know that. And now if you excuse me I have to go somewhere safe and try to forget how much you hurt me right now."

It was the second time this evening that Jo was running away from Liam, the second time in tears. She couldn't run in her high heels, she took them off and ran to the only place she felt really safe. But as soon she had unlocked the door of the dark library she knew it wasn't her safe place anymore. It was the first place he was nice to her, really nice. She locked the door again and went home. She went into her bed and hid under the blanket.

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Meanwhile still at the concert hall Liam went back to find Lorelai. "Um Mina, I know you are angry with me but Jo acts rather weird."

"Liam seriously, don't talk to me right now, unless you understand what I'm trying to tell you. You of all people should know how it feels to love someone who doesn't love you back. And yes you are my best friend but she is my little sister, I am on her side. I'm sorry I hurt you for not loving you, but if you would open your eyes you would see that you love Jo. That what you feel for her is love. Liam I'm begging you open your eyes, go to her and at least try to be with her. I'm not saying marry her tonight. I'm just saying don’t push her away. Please Liam!" Lorelai had tears in her eyes. "And when it is just for me, than do it for me but let her be a part of your live."

Liam wanted to hug Lorelai but she backed away from him. "Don't Liam. She is the girl that read about love in books and always wanted to find her true love and now that she found it she is scared that the books were lying to her, that there is no happily ever after in real life."

He nodded confused and looked sad Lorelai didn't mean to hurt him, but she was angry that he was standing in his own way. He had to learn it the hard way that he was wrong. She stepped close t him. "Liam I love you very much and I don't want to hurt you but I will never love you the way you want me to. I gave my heart a long time ago a man who keeps it at a safe place until he is ready to love me back. Please don't do the same to Jo, little brother. When you really don't love her give her, her heart back so that she can one day love someone else."

But I don't want her to... Liam hugged her back before he walked away first he thought Jo would be in the library but for some reason he walked to her apartment. He rang a couple of times before she opened the door, puffy red eyes from crying, still wearing his jacket, on the weekend he had visited her she had looked like a cheeky pixie right now she looked more like a fairy that got run over by a car a couple of times. The tears were still running down her face, and she didn't even try to hide how hurt she was. First she wanted to send him away but then she just dropped her head and continued herself pity. It took her breath away when he pulled her into a tight hug.

"I never wanted to hurt you!" He whispered just as shy as she always was. Liam lifted her head and brushed with his thumbs her tears away. "And... I'm not going to give your heart back, because... I think I don't want you to be in love with anyone else."

"You don't need to worry, no one will love me anyway." She whined, new tears appearing.

"What?! What in Saint Patricks name are you saying there? I LOVE YOU!" Liam yelled at her, surprised by his own words. Jo was so shocked that she actually forgot to cry.

"You what?" She whispered.

"Um... I love you." Liam whispered back. "You are shivering, let’s go inside." Jo tried to stop crying but she was too confused to stop. And suddenly she remembered his boxer shorts and that they were alone in her apartment. The door fell closed and she turned around, not crying anymore but she was actually scared. Yes she wanted to be seen as an adult but maybe not that much.

"Liam, I need to say something, something important!"

Liam wanted to say something funny but when he saw the real fear in her eyes he didn’t. "You can tell me anything."

"Um... my parents... I mean I am... bloody hell I would trust you with my live why can't I say what I think? I'm not an easy girl." She said fast and loud.

"I know that you are complicated..." Liam chuckled.

"No I mean, um I'm not Lorelai you won't get presents like you got from her to your eighteenth."

Now it was Liam who blushed. "You... you know about that?"

"Liam did you get what I'm trying to say?"

"Yes, but how much do you know about the present?"

The two were sitting on the couch with a little safety distance. "I know it wasn't a once in a live time and I know that Lor feels bad about it because it didn't mean the same as it meant to you. And... I'm just saying that I am not that grown up when it comes to this, at least not right now."

Jo was blushing and looking at the couch between the two. "Jo? Can we just try not to think about this?"

Jo sighed and nodded.

"And I understood what you were saying. I can't expect you to wait for me in a hint of nothing in your bed." Jo blushed even more.

"Liam!" She punched him in the shoulder, which didn't even hurt him. He used the moment and pulled her close enough to kiss her. It was a gently kiss, since he knew that Mr Darcy was not such a great kisser. "I don't know what to do and how and..." Jo whispered shy.

"You will learn." He leaned closer and pressed his lips on hers, which were warm and she actually tasted like books. "You know the Lor will kill you if you break my heart, right?"

"Yes she already checked how to kill me. Hey you are still shivering are you okay?" Liam looked worried at her. "I'm just cold and had a rather difficult night." He pulled her close and tried to warm her, she was first a little stiff but then relaxed in his arm. "And Jo if you want I can dress up like Mr Darcy for you."

"Shuddup." She mumbled into his chest, wondering and crying for many hours was exhausting and being with Liam calmed her down. So much that she fell asleep in his arms. Liam just enjoyed holding the sleeping Jo. He didn't know how long they were snuggled up like that but he panicked when he heard someone unlocking the door.

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It was Lorelai.

"There you are, you two." Lorelai giggled.

"Mina, I can explain." Liam whispered he tried to get up without waking up Jo and making it look innocent what they were doing. Lorelai smiled, pulled a blanket over the two teenagers on the couch, she kissed Jo on the cheek and tousled Liam's hair.

"No worries, I know you are a good guy most of the time and she is a good girl all the time. Relax okay? And to make sure you two stay dressed I gonna sleep in Jo's bed." Lorelai whispered and grinned. "Not that I don't trust you, Fuechschen." She went in the bathroom and let Liam feel a little bit weird on the couch. Jo moved in his arms and let him feel that he was lying not very comfortable. He lifted her a little bit moved in a more comfortable position and made sure she was well covered with the blanket.

"Sleep well Liam, and no funny business." Lorelai giggled, while Liam blushed.
Lorelai was gone before the two youngsters were awake, but she had left a note.

Dear Jo, dear Liam, behave good but have fun. Liam call Dick and tell him I'm coming to pick up some of yours things and send them to you since you are spending time with your girlfriend Josephine in Oxford. And with that thought I made it easy for you two shy babies, yes you are really together boyfriend and girlfriend. If you need anything give me a call. Jo don't forget that in three weeks your parents expect you for dinner at Waterfall Downs. I can't be there. Kid you are on holiday as long as I can manage! I love you both and am happy for you.XXX Lor
PS Don't worry about me!

The note was lying next to Liam on the floor. He had read it while Jo was still sleep, half lying on him. She mumbled in her sleep, before she lifted her head and looked at him first sleepy and then startled. Liam smiled at her. "Good morning beautiful."

Jo moaned and snuggled back into his chest. He knew that she wasn't a morning person, so he let her wake up slowly and just enjoyed holding her. Another few minutes later she turned her head, and smiled shy at him.

" 'lo!"

"Hey." Liam was beaming at her. "Did you hear Mina come in last night?"

Jo just shook her head.

"Do you want me to make tea?" Liam offered.

"No," Jo held tight to Liam, "not yet."

Liam laughed. "Okay. Mina is already gone but she left a note, want to read it?"

Jo moaned. "Too many question."

Liam kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry."

For a moment they were both quiet. Jo sighed and sat up. "Did she say anything last night?"

"No much." Liam watched Jo. "What are you thinking Jo?"

Jo looked caught. "Um nothing."

Liam grinned, sat up himself and surprised her with a kiss. He was shy, but luckily not as shy as Jo. She looked embarrassed away. "Hey, what is it?" He was worried that he did something wrong, in her face were still the marks from last night's tears.

"It is just I don't know what to do. And I don't wanna disappoint you."

Liam started laughing he knew that it was mean but this déjà vu was just too funny. "You won't disappoint me, just do what you want and be yourself."

The next couple of days they both got used to the idea of living together. Liam had called Dick and told him that he will stay in Oxford for some time now. Dick wasn’t happy about it but he somehow understood him. A large package of things of Liam arrived, not just clothes but also stuff that would entertain him. Lorelai had arranged a daily delivery of baked goods from the bakery, also got Jo a second card for the University dining hall. Jo got a present from Lorelai but so far she hasn’t showed Liam what was in it, the first few nights she slept with two pyjamas on to have more fabric on. She wanted Liam but suddenly her parent’s words and pictures of hell fires appeared in her mind. They weren’t yet a week together.

“Liam do you believe in God?”

Liam knew this question would come up sooner or later, especially after Jo had told him that her parents were very religious -and, as he already feared and expected- conservative. So it would make sense that Jo was religious herself and wanted to know what his thoughts were about this subject.

“Well…” He tried to find proper words because he knew how easily Christians could be offended if someone doubted God’s existence. “Not really.” That was all he could come up with.

“Not really?” Jo sat down next to him. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t really believe in God… and Jesus and that sort of stuff.”


Oh, wrong choice of words!

“I mean, I’m not religious. I just don’t believe in higher magical powers.” It was really hard to explain his scientific view to firm believers. “See…I only believe in things that can be proven by science. I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but there’s no point in lying to you.”

“But don’t you ever feel like there’s something out there that we can’t explain?”

“There is something out there that we can’t explain. The whole universe is a big mystery. We can do as many researches as we want to but it will still remain a mystery, even if we think we’ve discovered everything.”

“You and your universe!” She laughed. “But you really don’t believe in God? What did your mother tell you when you were little?”

“She believed in God, but she wasn’t as religious as my grandparents. God, those two are crazy Catholics, I’m telling you. Crucifixes and creepy pictures of the dead Jesus hang in every corner of their house, even in my room. They would think that I consort with Satan if I refuse to put at least one crucifix over my bed.”

“Okay, so your family is catholic. Did your mum tell you stories about God?”

“Sometimes, yes. But from an early age on she knew that I didn’t believe in it so she wouldn’t force religion on me. I really believed in nothing that couldn’t be proven. No Santa Claus, no Easter bunny, no monsters under the bed…”

Jo listened interested. “So you didn’t pray either, I assume?”

