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Cancelling the Hunger Games

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1 Cancelling the Hunger Games on 8th June 2012, 11:46

Dear fellow players of RA, this is the announcement of the cancellation of the new planned game Hunger Games. Mo worries even now after the cancellation I am open to restart the thought of starting HG since I really wanted to play it.

Unfortunately the lack of interest causes me to cancel the new beginning game, since it is not possible (or at least not preferable) to play HG with only two players (MissAusten and myself) there will be an alternative new game starting Sunday (10th June 2012) further details for the new game which will have the title A Tale of Lords and Ladies, if you are still interested in restarting The Hunger Games game (such a weird phrase because of the two games Razz ) send me an PM and I see what I can do. If you are interested in finding out more about the new game, let me know.

A Tale of Lords and Ladies: Random American citizen are send back in time (it will be explained why and how) into the Middle Ages in England and guess what it will not be as pretty as it might seemed in the movies Razz

Thoughts to the cancellation, new game or me being annoying and not satisfied with the number of games I am in; let it all out I love to here them.


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