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1 Timeline on Wed 29 Jan 2014, 12:10 pm

The team met 2005 but what happened to them before they became friends, a family? Have a look at the road so far, the turns each of them took in their lives. Step up and fill the gaps in the past. Not all of those facts are known by the other team members, some of them not even by themselves. The corresponding Episode Guide can be found here, with season information and upcoming episodes.

Date (y/m/d) --- Event

1979/09/02 --- Mariane Campbell marries Roger Remington, "gives up" hunting
1981/07/30 --- Lorelai and Christopher Fee meet Josephine and Adam Gilmore and become friends
1982/01/14 --- Nicklaas Fee Born
1982/04/02 --- Mariane Remington encounters Andre
1983/01/03 --- Romulus and Rawson Remington Born
1983/07/04 --- Georgina Gilmore Born
1985/08/28 --- Morrigan Beretta Born
1985/12/22 --- Elenna Fee Born
1988/07/21 --- Georgina Gilmore and Elenna Fee first meet
1988/07/31 --- The prophecy by the Oracle (Sibyl Campbell) is made about the children of the Fee’s, Remington’s and Gilmore’s
1988/08/02 --- All Along the Watchtower - Georgina Gilmore, Elenna Fee and Romulus Remington meet for the first time and their mothers decide to protect them to never meet again
1992/05/06 --- Josephine and Adam Gilmore killed by Andre
1995/12/23 --- Lorelai and Christopher Fee killed by Andre
2000/01/28 --- Nicklaas and Elenna Fee move in together
2000/04/18 --- Death of Nicklaas Fee
2001/06/01 --- Romulus and Rawson Remington join US Marines
2001/08/15 --- Georgina Gilmore goes to Yale
2001/12/22 --- Elenna Fee moves to Bobby Singer
2002/08/16 --- Morrigan Beretta goes to CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado
2003/05/15 --- Georgie feels out of place at school, maybe it is time for her to follow her parents footsteps
2003/08/03 --- Romulus Remington is possessed by Andre
2003/08/15 --- Andre encounters Georgie on a Welcome back to School party and tells her how sorry he is about her family being killed by something
2003/08/28 --- Georgina Gilmore leaves Yale and begins hunting, Andre’s words pushed her over the edge
2003/11/17 --- Andre visits Lenna and gives her The Book of Elements
2003/12/28 --- Elenna Fee leaves Bobby Singer
2004/06/01 --- Pilot Episode; Elenna Fee meets the Remington twins; Mariane and Roger Remington killed by Andre
2005/02/07 --- Lenna is captured by witch-hunters
2005/08/13 --- Elenna and the Remingtons hunt a coven of vampires; Allison Wesson is tasked with apprehending them
2005/08/24 --- "The Animal"
2005/08/25 --- Georgie, Allison and Danila join the team
2005/08/27 --- "Gimme Shelter"
2005/08/28 --- Caleb joins the team
2005/08/29 --- Rest and Recuperation
2005/09/13 --- "Welcome to my Nightmare"
2005/09/18 --- Danila vanishes over night
2005/09/18 --- "Fuel"; Lily vanished at some point between New York State and Kansas
2005/09/20 --- Death of Ghost!Nick; Lenna is announced to be officially dead.
2005/09/21 --- Morrigan Beretta joins the team
2005/09/23 --- Caleb is last seen helping Tex, but at some point he just vanishes in the middle os the night.
2005/09/29 --- "The Man Who Sold the World"
2005/09/30 --- Danila comes back during the hunt of the crossroad demon
2005/10/01 --- Danila vanishes this time really???
2005/10/05 --- "Pretty Woman"
2005/10/07 --- "What Goes Around Comes Around"
2005/11/15 --- "Head Games"
2005/11/23 --- "The Immigrant Song"; Uncle Richard Ingrim joins the team and so does Callum; the team call themselves The X-Men
2005/11/25 --- Aly vanishes from the Safehouse without a trace
2005/11/26 --- "Alice"
2005/12/01 --- "Shakin All Over"
2005/12/07 --- Callum vanishes
2005/12/22 --- Lenna turned twenty
2006/01/02 --- Whiskey in the Jar
2006/01/03 --- Stay low at the Safehouse to deal with some issues
2006/05/02 --- The hunt Lenna and Rome dreaded so much has come and with it the lost brother Rome missed so dearly.
2006/05/05 --- Romulus Remington, Georgina Gilmore, Richard Ingram and Elenna Fee are captured by SWORD

Note: This Timeline includes past (canon) events only. If you would like to add/change any events to the Timeline pertaining to your character or otherwise, post them below (if possible with the correct link included) and Maeglin, Ariel or MissAusten will add them.


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