“No, why should I? There was nobody I would pray to anyway, so-“

“But there is, and you-“

“Shhh.” He pressed his finger on her lips. “You’re not going to turn me into a Christian, Josephine Williams. So don’t even try to convince me that there are saints, and Jesus and the Holy Ghost. And there is no way Moses could have divided the ocean, that is against every rule of physics!”

She chuckled. “Can I ask you something else?”

“Go ahead.”

“Do you believe in destiny?”


“No? But how do you explain how we met?”

“Because Lorelai introduced us.”

Jo rolled her eyes. “But don’t you think it was something like destiny that Lorelai introduced us?”

Liam was quiet for a moment. It was really hard for other people to understand how the brain of a scientist worked.

“Whatever you might call it”, he continued. “I’m glad it happened.”

Jo smiled, “Me too,” she said and continued reading. She was always reading or writing essays about the books she read.

“What are you reading?” Liam asked reading himself a big book with many physical drawings, Jo didn’t understood them in the slightest. She had made him a library card so that he could get books from there.

“It is a book about a sailor who sailed over the oceans two hundred years ago.” Jo answered without looking up. He was watching her while she read it took some time until she looked up. “What?”

“Nothing, continue reading.”

“I can’t read when you watch me and…” Liam leaned to her and kissed her stopping her from talking. His own book was already out of the way and he took her book and notepad out of her hands. She tried to get it back but smiled. Between kisses she mumbled. “Liam I have to finish the book.”

“Not until next week.” First his kisses were gentle and became more passionately. He pushed her gently back on the couch not breaking the kiss. But no matter how much he wanted her, he always let her feel that she could stop him which she did now too, while he was half on top of her. She looked shy at him. “Sorry. I… can’t.”

He kissed her once more, “I know stop looking so guilty.”

Jo sighed and kissed him. “I’m sorry I try to be like Lor, but I’m just not her.”

“And I am glad you are not, or I had to fight John.”

Jo blushed. “No I am all yours.” She didn’t mention that she had a crush on John and hoped Liam would never find out. He let her go back to her book, but kept kissing her once in a while and distracted her. He didn’t want to force her to anything but he knew from himself that in the end there would be a little bit force (not the right word but somehow fitted). But for now he gave her time to get used to the thought of sleeping with him, also since he now knew that she was a good Christian at least as it sounded for the moment.

A few days later Liam was in town while Jo was at home. She finally had unwrapped Lor’s present and yes of course she blushed. It was one set of very hot lingerie and some more underwear which was more practical to wear under normal clothes.

It was the game of each evening that after dinner and reading or maybe even watching TV, Liam was mostly the one starting kissing her and Jo was the one stopping him. Mumbling things like. “Wait please. Don’t. I don’t know how…” It was driving Liam crazy and his pants even crazier. He never showed it, but Josephine knew it and she felt sorry, not just for him. She did want to sleep with him, if she could just once turn out her head and just let it go.

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It was three days before the dinner at Waterfall Downs and Liam planned it to be the night, not knowing that Jo planned the same. He was getting dinner while Jo said she had to finish an essay. When he came home he didn’t see her sitting at the kitchen table, which confused him. Until…

“Hey there...” Jo smiled shy from the bed. Her heart was beating so fast that she thought it would jump out of her chest.

“Whoa!” Liam almost backed away as if there was a man with a gun standing in the bedroom, and not his pretty girlfriend. Pretty? HOT! He had never seen her like THAT. Well, maybe he had seen her like that in his dreams, but that was different. Totally different! And yes, she looked completely different than Mina, but she was in her very own and unique way sexy.
“You look…you look…”

“Stupid.” She sat up, and he could tell that she started to feel uncomfortable again.

No! Not again! He didn’t know how long he could keep this going on, he didn’t know how long his patience would last. Right now he didn’t feel any patience at all, not with her in that outfit on the bed.

“You look amazing”, he said, slowly walking towards you. Jo looked like she was about to jump up and run away, so he needed to do something. She obviously wanted this otherwise she wouldn’t have put this outfit on, but she needed to get more comfortable. Easier said than done.

“Seriously, you’re hot.”

Now she looked even more uncomfortable.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to freak you out, it’s just…” He had a hard time to find words because he couldn’t stop staring at her. Suddenly all those really stupid biological thoughts were running through his head, something he couldn’t stop. He hadn’t told Mina that he actually thought of the female anatomy while they did it. He had tried to get rid of his thoughts, but words like ‘symphysis pubis’, ‘labia minora’ and ‘endometrium’ had popped into his head. What teenage boy thought about those things while he was sleeping with the hottest woman on the planet?
Yes, he did. Of course. Usually he was glad not to be like the other boys his age, but when it came to THIS he really longed for the brain of a normal teenage boy, and not for the brain of a genius.

Before Jo had the chance to change her mind and read a book instead of finally, finally, finally sleeping with him, he leaned forward and kissed her gently, ignoring the numerous biological terms that were about to pop into his head again.

Jo really didn’t want to stop him, she enjoyed kissing him and being with him, but she still had something to say. Between two kisses she mumbled. “Liam I’m still not sure how to do this.” Liam looked at her intensely. She quickly kissed him. “I wanna do this! I’m just not good with the practical things.”
Liam smiled. “I know, I’ll show you. You trust me, don’t you?”

Jo nodded. “Yes I do. I have…” She pulled from under the pillow a condom, she couldn’t blush more. But Liam thought that this was the cutest she had ever done. She really meant it this time. All his clothes quickly flew on the floor, well nearly he kept for the moment his plain white boxer shorts on. He remembered what Mina had told him a few days ago. Be gentle with her. The first time for a girl is different. A fact he knew of course, he didn’t mean to hurt her more than he could avoid. He was glad that she didn’t had any classes tomorrow that way they had all time they needed.

It was in the early morning hours and many awkward moments later that Jo curled up like a kitten against his bare chest, he was wearing just his boxer shorts and she was wearing just her short from her typical boring pyjamas. They wear both out of breath and Jo was for once rather quiet. Liam couldn’t see her face and he was worried.

“Jo are you okay?”

His girlfriend nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“Josephine?” Liam pushed her away that he could see her face, and now he was really worried. He just had the first time with her and now she was crying. “Whoa Jo, I’m sorry, did I do anything wrong? Did I hurt you? Please Jo talk to me.”

Jo wiped her tears away but new tears just appeared, shaking her head. She wasn’t sure she actually knew why she was crying. She snuggled back into his chest needing to be close with him. He was rubbing circles on her back. He expected many things to happen, some did happen but he didn’t expect her to be in tears after she had slept with him. A few minutes later and with a broken voice she whispered. “I’m okay.”

He didn’t want to push her away but he wanted to really look at her. She pulled her up so that they were lying next to each other on the pillows. “Jo when you are okay why are you crying?”

Jo closed her eyes and tried to calm down. “Don’t laugh okay?”

“I would never laugh.”

Jo kissed Liam. “Don’t get me wrong, but… I don’t wanna us to go to hell.” New tears were running down her face and it broke Liam’s heart, but it didn’t stop him from chuckling. “What? Why should we go to hell?”

Jo sat up and stared at him, with a ice cold voice she said. “Thank you very much Liam. So much for trusting you. You are a real jerk!”

She went in the kitchen to get away from him. He couldn’t see her through the wall of books but he heard her cry. She was huddled into the furthest corner. Wondering if she just did the biggest mistake in her entire life.

Liam sighed. Why could he not shut up for one second? She had asked him not to laugh, and what did he do? Why was everything always a joke to him, he really could hurt people with that, especially someone as emotional as Jo.

He got up, pulled a shirt over his head and followed the sound of her sobbing.


“Leave me alone, Liam.”

“Jo, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“You’re right, I’m sometimes the biggest jerk on this planet…it’s just…I have a hard time understanding feelings in general, especially girls’ feelings.”

“So you’re basically an insensitive arsehole?” She didn’t usually use words like this, but she was too upset.

“Well, yeah…sometimes. Like a couple of minutes ago.” Liam sat down next to her and smiled. “But I’m not a sociopath like Dick, I swear. I do feel guilty when I hit a deer with a car…ahem….which happened once…or twice, actually. I’m still a horrible driver…”

Jo looked at him and hated herself for the fact that she got butterflies in her stomach everytime he smiled at her, now it was impossible to be angry with him.

“I’m really sorry, Jo, I mean it.” When he noticed that her face relaxed a little and she no longer looked like she wanted to punch him, he took her hand and kissed it gently like a gentleman in a Jane Austen novel would have done with a lady. Her face did look softer, but she still struggled with the smile.

“You know what I remembered? The first condoms were made out of intestines.”

Jo laughed. “You’re stupid!”

Liam grinned. “And you’re lovely.” He put his arms around her and she pressed her head against his chest.

“Now you have to explain to me that whole ‘going to hell thing’. And I promise you I won’t laugh.”

“Very conservative Christians say that you go to hell when you have sex before marriage. That’s what my parents keep on telling me for years.”

“They keep on telling you this because they don’t want their precious angel-daughter to get laid.”

Jo blushed. “Liam!”
“Well, if that whole thing about hell is true”, Liam said, brushing his hand through her short hear, “then, my dear, I’m afraid but I’m SO going to hell. And if you come with me, we can make ourselves at home down there, and we can do it right in front of the devil, after all, we have nothing to lose anymore.”

“Idiot!” Jo said, giggling. “Please do me a favour and never say something like that in front of my parents.”

“Oh yeah…the parents….” Liam sighed. This was going to be a hard one, and he had no clue how he would get through this day that was still ahead of him.

Jo felt him stiff under her. “I… I don’t think it is true, the hell and everything, it is just hard not to remember mother telling me about it.”

Liam kissed the top of her head, saying better nothing.

