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Outline: Knight of the Living Dead

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1 Outline: Knight of the Living Dead on 24th May 2012, 21:46


Quick intro outline:

Gauis busy treating people for a sickness in Camelot and he doesn't know what it is. No one dead yet but people graudally getting sicker...then they get a messenger from a village to say some of the villagers there have come down with something that sounds the same

sooooo, Merlin is sent (as assistant court physician dude) to see if its the same thing, try to find out how the villagers caught it/how it mught be spreading and help as much as he can

and um, Gwaine and Percy sent to escort Merlin

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2 Re: Outline: Knight of the Living Dead on 24th May 2012, 21:54


When they arrive at the village one person has recently died and a couple more are sick. Gwaine is wandering around while Merlin is checking over the dead person to see if he can find out anything new about the disease..Gwaine suddenly realises he's seen this illness before on his travels! Runs to where Merlin is, just as the corpse is renimating.

Gwaine and Percy manage to stop Merlin being bitten, but Gwaine gets gnawed on in the process, but being Gwaine he hides it from the others...

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