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Convenient Links

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1 Convenient Links on 30th October 2011, 12:23

The Supernatural Wiki: a good source, but doesn't have everything:

TV Duck: a good springboard from which to search for SPN Episodes online:

See also: This site is particularly good, though lately very spammy.
Wanna be a villain in Supernatural but don't know where to begin?

These could be fun:

A Haunting (Discovery TV show)

The Demon Hunter's Compendium

The Supernatural
More goodies!

Amusing, not really helpful or informative (and a strong language warning).

6 Popular Monster Myths from
Maeglin said it might be helpful I am not really sure about it.

Those exorcism work against demon and are extracts from the 1952 Rituale Romanum


An Ordination of exorcist

Exorcismus in Satanam et Angelicos Apostaticos

English - Latin translator it is not the best one, but at least if give you a clue what you are looking at Smile

An since we are using it a lot here are the blessing for Holy Water
Here's a good link for those of you who are NOT gun nuts and need a place to look stuff up...

Or a place for those of us who *are* gun nuts and are looking for a good time! Razz

Internet Movie Firearm Database


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