“You will do fine and their attention won’t be on you alone. My father turns sixty and lots of friends of the family will be there normally Lorelai would be there too but she is right now in Germany.” Jo kissed him and started giggling. This time he looked hurt at her. “I’m sorry I’m not laughing because of you. Well maybe a little bit just picture yourself talking to my father about the history of condoms.”

Now even Liam smiled a little, but he still felt uncomfortable. Jo turned around and climbed on his lap, and with much more confident she started kissing him until she felt him relax. “Are you going to do this tomorrow too when I get nervous?”

Jo laughed. “No better not, but as soon we are back at home I will.” Liam kissed her. “I will remind you of this.”

It didn’t matter that they had no sleep this night, they had way too much fun exploring each other in the early morning hours.

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The Saturday of Professor Colin Williams birthday came no matter they both dreaded this day. Jo was out most of the day and just came back a few minute before the car came to pick them up. Jo looked nice, but when she saw Liam in his Mickey Mouse sweater and Jeans her heart sunk into her pants. It was out of questions that he looked cute but looking cute was not what her parents expected.

“Liam please tell me you are not going like this?”

“What why not?” He looked down at himself.

“My father is a Lord and my mother a Lady this is not at all appropriated.”

“But you look not very different from me.”

“I wear not a sweater with a comic figure on it.” She sighed. “Luckily I am prepared, my dress is already at Waterfall Downs and I also ordered a couple of suits for you. Come on the car is waiting for us.”

Jo took his hand and pulled him downstairs a large expensive black car was waiting for them. “Miss Williams it is nice to see you again, the University life seems to suit you good.”

“Yes it does indeed Charles. We are a little in a hurry can we leave?”

“Of course Miss.”

Liam stared at her. He hadn’t seen the rich girl Miss Williams yet. The drive was not very long, and poor Liam didn’t felt more confident when they finally reached after a long drive on the private drive way the house or castle? Liam was a little pale. Just before they were close enough to be seen in the car from the house Jo leaned close to him and kissed him. “It will be fine, and please remember that the Jo you saw the entire time is the real Jo.”

Liam nodded not able to say anything. They drove to the kitchen entrance to avoid Lord and Lady Williams. “Thank you Charles.”

The driver bowed down and let the two young people go inside. Everyone in the kitchen was too busy to notice them. On the servant stairs they ran into Anne.

“Anne!” Jo hugged her nanny.

“Josephine, it is good to see you, all your things are in your room. The suits are for your friend I assume?” Anne smirked and Liam, the thought of someone looking like this in Waterfall Downs amused her. “Yes that is Liam he is… my boyfriend but mother and father shouldn’t know it yet. He will ask father later if he can start courting me.”

Anne laughed. “You couldn’t pick a better day. You father is in a very good mood. Go and get changed you mother is expecting you.”

Jo pulled Liam up the stairs in her room. “Jo can we talk about…?” Liam couldn’t say anything else. The fell just closed she turned the key and pushed him against it, kissing him passionately. She was tucking at his sweater and pulled it over his head. Just breaking the kiss for a second.

“Jo we are in your parent’s castle, we can’t…”

“But Liam I really want you right now.”

Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

It had taken him ages until he finally got her where he wanted her, and now she wanted him…and he couldn’t! This was her parents’ home, for Christ’s sake, and yes, he hadn’t seen them yet but he was pretty sure they would castrate him if they found him and Jo here.
Jo continued kissing him and made it absolutely impossible for him to stop it.

“You need to get changed anyway”, she whispered. “So I can help you getting out of your clothes.”

Yes! No! Dammit, this was not okay. Not with her parents only a couple of meters away.

He wanted to do something but his brain wasn’t in control this time, so he just let her go ahead and pull down his pants until he was standing there in his Superman boxer shorts.

“Let’s get Mickey out of the way”, she said, just about to pull on his sweater when someone knocked on the door. Liam startled and looked desperately for a spot to hide, but Jo didn’t let go off him.

“Who is it?”, she asked.

“It’s Anne, I’m bringing the suit for the young man.”

“Okay, hang on…” She walked to the door.

“What are you doing?” Liam stared at her nervously. “You’re not going to open the door, are you?”

“We need your suit, so I have no choice”, she hissed, then opened the door. Anne handed her the suit with a smile, but when she saw Liam in his boxer shorts, standing uncomfortably in one corner, she raised her eyebrows.

“Thank you, Anne”, Jo said with a nervous smile, not being able to avoid blushing. As soon as she closed the door, Liam ran towards her and snatched the suit away from her. If he didn’t get dressed now he would be in so much trouble, and as much as he wanted Jo and as happy as he was about the fact how confident she’s suddenly gotten, he was freaking scared right now.

“It’s okay, Liam, my parents aren’t going to storm in my room.”

“Yeah… sure. Is this your bathroom?” He pointed to another door next to her wardrobe.


He went with the suit in his arm to the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

Jo chuckled. “Are you seriously getting changed in there? You know, I know how you look like…”

“That’s not the point!” he replied through the door. “Your parents could walk in while I’m getting changed.”

Jo rolled her eyes. “I told you they won’t!” She waited another ten minutes until he finally opened the bathroom door.

Jo couldn’t help but stare at him with raised eyebrows. He looked so different than he usually did.

Liam blushed. “Can we go now and get this whole day over with?”

While Liam got changed Jo had changed too. She stepped closer to him, and he backed away from her. It hurt a little bit. “I have good intentions, just a kiss.” He hugged her and they kissed.

“I’m sorry this is making you so nervous. It won’t be that bad, really. I bet you and father will understand each other. Maybe don’t say you think Universities are a waste of time and just say they are not the right thing for you at the moment and when you show honest intentions in going out with me he won’t be angry with you. You will do fine, really.”

Jo held Liam close. “I’m sorry, you know if you want you don’t have to go downstairs. Just stay here or I go and ask Charles to drive you back home. I’m sorry I made you come.”

“You didn’t make me come, you asked. And it doesn’t make a difference when I meet you parents I will always be nervous. Just don’t leave me alone okay?”

Jo nodded and together they climbed down the servant stairs to meet her mother in the foyer.

“Mother! It is so good to see you. May I introduce Mister Liam O’Doherty to you a friend of mine.”

Jo wasn’t holding Liam’s hand anymore he wished she could.

“He is Irish Josephine.”

Jo rolled her eyes. “Yes mother he is, but don’t forget that father is Scottish and the bible says that we are all equal in front of God.”

“That is right Josephine. My dearest daughter.” Jo’s father stepped through them and hugged his daughter.

“Happy Birthday father.”

“Thank you my dear. Mister O’Doherty, I’m pleased to meet you. Professor Colin Williams.” He offered Liam the hand. “Josephine said you are a friend of hers? Maybe we should have a talk before the other guests arrive, please this way.” Colin led Liam by the shoulder into the library.

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17Until I Have To Go Empty Re: Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 19:08

That was quick. Liam hadn’t even done anything and Jo’s father already wanted to talk to him- alone. Liam followed the older man nervously, actually wishing for Dick to jump through one of those huge windows and get him out of there. But he had promised Jo to do his best, and he didn’t want to disappoint you. Mr Williams was leading him through a giant corridor, and Liam felt like the creepy people on the oil portraits were watching every move.

“You are a professor, Jo- Josephine told me”, Liam said. “Of astronomy and physics.”

“That is right.” He smiled, then opened the door to his study and let Liam in.

“I read your books… I really liked them.”

“Is that so? I’m glad to hear a young man is interested in such things.”

“A lot, sir. I always liked astronomy.” Liam looked around the huge study. Almost all four walls were covered with bookshelves, and on the only free spots hung oil portraits of the Williams family, looking down at him as if they were judging him.

“Please, take a seat.” Mr Williams pointed towards an antique armchair. Liam sat down, a bit hesitating. The chair was actually so big that he felt very small, like a kid who didn’t fit into a normal chair yet. Mr Williams was sitting in the chair across from him, crossing his arms while he didn’t leave the boy out of his sight for one second.

“So, Mr O’Doherty, you probably wonder why I want to talk to you in private…”

Please, can someone break in and kidnap me? Like, NOW!

Liam forced a smile. “Ahem…yes…”

“My niece Lorelai had already told me about you…”

Oh SHIT! She did what??? No, no, no, no, no, no!

“She told me that you would like to court my daughter. Am I right?”

Liam sighed in relief, so that was what Lorelai had told him. “Yes, sir.”

Dude, could he just stop staring at me like that, he’s scary!

Mr Williams cleared his throat. “Mr. O’Doherty-“

“Liam”, he said. Maybe it would make him feel less uncomfortable if Jo’s father would stop approaching him like he was some old duke.

“Liam”, Mr William said, a brief smile on his face. “I was a teenager once. The hormones, the confusion, the urges…I understand completely.”

WHAT THE HELL??? Liam swallowed hard. Now he knew what kind of talk this was going to be…

Was this 60-year old rich Lord actually talking to him about…THAT?

Mr Williams continued, still very calm. “I know my daughter is a very good girl, and I highly appreciate that. She is not just a good girl, she is the best.”

“I…I know that, sir.”

Mr Williams looked him directly into his eyes. Liam just hoped for a huge hole that would swallow him up.

“Liam, what do you think about God?”

Don’t say the truth, don’t say the truth!

“I…ahem…great. He’s…just great.”

“Yes, I think so too. He gave the gift of humanity, and all He asked in return was for you to live a life which sanctifies your mortal soul, and part of this means ignoring those natural urges which tell you to violate the sacred purity of your body. Do you understand, Liam?”



“It’s a test.”

“A test?”

“You think that’s too much to ask, do you?” Mr Williams raised an eyebrow.

“Ahem…I’m not quite sure if I can follow you…”

“You are not going to disrespect my daughter’s body, are you?”

“What? No…I…never!” Liam felt dizzy. He’d never been so nervous in his life, never!

“Can you succeed in this test?”

“What test?”

“To resist temptation.”

Liam swallowed. Resist temptation…yeah…that had worked out well so far. He should tell him the truth, he should just say: ‘Hey Mr Williams, I slept with your daughter just a couple of days ago, and by the way, we were about to do it in her room less than half an hour ago until the maid interrupted us, but yes, I can resist temptation!’



“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Oh…” He blushed. “Sorry… I… yes, of course. I will succeed in this…test.”

“Very good.” Mr Williams smiled and got up. “I don’t want to frighten anyone, don’t get me wrong, but I will warn you. You better don’t fail this test, young man.” He looked at him as if he knew exactly that he was the boy who took his precious daughter’s virginity.

Liam could hardly breathe, he was that nervous, but he forced a smile. “I won’t fail this test, sir”, ha barely managed to say, thinking: Oh God, he will KILL me!

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“Mother what is this all about?” Jo looked confused at her mother who took her hand and led her into the Lady’s salon.

“Come my dear child we need to talk. Lorelai called this morning and mentioned that the young man is considering courting you. Josephine, young men like this have expectations. Josephine listen to me, you are not to give in to his expectations. Your one special flower is a precious gift and no one is allowed to be given this gift. Not unless you and he are a husband and wife in front of the Lord.”

“Mother!” Jo looked shocked at her mother, who luckily misunderstood her shock.

“Yes my dear I know Mister O’Doherty seems like a very polite man, maybe not from money but still polite who would think of him as a man driven by his lust. But it is a fact.”

Jo was blushing. “Mother I don’t think I am old enough to have this conversation with you.”

“But we must talk about this. He will hurt you. The intercourse of an unmarried man and woman is painful for the woman. The Lord will punish her for the sin. And you know the punishment…” Lady Elizabeth Williams looked stern at her daughter. “Josephine look at me, when a man who is not your husband enters you, you will feel Satan himself destroy your body from the inside.”

“Mother stop it okay, the times are changing not everyone is waiting until they are married and I even read that the… intercourse is just a physical act. Scientist says that…”

“Josephine I do not care what scientist say. The Lord says it is a sin and I am not letting my one and only daughter go to hell. Man with that lust are very rough and don’t care how much it hurt you. They tell you that they love you just to harvest your special flower. I forbid it that my daughter’s honour will be destroyed by a filthy man like him.”

“Mother Liam is not filthy. He is a honourable young very smart man and I really like him.”

Elizabeth broke into tears. “But Josephine you didn’t, he and you there wasn’t…” Jo pulled her mother in a hug. “No.”

“Promise me that you not will fall for it and give in the sin. I’m begging you, you know I protect you from everything but I can’t protect you from the hellhounds that want to rip you apart. And believe me being with a man is just enjoyable for the man, the Lord made us to suffer for the sin Eve did. It is painful and the most disgusting thing you can thing of two humans doing together. It… it is as if someone is ripping books into pieces.”

Elizabeth knew this would get her daughter, Jo nodded and her mother kissed her cheek. “Be a good girl and entertain the other guests. I love you and don’t forget what I told you.”

Josephine let her mother go to the bathroom while she went into the living room. A few friends of her father were there. She played the role her mother expected her to play, but she words were running around in her mind. The door to the library opened and Liam was there. She wasn't sure she knew how to react now, was he really that lust driven?

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He looked pale. “Hey Liam?”

He looked past her to see where Mr and Mrs Williams were. They both were busy with other guest.

He stepped a little closer. “Your father is the freakiest man I ever met, and I’m living with Dick together.”

Jo looked at him. “I guess he was just as nice as my mother. She basically told me I’m going to hell if I let your lust driven soul destroy the precious gift I have. Oh wait this is already an event in the past. I feel like crying. Did I mention that I am really sorry?”

Liam nodded, Jo sighed. “Come with me.” Jo took his hand and pulled him through a couple of doors from the party guests.

“Jo don’t they miss us?”

“No Anne will make sure to say that I’m showing you the gallery. I just need a moment with you… alone.” They were back in her room. She locked the door and turned around to him, she was crying. He might felt awful and seeing her cry made it just worse. “Liam…”

“Yes Josephine? Are you telling me never to touch you again and that we are going to hell?”

Jo flinched when he called her by her full name. “No I was not going to say this. I was going to say that… you know how Wendy has the one special kiss in the right corner of her mouth and that she will one day find the one who it owns this? And this one is Peter and she says it will always belong him. Well my special gift will always be yours and… and I don’t want it to be anyone else. I promise you that we will leave as soon we can okay.”

Liam nodded, “But Jo can we still wait a little while until we sleep together again? Just because I have to get rid of your fathers face in my mind.”

Jo tiptoed and kissed him. “Yes that sounds fair.”

Someone knocked at the door. “Miss Josephine?”

Jo unlocked the door and let Anne in. “Miss Josephine you parents are looking for you and they send me to tell you that you may show the young gentleman the gallery another time.”

“Yes of course I’m sorry.”

“And Miss Jo? I think Mister Liam is a very good young gentleman, and marriage is a man made thing. The marriage in the Lord’s eyes is the love of a man and a woman, and the age doesn’t matter for Him.”

Jo chuckled, her nanny had just told her to sleep with Liam. At the dinner table Anne had arranged that Liam and Jo sat next to each other and it was too late to correct her mistake. Under the table once in a while Jo touched Liam’s hand to make sure that he was still there. She had to find a way of to repay this evening to Liam.

“Liam to which University are you going?” Colin asked him over the table. All twenty other guest looked at Liam.

Oh man I had to find something really good to pay him back. Jo thought.

Okay, Jo’s parents sure knew how to start the most awkward topics for Liam right at the beginning. He was barely even in their house and her dad talked about the ‘sacred gift of his daughter’ and ‘the test’ that Liam had to succeed. And now they asked about education. Liam knew what would be next: religion, political views, plans for the future. All those topics he really feared to discuss with any parents, especially Jo’s professor-dad and super-rich-conservative-mum.

“Ahem…” He tried to ignore the twenty other people who stared at him as if he was some animal in the zoo. “At the moment I don’t go to any university, sir.”

“But if I’m not mistaken you already graduated from school, am I right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And you haven’t applied to any university yet?”

“No, sir.” He could tell that Mrs Williams was not pleased at all. She made a face as if she smelled something bad. Underneath the table Jo pressed his hand gently, but he flinched a bit because he was still too scared to touch her, which drove him literally crazy.

“May I ask why you don’t go to university? From what I heard you seem to have quite some knowledge, which only makes me wonder more why someone with that potential is not going to any further educational establishment.” Mr Williams was clam, but he still scared the hell out of Liam.

Because it’s a bloody waste of my time, that’s why. Most of the professors suck, the students REALLY suck, and there’s nothing new I could learn within those years…
Liam knew he shouldn’t say that aloud, otherwise he would never be allowed to see Jo again.

“I just…” He swallowed, wishing the others would stop staring at him. “It’s not really… for me.”

“That’s right!”, Jo said with an almost squeaky voice. “Not everybody has to go to university.”

Her father frowned. “But I don’t understand why he-“

“Father!” Jo looked pleading at him, and he actually understood the wish of his daughter and did not continue talking about universities anymore.
But then came Lady Elizabeth Williams.

“So, Liam”, she said in a cold voice that made both teenagers flinch. “You’re from Ireland, yes?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Do your parents still live there? Or do they live somewhere else?”

Oh no. Please not the parents-subject.

Liam’s hands were sweaty. He has been in this house for a bit over an hour and already felt like he’d been run over by a bus. And this day was not going to end anytime soon… There was still the birthday dinner later on.

He wanted to run his fingers through his hair (what he often did when he was nervous) but then he realized that he would completely mess up his ridiculous side-parting, so he kept his hands on his lap.

“My mum died a couple of years ago.”

“Oh. That’s unfortunate.” Mrs Williams didn’t manage to show any sympathy, and Jo was really ashamed of her for that.

“And your father?”

Liam needed a moment to reply. For a second he was tempted to say that Dick was his father and worked for the London police, but then he imagined how Jo’s parents would insist on meeting his ‘dad’, and there was no bloody way Dick would pretend to be his father and meet Mr and Mrs Williams. Not to mention the fact that he would probably scare the crap out of them.

“I don’t know…” He mumbled.

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t know where he lives, ma’am.”

She pursed her lips. “You don’t know where your father lives? Did you two break off contact?”

“I’ve never met him, so…” Liam stared at the table, trying to avoid any eye contact with that scary woman.

“You’ve never met your father?” she repeated, sounding quite shocked. “Not even when you were little?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Your parents weren’t married?”

“No, ma’am.”

Mrs Williams gasped in shock, followed by an awkward silence. Despite the fact that he loved Jo dearly, he just wished to be anywhere but here right now.

“Well…” Mrs Williams finally found her words again (unfortunately for Liam). “That is quite… unusual.” She looked at her husband as if she wanted to say ‘where on earth did your daughter pick up this boy?’, then turned back to him.

“So, who did provide the money then?”

“My mum.”

“Your mother worked?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What was her job?”

Seriously, woman, can you top asking me like you’re a lawyer in a court room?!

“She worked as a marine researcher.”

“Really?” Jo’s mother raised her eyebrows.

“Do you also want to know how she died?” Liam asked rather sarcastic. He hadn’t planned on saying this, but the words just came out. Jo shot him a warning glance.

“Let’s move on to a more pleasant subject, shall we?” Mr Williams smiled at his wife who seemed appalled about Liam’s reaction.

Pleasant subject? Every subject would be awful, and he had to sit through so many more hours!

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20Until I Have To Go Empty Re: Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 20:00

Suddenly he noticed a young man across the table.
He was so occupied with the Williams that he hadn’t noticed that tall, blonde sleazy-rich-looking guy who watched both him and Jo the entire time.

Liam leaned closer to Jo. “Who is this?”


“That blonde guy who keeps staring at us.”

Jo noticed him too. “Oh, that’s Victor. He’s the son of my parents’ close friends. He just graduated from Oxford.”

Liam didn’t like the way that Victor guy looked at Jo. He didn’t like it at all.

Liam felt a little bit relieved when Mr Williams started to talk to a few other guests. Well, he couldn’t relax yet since Mrs Williams’ eyes lay on him for almost every second, but at least she stopped the questions- for fifteen minutes. Then she continued, as he feared, with questions about religion and his intentions for the future. Jo jumped in whenever it was necessary and defended him nicely, but her mother was pretty tough and didn’t let go that easily.

After the dinner was over and the guests were welcomed in the salon for further dull conversations and dance (Jo hadn’t mentioned any dance, which made Liam panic, because of course he couldn’t dance)! Before he went into the salon, Liam asked Jo where the next bathroom was. He desperately needed to calm down, but he didn’t go to the bathroom, he went straight to the kitchen. He was surprised how many people were actually working in there. They still needed to get the dessert done for later, some fancy French stuff that Liam had never seen before. It was probably that kind of dessert that was served for rich people only.

“Hey.” He looked at one of the younger cooks. “You don’t happen to have something like beer here?”

The cook looked at him a bit confused. “No, I’m afraid not.”

“Anything else? Wine?”

“Yes, we do have wine, but champagne is already served in the salon and-“

“Could I have some of the wine?”

The cook didn’t move. “Ahem… I’m not sure if I’m allowed to…”

“Listen… what’s your name?”


“Listen, Jacob. I don’t normally just storm into the kitchen of a stranger’s house and beg for wine, but I had a really crappy afternoon today. You know Mr and Mrs Williams, right?”

Jacob nodded.

“So, you can maybe imagine how I feel after Professor Williams talked to me in private about his daughter and basically made clear that I go to hell when I sleep with her, and Mrs Williams bombarded me with questions that made me only look bad, and the chance of me being allowed to date their daughter is pretty much zero… And this bloody evening is not over yet, because I have to go into the bloody salon surrounded by those bloody high-society douchebags, but I’m doing it for my girlfriend who will probably not be my girlfriend anymore after this day is over, because her parents don’t approve of me…” Liam grabbed Jacob’s arm. “So please, can I have some wine to make the remaining hours at least a bit more endurable?”

The young cook cleared his throat, checked if the two older chefs were looking, then nodded. “Follow me.”

Liam followed him to the end of the enormous kitchen where a few different wine bottles were stored.

“Any particular brand?”

“No, just give me any bottle, I don’t care," Liam replied. After Jacob handed him one Merlot bottle Liam thanked him, quickly walked out of the kitchen and disappeared in one of the countless bathrooms, where he locked the door behind him, sat down on the floor and opened the bottle. He didn’t plan on getting drunk of course, he didn’t want to embarrass Jo, but he just wanted to calm down a bit. He had planned to drink a couple of sips…and ended up drinking half the bottle. He was about to drink more when someone knocked on the door.

“Liam, are you still in there?” It was Jo.


“Are you okay?”

He threw some towels over the bottle, got up, opened the door and grinned. “Hello there!”

“Are you all right? You’ve been away for a while now.”

Liam giggled. “Sure I’m all right, I’m great! Let’s do this!” He walked to the salon, followed by a confused Jo.

“Liam, hold on.” She grabbed his arm. “What is the matter? Why are you so-“

“Happy?” He shot her a goofy grin. “Because I don’t give a damn anymore.”

Jo frowned. “Are you… drunk?”

He started giggling again. “Jesus, Jo, what do you think of me?” Without waiting for her reply he turned to the servant who walked around with a tray of champagne and grabbed a glass.
“Thanks, mate. Nice uniform, by the way”, he said to the servant, then turned back to Jo who watched him shocked.

“I can’t believe it! You’re drunk.”

“Relax, Jo. I just had a tiny bit of Merlot.”

“A tiny bit?” She snatched the glass of champagne away from him. “I can’t believe you did this.”

“Did what?” He looked innocently at her.

“Getting drunk while you’re in my parents’ house.” She checked if nobody listened to them. So far nobody noticed anything.

Another servant passed them with a tray of little quiche, and Liam just took some of them and frowned.

“What is this?”

“It’s quiche”, Jo replied.

“It looks like someone already ate it and spit it out!”

“Liam, seriously, you have to-“

“Pleasant evening, isn’t it?” Victor appeared behind Jo and smiled at her, then looked at Liam who squeezed the quiche into his pockets. “Josephine, you haven’t introduced me to you friend yet.”

Jo blushed. “Victor, this is Liam, he is…”

“Annoyed by your snobby face”, Liam said before she could finish her sentence.

“Liam!” She shot him a warning glance, then smiled apologetically at Victor. “He’s just joking. He often makes jokes, so don’t take it personally.”

“Don’t worry”, Victor said. “I heard that the Irish have a rather peculiar sense of humour.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Liam looked at the blonde boy. “English guys are just too stupid to get any kind of joke. You’re no better than Germans.”

“Liam, enough.” Jo looked at him sternly. “I’m really sorry, Victor.”

“Don’t apologise, Josephine.” He smiled at her. “By the way, you look lovely tonight.” He was clearly flirting with her.

“Hey!” Liam put his arm around Jo and pressed her a little too rough against his chest. “She’s my girlfriend, okay? Now you might be from Oxford and drive a Bentley or Jaguar or whatever insanely expensive car rich douchebags like to drive, but I’m the one who sleeps in her bed, not you!”

“Liam!” Jo backed away from him, obviously shocked.

“What? It’s the truth. We live together, Mr. Handsome over here should know that before he continues flirting with you.”

“You live together?”, Victor asked, trying to hide his surprise, but it didn’t work.

Liam grinned. Jo knew that grin. It was his cheeky little-boy-grin that always appeared when he did something. “Yes, we do. And you know what, Mr. Expensive Suit Guy, I’m going to hell because I’ve failed the stupid test. I’ve been a really bad boy, isn’t that right, Jo? If you knew-“
Before he could continue to go into details she pressed her hand on his mouth and grabbed his arm. “If you’ll excuse us”, she said to Victor, then turned around and pushed Liam out of the salon into a quiet room.

“Sit down!” she commanded, pointing on the antique couch.

He sat down, still grinning stupidly at her. “You want to be alone with me, hm?” He touched her arm, but she took a step back and crossed her arms.

“You’re going to stay here for a while until you cleared your head. I’m going to tell my parents that you’re not feeling so well. Oh God… I hope they didn’t hear anything.” She sighed. “Liam, I don’t know what’s gotten into you. You’re more responsible than this. I know you were nervous and my mother was really hard on you, but that’s not a reason to get drunk in the bathroom.”

He was quiet for a moment and just stared at her. “Jo…” He paused for a second. “Why are you wasting your time with me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You heard your mother. You should be with some Oxford guy like that Victor, and drive nice cars and be a perfect little housewife with perfect little kids and pearl necklaces and that stuff…”

“But I don’t want this. I want you… well, when you’re not drunk.” Jo smiled at him. “I told you that the Jo you know is the one you see every day at home. I don’t want some rich, shallow man. You are the smartest person I’ve ever met, it’s almost scary how smart you are, but that makes you different than the rest, and I like different.“ She sat down next to him, taking his hand. “And if I really go to hell, there’s only one person I want by my side, and that’s you.”

“And I would go with you.” He chuckled. “After all, my lust driven soul got you into this in the first place.”

Jo laughed. “Please don’t take my mother’s words seriously.” She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. “Now you stay here for a bit until you’re a little more sober. I’ll bring you something to drink.”


“Water.” She got up, but he grabbed her arm.

“I really want to be your Peter.”

Jo could hear her heartbeat. She knew he was drunk and said all kinds of weird things, but still…

“I want to fly, and fight pirates, and save chicks… but what I really want is your, what do you call it again, that little thing…”

Jo smiled. “Thimble?”

“Yes, thimble… I want that.” He giggled like a little girl. “Thimble… now that sounds dirty in a way.”

Jo shook her head, smiling. “You’re impossible.”

She kissed Liam before she went to the kitchen. “Excuse me, I know that it is not yet time but I would like to have two very strong coffees. Can you please bring them in the Fireplace Salon?”

“Of course Miss Williams.”

“And no word to my parents. Liam doesn’t feel very well and needs some coffee.”

“Yes.” The young cook who had just moments ago given Liam that wine.

“Oh and I think there is a wine bottle hidden in the yellow bathroom.”

The young cook nodded and went to get the bottle, while Jo went back in the Big Salon. Her mother came right away to her. “Josephine, Victor told us that Mr O’Doherty doesn’t feel very well. Where is he?”

“Mother I think you did enough of you investigation, just let him be for a moment okay?” Jo left her shocked mother stand and went to her father.

“Daddy, please excuse my interruption but I really need you.” Jo pleaded.

“Please excuse me gentleman.” Her father went outside in the corridor with his daughter. “Darling what is wrong, is Liam alright?”

Jo shook her head. “Daddy you scared him a lot and…” Jo looked with tears at her feet.

“He didn’t leave did he?” Her father sounded stern.

“No but… that is embarrassing… he is drunk. I don’t think he meant to get drunk he just wanted to calm down a little.” Colin lifted the head of his daughter.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt and here I am being the reason for this. Did you order a strong coffee for him?”


“Good, I want that you go back to him and I make sure no one misses you, and I hope you know that I think Victor is a douchbag?”

Jo giggled, “Yes I know he is but mother likes him very much.”

Colin kissed his daughter on the cheek and went back to his guests. And Jo hurried back to Liam in the Fireplace Salon.

He lay on the couch, looking at the ceiling when Jo came in.

“Liam, how do you feel?”

“Stupid.” He didn’t look at her when she came closer.


“Why? Because I got drunk in the bathroom of your parents’ house and I have squashed quiche in the pockets of an expensive suit that isn’t even mine. I don’t even know why I put it in there.”

She chuckled. “I guess because you didn’t want to eat it.” She sat down next to his feet and put her hand on his knee.

“I’m sorry, Jo…”

“Hey, it’s okay.”

He kept on staring at the ceiling. “Maybe I’m just not…”


“Boyfriend material.”

Jo smiled. “What are you talking about?”

“Well… I never had to be anybody’s boyfriend because the girls I liked never saw me as anything but a little boy, and Mina, well, that was more a physical relationship. And I’m like a little brother for her. So I start thinking that I’m not made for… this stuff. Maybe I’m like Dick, just not as grumpy.”

Jo giggled. “You, Liam O’Doherty, are most certainly not like Dick. And you should seriously stop worrying that you’re not good as a boyfriend, because you are. I couldn’t wish for anyone else.”

“And what’s with that Victor guy?”

Jo shook her head. “My mother likes him and thinks he’s the perfect son-in-law, but I don’t think so at all. He’s not really interested in me, he’s more interested in my family’s money.”

“So you’re not into him?”

“Of course I’m not!”

“But your parents want you to marry him.”

“Maybe my mother, but my father only wants me to be happy, and he knows that Victor is definitely not the one who ensures eternal happiness for me.” She reached out for Liam’s hand which was extremely cold. “My father likes you, Liam.”

He was quiet for a moment. “Oh yes? He didn’t really bring that message across.”

“That was just to make sure if you’re really someone he can trust, and if you’re responsible enough to ‘take care of me’.”

“Well, obviously I’m not very responsib-“

“Hey”, Jo interrupted him. “You may have gotten drunk today, but the past few weeks I have seen how responsible you are, and you always made sure that I’m okay, and that matters most, especially to my father. Just because you wear a Mickey Mouse sweater and like to watch Tom and Jerry doesn’t mean that you’re not responsible.”

“You don’t have to tell your parents that…”

“Don’t worry.”

“And you really think your father likes me?”

“Yes, he does.”

“Even if I failed the stupid ‘resist temptation test’ and violated your sacred body?”

“Well…” Jo grinned. “We don’t need to tell him that right away… And by the way, he called Victor a douchebag.”

Finally the hint of a smile appeared on Liam’s face.

“Miss Jo, may I come in?” Anne came into the room with the coffee.

“Thank you, Anne”, she said while the maid placed the tray on a small table next to the couch where Liam was still lying as if he’d been shot.

“Is the young man all right?”

“Yes, thank you.” Jo nodded and waited until she left, then turned back to Liam. “How long do you want to admire the ceiling?”

“Until I stop feeling embarrassed.”

Jo sighed, then took her shoes off and climbed next to him on the couch.

“Jo…” He wanted to sit up, but she didn’t let him. “What if your parents walk in?”

“Nobody is going to walk in, don’t worry.” It felt nice to lie in his arms, that was her favourite place in the whole world. “I’m sorry that my mother asked you so many personal questions today.”

“That’s okay, it’s not your fault.”

“You never told me much about your background, I barely know anything about you.”

“Well… you do now.”

“I don’t even know if you have a second name”, Jo said.

“Seamus. Actually, my mother wanted to name me William, after her favourite poet William Blake, and James was supposed to be my second name, after James Joyce, but she thought that William James sounded too English, and since she was a proud Irish she decided to use the Irish versions of those two names.”

Jo giggled. “That’s interesting.”

“Do you have a second name?” he asked her.

“Yes, Yvaine. It’s Scottish and means ‘Evening Star’.”

That was the first time that Liam looked at her since she entered the room. He looked so intensely at her that she started feeling butterflies again.

“Evening star”, he repeated, smiling warmly. “Yvaine. That suits you.”

Jo blushed. “No one ever called me Yvaine. Do you feel well enough to go back into the Big Salon?”

Liam sighed. “I guess we have to.”

Jo grinned, climbed on his lap and kissed him. “We kind of have to, but father is holding our back free so we have a few more minutes.”

For a moment Liam seemed to want this a lot, but the words of Jo’s father appeared in his mind. “Jo, I wish I could, but I really can’t do this here.”

Jo kissed Liam once more and climbed down from his lap. “Okay let’s go back.”

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21Until I Have To Go Empty Re: Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 20:09

To make a statement Jo held Liam’s hand when they walked back into the Big Salon. Colin saw that Liam was still tipsy, but he looked alright and Josephine made sure that no one would embarrass or intimidate Liam again.

Victor walked up to Jo. “Josephine may I ask you a question?” He asked loud.

Jo saw that this was going to be nasty.

“On campus the word is that in your apartment every lad gets what he want. You are the easiest girl to get, and the cheapest.”

Jo blushed and was speechless. Her mouth was dry, because not just her parent’s eyes were on her. While Victor grinned evil. When he couldn’t have the money… Josephine no one else was going to enjoy the luxury. A shell shocked Jo shook her head.

For a brief moment Liam thought he misheard Victor. He was thinking that it must have been the alcohol that still had some side-effects on him.
But then he saw Jo’s face. And he knew that he didn’t mishear it.
He felt Jo’s hand holding tighter to his, almost squeezing it.

“That is not true…”, she said with a broken voice.

“Well, I’m just repeating what I heard on campus.” Victor shrugged his shoulders, his eyes set on Liam. “After all, your, ahem, friend already admitted that he’s welcome in your bedroom.”

“Hey, just shut up, okay?” Liam held on to Jo’s hand, but he didn’t dare to look at her, he couldn’t take her sad face.

“I don’t know what your problem is. I just want to let her know what people have been talking about. It’s not like I was the one who started the rumour…” A cold grin appeared on his face.

“You think that’s funny?” Liam had the urge to punch him right in the face, but there were two problems. That guy was at least one head taller than him, and he couldn’t start a fight in front of all the guests, especially not in front of Jo’s parents. Sometimes he wished he could be a little more like Dick and just shoot someone without feeling bad about it, and without thinking twice about it.

“Come on, Jo, you don’t have to listen to-“ He suddenly stopped taking when he saw tears running down her face. She looked down, hoping that he didn’t see it, but he saw it just fine.
He knew that he made her cry many times already, but he wouldn’t let any other guy make her cry. Nobody would hurt his girl!


“Excuse me?” Victor raised his eyebrows.

“Apologise to her!”

Victor huffed. “You seriously think you can talk to me like that? You’re just a little boy who doesn’t even shave yet.”

Liam didn’t care if that guy was insulting him. But he did care when someone hurt Jo.
“I’m telling you a last time, apologise to her.”

Victor crossed his arms and laughed. “I’m not apologising to a slut.”
Victor didn’t have a chance to say anything else, because Liam let go off Jo’s hand and punched him so hard in the face that he stumbled back, covering his bleeding nose.

“Don’t you ever say that to her again, you bastard!” He looked at him coldly, then turned around to Jo, but the same moment Victor threw himself on Liam and dragged him to the ground. He started punching him and his height was definitely advantageous.
“Victor, let go off him!” Jo started to pull on Victor’s sleeve, but he pushed her harshly away, which was a mistake, because the moment Liam saw that Victor hurt Jo physically, he got his strength back and hit him so hard that the older boy fell back.

“Enough of this!” Mr Williams appeared next to the boys. “You stop this immediately!”

Victor and Liam breathed heavily, looking at each other as if they were about to continue any second.

“This behaviour is unacceptable, especially from a young man of your status, Mr Gray. Leave this house in an instance.” He looked at Victor coldly, then turned to Liam. “I need a word with you, Mr O’Doherty. Now.”

Liam bit his lip. This was definitely not going to be the same talk they had earlier this evening. This would be his final talk with Mr Williams, since he was probably not allowed to see Jo ever again. He slowly got up, still a little dizzy, and wiped off some of the blood on his face. Jo ran to him, but he didn’t look at her.

“Father, he only defended me, he didn’t-“

“Be quiet, Josephine”, Mr Williams said strictly, leading Liam out of the room into the salon with the fireplace. He made sure the doors were closed and nobody could hear them. Liam stood uncomfortable in a corner, staring at the floor.

“Sir, I was-“

“Don’t say a word, Mr O’Doherty”, he interrupted him, handing him a towel to stop the nose bleeding. Liam didn’t dare to look at the professor. This was it. He would never see Jo again. Even Mina would be angry with him.

“I don’t need to tell you that your behaviour was inappropriate and unacceptable. My wife probably thinks that you grew up on the streets, and there is no way she will ever want to see you with my daughter again…”


“Quiet!” He cut him off coldly, and waited for a short moment until he continued. “I, however, want to see you on my daughter’s side.”

Liam looked up, surprised and shocked at the same time.

“I know that you didn’t just start punching Mr Gray for no reason. You protected my daughter. Now it may not be in a way that we often see around our society, but you proved that Josephine does matter a lot to you. Seeing you protecting her like that shows me that you are indeed capable of taking care of her, even if she always tells us that she is able to survive on her own. Josephine is really vulnerable and I fear that people might use her for bad reasons.” A brief smile appeared on his face. “But knowing that you are by her side gives me a relief, because I know she is safe as long as you are with her.”

Liam felt his heart racing. That man was joking, right? Did he really just say all those things? And besides, he always used to be the ‘weak one’, so why did that man trust him so much?

The professor smiled. “I want you to promise me something. Can you promise me that you take good care of my little girl?”

Liam swallowed. He was still unable to speak. “Yes… yes, sir. Of course! There’s nothing in the world that would stop me.”

Mr Williams nodded. “Good. Now tell Josephine that she doesn’t have to worry about not seeing you again.”

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22Until I Have To Go Empty Re: Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 20:10

Meanwhile in the Big Salon

“Josephine what did this mean what Victor said? You have men in your apartment? We didn’t allow you to move into town for this purpose. We talked about this earlier…”

Jo couldn’t stop crying, this was the worst day she ever had. “It is not true…”

“I can’t take this anymore, I have to lie down. Gentlemen please excuse me, but I don’t feel very well.” Elizabeth was trembling, Jo wanted to help her, but her mother shook her head. She didn’t want her daughter to be near her. “I’ll take care of your mother Miss Josephine.” Anne said smiling. Jo nodded and didn’t know what to do. She was hugging herself, her father was probably telling Liam in private that if he ever dares to talk to her again he would kill him, her mother thought she was a slut and they hadn’t even dessert yet. With a sigh she wiped her tears away, turned around to her father’s friends. “Ladies and Gentlemen if you would be so kind and go back into the dining room, dessert will be served every moment. I apologise for the scene you had to witness here. I am sure my father will be right with you. Please excuse my early retreat, but I am not a good host. I am very sorry.”

Josephine ran into one of the servants. “Please tell father that I went to my room and wait for any punishment he thinks is right.”

Jo didn’t wait for him to answer she went upstairs. In her room, tidy on a chair was Liam’s sweater. It still smelled of him. She pulled it over her dress, and lie down on the bed letting her tears freely run down on the pillow. She never disliked home but right now she really did, she wished not to be the Williams heiress.

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23Until I Have To Go Empty Re: Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 20:25

Back in the Fireplace Salon

Just before Liam left the salon. “Liam?

“Yes sir?”

“Elizabeth just wants the best for her daughter, but it is not always what Jo wishes for her own live. And you should know that you are a lot like me in my youth. I think you are more a genius, but very much like me. Take your time with University because as soon you start the real live begins. And when you ever need anything and when it is just a little money for a birthday present for Josephine I am more than happy to help. Her birthday is at the 19th September. And last thing I might not be as conservative as Elizabeth, but I won’t approve of Josephine drinking.”

A knock interrupted the two.

“Excuse me sir, your wife isn’t feeling well, your daughter is waiting in her room for her punishment and your guests are wondering if the dessert will be eaten without you?”

“Thank you Thomas, Liam would you mind taking care of Josephine? If you wish you may stay here over night or Charles will drive you back into town any time you like.”

“Thanks you sir.” Liam left and went to Jo’s room. She was still sobbing and wishing Lorelai would be here, she would make everything alright again.

Liam didn’t even knock on her door, he just opened it and walked into her room. Jo lay on her bed, cuddled in his sweater. She was sobbing into the pillow that she pressed against her chest. When she saw Liam coming into the room, she sat up and opened her mouth to say something, but he didn’t give her the chance.
He just pulled her into a hug without a word and held her. Neither one of them said anything. Liam, because he just wanted to enjoy the moment of having her in her arm while knowing that he didn’t have to let go off her, and Jo, because she was too afraid to ask what her father had said to him. Jo buried her face against his chest, her ear exactly placed where his heart was.

No matter how much she wanted this moment to last forever she had to ask, it broke her heart even more but she had to. To know when she had to say goodbye to him.

“I guess father can’t be angrier than he already is. He was really mean to you, wasn’t he? Told you that you are never going to see me again. I hope you know that I don’t care. I… I will run away with you. We can run to Stuttgart Lor will hide us until I’m eighteen and then we get married. If you are not already sick of me. Because maybe it is not you that causes all the trouble because he is no boyfriend material which is not true. Maybe you are the perfect boyfriend but I just suck at being a girlfriend. I should always be alone, an insanely rich heiress and a spinster. I won’t have cats but all I do is read books and miss the man I gave my heart.”

She held him tight, not daring to look at him and see the goodbye already written in his face.

“The car will take me back to Oxford tomorrow”, Liam said calmly, brushing her cheek.

“Tomorrow?” She looked surprised. “You don’t have to leave tonight?”

“No, not tonight.” He smiled. “The car will come tomorrow and take us back to your apartment.”

“And then?”

“Then I will turn the TV on and watch Tom and Jerry. I have to catch up, since I already missed two episodes.”

“What?” Jo looked at him confused.

“Your father allowed me to stay with you. He didn’t ask your mother, but he made it really clear that I’m going to hell if I’m NOT going to stay with you.”

Jo was speechless. She opened her mouth but no words came out. Was he teasing her? Oh no, if that was one of his jokes she wouldn’t forgive him this time!

“Liam… this is not funny!” She bit her lip, trying not to start crying again. God, she cried so much the past hours, she felt like she was completely dry inside.

“I’m not joking, Yvaine…” He smiled, then pressed a kiss on her forehead. “I’m staying with you. You were right, your father likes me. I have no idea why, but he does.”

Jo couldn’t stop the tears this time. She pressed her face against his chest and just let them flow, this time because she was happy and relieved.

“Can I keep you?”, she asked, mumbling in his shirt.

He chuckled. “Yes, you can keep me. I’m not going anywhere.”

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24Until I Have To Go Empty Re: Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 21:00

Liam was supposed to sleep in one of the guest rooms, and he did follow Anne to it, but he didn’t intend to sleep there. He understood that she didn’t want Liam go anywhere for at least two days.

As soon he saw Colin followed his wife into their bedroom, Liam went back to Jo. She was fresh showed, smelt of Vanilla, her short hair was still a little damp and she was curled up on her big arm chairs hugging his sweater again. Take slow deep breath so that she would never forget his smell.

“You’re back.” She jumped up and ran into his arms.

“I told you that you can keep me.”

“I know, but still… I need you.”

Liam tried to look at her.

“You need me?”

She nodded. “To keep me sane. I love my mother but she is sometimes very insane.”

“Come on you need to sleep.” He half carried her into the bed. She fell asleep before the light was turned off and cuddled into him that he was a little worried she would push him out of the bed.

The next morning it was sunny and when Jo opened her eyes she already knew that at least her mother was at church praying for her daughters lost soul. The two had a quick breakfast and Charles drove them back into town.

Two days later the door rang. Jo looked at Liam. “Are you expecting anyone?”


Jo went downstairs and came back with her father behind her.

"Liam my boy, I am told that you have a driving license. I thought you may like this. You can see it as a rental if you prefer, but I have too many cars in my garage."

Colin was holding a car key to a Jaguar in his hand, offering it Liam.

Liam had a hard time finding words. He wasn’t used to get gifts in general, not to mention a car! And that was one hell of a car! He couldn’t tell Jo’s father that he only got his driver’s licence because Lorelai had helped a little… He didn’t have a licence because he succeeded in a driving test, he had the licence because Lorelai manipulated some people here and there, and that’s how he got the licence. At least he learned how to drive the past year, but he knew that he was a terrible driver.

“Sir… I… I can’t just accept this. It’s too big, I can’t-“

“I insist, Liam”, Mr Williams said with a smile. “I just want to show my gratitude that you take care of my daughter.”

“It’s still too… expensive.”

Jo took his hand. “You have no chance in convincing him, Liam. Just accept it.” She winked at him, then smiled at her dad. “Thank you so much, father.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Suddenly Liam blushed. So Jo’s dad knew that he was staying with her… in one flat… in one bedroom. Or did he think that Liam slept on the couch? He hoped he thought that, otherwise he would have to listen to another lecture from Colin Williams, and he really didn’t want to repeat that… He didn’t manage to sleep with Jo since they left Waterfalls Down. He liked to hold her in her arms but as soon as she got too close the face of her father appeared in front of him, and he just couldn’t. Which was really frustrating, considering that he finally got her to the point that she wasn’t scared anymore… and now he was!

After her father left, Liam walked around the Jaguar, inspecting the car closely.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Jo stood next to him, looking at the car as well, but the she noticed that Liam seemed to be rather lost in thoughts. “What is it? Is it because of the car? Was the gift too much?”

“No.” He shook his head. “I mean, of course the gift is… much, but that’s not it.”

“What is it?”

Liam cleared his throat. He seemed a bit uncomfortable as he struggled to answer her. “I just… you know…”


“I had to think of Dick earlier this morning and couldn’t help but picturing him alone in the flat, staring at the wall. I mean, it’s not like he enjoys company… but… well…”

“You miss him?”

Liam blushed. It sounded really weird, especially since they were talking about a grown man, but she was right. Dick was the closes thing he had to a family, even if they knew each other for less than three years. But still…

“Don’t tell him that, okay?”

Jo chuckled. “You two are just the weirdest duo I’ve ever met.”

Jo took the keys out of his hand climbed into the driver’s seat at started the car. “You wanna come with me for a ride? And when we are back we plan our trip to London.” She grinned and let the engine purr.

“Jo you can’t drive.”

“I can take this baby on a ride alone.” Jo giggled. Liam jumped into the passenger seat. “Jo you don’t have a license.”

“I won’t tell it anyone if you don’t do it either.” And off she drove. You could see that she was a new driver but she was not bad. Jo drove the Jaguar out of town to a large field. She stopped hidden from the street.

“Jo what are we doing here?”

Liam’s girlfriend grinned, and pushed his seat with one quick move backwards. Within a second she was sitting on his lap. “I’m not taking a no as an answer today. Father knows about us so come one.”

She kissed him passionately already without her blouse on. She nibbled at his earlobe and whispered. “I am told me that you have lust driven soul, what do I have to do to find this part of your soul?”

Jo was opening his pants, and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Jo, wait I can’t.” Liam held her hands tight and yes he did hate himself for stopping her but it didn’t matter if Professor Williams knew about them or not that didn’t change a thing.

Jo didn’t let him stop her so what he was holding her hands, she kissed him and whispered. “It might stop your mind but your downstairs brain totally thinks my idea is awesome.” The young girl giggled, feeling that his grip got more gentle. She continued unbuttoning his shirt and managed to take her pants off.

“Yvaine that is really not fair, apparently your mother wasn’t terrifying you but your father was.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t wanna try it in your new car and each time you are driving you will be remind of our first time after my father more than approved you, he basically introduces you as my husband to be.”

Not just Jo’s words convinced him, also his lust driven soul. It was actually not that comfortable in a car, but it was still a good memory. Jo climbed back into the driver’s seat getting dressed again, and she couldn’t stop giggling. “And now we are packing and driving to London? I never met Dick. Any advice?”

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25Until I Have To Go Empty Re: Until I Have To Go on 5th January 2012, 21:37

Any advice? Good question!

Liam could give her hundred advices and it still wouldn’t be enough to prepare her for a meeting with Dick. Liam actually felt a bit uncomfortable thinking of Jo seeing their flat, especially after he knew how she grew up and where she came from. And Dick, of course, was a whole different story itself. It was impossible for other people to understand him in the slightest. Not even Liam understood him everytime, but he simply got so used to him that he stopped trying to figure out what was going on in Dick’s head. Well, not exactly, Liam still tried to figure it out.

“Ahem… first thing you really have to remember when you meet him: never ask him any personal questions. Don’t even ask him for his favourite colour or film or that sort of stuff. He hates small talks, and you will see that he doesn’t talk much in general, so don’t take it personally when he doesn’t sit down next to you and tries to have a conversation with you, because that’s not going to happen.”

Jo nodded. “Okay, so he doesn’t talk much.”

“Yes. He often makes sarcastic remarks, but don’t take that personally either. He doesn’t smile or shows any emotions that could suggest something like happiness. He has weird sleeping patterns, he sometimes gets up in the night, leaves for a couple of hours and comes back sometime later. Don’t expect him to be a gentleman who holds the door open for you or helps you out of your coat. Oh, and he loves guns. So don’t freak out when so see guns lying around everywhere.” Liam sighed. He really wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to bring Jo along. She was raised in a castle, with servants and maids, where she had piano lessons and tea parties.

“Hey.” She punched his shoulder playfully. “Don’t worry, okay? I’ll be fine.”

Liam forced a smile. “You’re saying that now…”

The following week they drove to London, although Liam was a little nervous driving in downtown London where the traffic was more that crazy, but he managed to arrive at home in one piece, not even a scratch on the Jaguar. They lived in a little hidden alley far away from the tourist attractions. Their flat was under the roof of a typical narrow house in London.
When Jo and Liam walked up the old wooden stairs to the upper flat Liam remembered that his room probably looked exactly like he left it, since they didn’t have a maid, and Dick was certainly not cleaning up his room. So, that meant that Jo would walk right into his chaotic room! He hadn’t thought about that either. Great…

“Dick?”, Liam yelled after he had opened the door and let Jo in. “You here?”
No response.
“I guess he’s out, but I told him that we’re coming, so he will be here sooner or later.”

Jo looked around the old flat, she seemed more interested than shocked, but Liam quickly blocked the view to the kitchen because it looked like something had exploded in there. She walked into the small living room that had a small TV, a fireplace, old couches and a little table. There were weapons on the couch, but she didn’t say anything.

“It’s not big… or nice… or anything,” Liam mumbled.

Jo grinned. “It’s cool.”


“It’s almost like Sherlock Holmes’ flat.” She turned around. “What room is this?”

“That’s Dick’s, but I wouldn’t go in there, it’s like a gun store.”

That moment the main door opened and Dick stepped into the flat.

“Hey, there you are!” Liam smiled, and Jo was surprised to see how much he suddenly lit up, like a little boy who hadn’t seen his father for a while.

“Kid.” He nodded, then his eyes were fixed on Jo, almost suspiciously as if she wanted to steal something.

“Dick, this is my girlfriend Jo.”

He didn’t react, but Jo was as polite as always and gave him her hand, even if he looked uncomfortable. “Hello, nice to meet you”, she said friendly. “Liam is constantly talking about you.”

“Jo…” Liam blushed a little. Dick didn’t need to know that… He cleared his throat. “How have you been, man?”

Dick shrugged his shoulders. “The same.”

Liam nodded. He felt bad leaving Dick alone like that. Not that Dick needed someone, but he didn’t really seem pleased about the fact that Liam just left because he had a girlfriend now.
Liam wanted to say something to Dick, but then Jo grabbed his arm.

“Can I see your room now?”

“Ahem… my room… are you sure you want to see it? It’s kind of messy and-“

“I don’t care. Is it that one?” She pointed to another door. When he nodded, she pulled him behind her and opened the door.
Of course it looked just as he left it. Papers, books, pencils, all kinds of tools and gadgets were lying around everywhere. Some parts of the old furniture and the end of the curtains were burnt due to a couple of experiments he had done in this room. It even smelled like old books and burnt paper. The wallpaper was already breaking in some corners, and sketches, astronomy posters and pictures of Galileo’s and Da Vinci’s constructions hung on the wall.
While Jo walked around his room, Liam quickly checked what Dick was doing. He was just getting some beer out of the fridge.
“Close your door later, I need to get some sleep tonight”, Dick said without looking up.

“Why should I… oh…” Liam blushed. “It’s not like… we’re not doing…”

“Just saying.”

This was officially awkward.

“Liam, what is this?” Jo peeked out of his room, holding up a little machine he’d been working on a while ago.

“Oh, most of the stuff in my room doesn’t make sense.” He walked back into his room, still feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“And someone obviously likes Mademoiselle Bardot.” She looked at the poster next to a sketch of Da Vinci.

“Ahem…” Liam cleared his throat. “I never thought that a girl would be in my room, so…” Could this get any more awkward for him?

Yes, it could.

While Jo picked up some books off the floor to see what he was reading, she found a magazine in between.
She held it up and smirked. “Interesting…”

Now Liam blushed even more. “I have no idea how that got in here…”
He was clearly NOT prepared to have a girl in his room. But Jo seemed to think this was funny, sat down on his bed and grinned at him.

“You may look like the innocent boy next door, but I know you better than that, darling”, she said, winking at him.

Liam blushed even more. Jo looked at him, he looked really uncomfortable. “Liam is it really okay for you when I stay here?”

“Of course it is okay, why not?”

“Because it looks like as if you don’t want me to be here. If you want I can stay in a hotel, I don’t mind.”

“What no, you are staying here. If you want, I mean. Come here.” He moved a few things from the bed and pulled her down on it.

“Liam the door is open.” Now she was blushing.

Liam grinned. “I can show you the stars from here Yvaine.” The bed was standing right under the roof light.

Jo snuggled into his chest and started to giggle because the bed squeaked. “This makes it a little bit difficult.”

Her boyfriend laughed. “Yeah I guess.”

“Liam I told you to close the door.” Dick shouted from the living room.

“We are not doing anything.”

“I don’t care!”

Liam got up and closed the door and sat down back on the bed. He still looked worried. Jo sat up and leaned against him. “He doesn’t like me very much huh?”

“It is not that he doesn’t like you, he is just not very emotional.”

Jo sat up and smiled and Liam. “I gonna make him like me. I could clean the apartment or um cook…”

“No!” Liam said suddenly. “I mean I know your cooking and don’t get me wrong but it is really not good. Don’t worry about Dick. He didn’t try to kill you so I think he likes you in his way.”

“Okay.” Jo didn’t look like she was really letting this go. She knew that Dick was important for Liam and she would find a way that Dick would like her. “What are the plans for today?”

Since it was already evening there wasn’t much they could do except to show Jo some safe parts of London at night, and get dinner later because there was no food in their place, as always.

“Why don’t you put your coat on and we head out for a little while. I know a great place that you will like, trust me.” Liam got up and handed her her trench coat, then put on his jacket.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” He walked out the room. “Dick, we’re going out.” He knew that Dick didn’t like it if he went outside at night, but it wasn’t that late yet, and besides, he knew how defend himself.

Dick mumbled something from the living room, but Liam didn’t pay much attention and opened the door. When the two left the building Jo walked towards the Jaguar, but he shook his head.

“Where we’re going we don’t need the Jaguar.”

“Okay…” She had no idea what he had in mind, but she liked adventure. Her life had been so planned and organized the last sixteen years, and after he had turned up, something unexpected happened every day. He managed to surprise her all the time, and she loved it. Her life was no longer boring and predictable, it was finally exciting and full of little adventures she only dreamed about or read in books before, but never experienced them herself.

They walked for a while and Jo got a little nervous in the dark alleys, but she held on tight to Liam’s hand and felt safe as long as he was there. After they walked for twenty minutes, she started asking questions.

“Where are we going, Liam? You want to kidnap me?”

“No, not quite.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just be patient.”

“But I want to know where we’re going.”

Liam stopped in front of a big, old building in St James’ square. “We’re here.”

Jo looked at the building. “What is it? Is it a museum?”

“I’ll show you.” They walked around the building to a door in the back, obviously not for public use. He got out something that looked like a safety pin and started to unlock the door.

“What are you doing?” Jo asked shocked. “Are you breaking in?”


“You can’t do that.”

“I did that many times.”


“Jo?” Liam looked her right into her eyes.


“Do you trust me?”

She had a hard time saying ‘no’ to that face, even though she knew they did something illegal. “Of course I trust you.”

“Good.” He managed to unlock the door, opened it carefully, took Jo’s hand and pulled her inside the dark building. At first she couldn’t see much, but when walked further it became clear. The moon light fell through the window and hit countless of large, beautiful old bookshelves.

Liam grinned. “Welcome to the London Library.”

Jo looked around, a little bit confused but mainly super happy. This was the best date she had with Liam and would ever had. She was speechless, dropped her purse and took of her shoes. She wandered around in the dark library, gently touching the books. Not taking one just wandering around aisle for aisle. Liam sat on one of the tables and watched her, chuckling once in a while. It took nearly twenty minutes before she took the first book out of the shelves.

“I never read Sherlock Holmes, I think I gonna start now.” Liam was crouched down behind the sitting Jo. “Okay you do that keep an eye open for the night security guard. I’ll be back in a few minutes and get us dinner.”

Jo just nodded while he kissed her. He wasn’t even sure if she had heard him, maybe he should talk to Lorelai if he could borrow him for some time to watch Jo while she was here in London. And for the long run he would get her, her own super trained spy dog to keep her safe.

He went back in the way they came in earlier, with a couple of baked goods and tea.

“Jo are you there?”

She didn’t answer but was sitting on the floor not far from him. She had a pile of books surrounding her, like a fort. It was the most adorable picture of her. “Jo I’ve got food and tea.”

He got at least a nod from her as answer, but that was everything. He sat down next to her, she leaned at him, took the still hot bun and a tea but continued reading. It was long after they had finished their dinner when she turned around and kissed him. “I love you so much for this, I hope you know that.”

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