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Faylinn Willow

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1Faylinn Willow Empty Faylinn Willow on 8th June 2012, 18:47

Faylinn Willow Tumblr_m5a94hG21p1qjams5o1_500

Name: Faylinn Willow (is only known by the name Willow)
Date/Place of Birth: 12th October 1989/ Nashville, Tennessee
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Profession: Student at the University of Tennessee (International Relations and Economy)
Place of living: Currently in Knoxville Tennessee, but her home is in Nashville
Family Status: (Happily) Single

Physical Features
Height: 5’ 6’’ (1.67 m)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Skin: Very pale
Build: Slim and athletic
Physical Markings: Has a scar on her right hand from fencing, freckles on her face and arms
Portrayed by: Emma Stone

Image of Character:

Faylinn Willow 198083

Personality Profile
Personality: Willow is very free-spirited, open and confident. Despite her Southern accent, she’s anything but a ‘Southern Belle’ and absolutely hates country music. She doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. She talks a lot (tendency towards ‘too much’) and always speaks her mind, no matter how bad the situation is. She often acts before she thinks, and she hates the feeling of being trapped. Willow is very straight-forward and would rather tell the truth than lie, even if the truth hurts. She is very witty and knows how to defend herself well, especially in front of people with authority. She hates being dependent on someone and doesn’t let people boss her around easily. Willow tends to be very sarcastic, which is a way to hide any sign of insecurity or fear. She often acts too rash, but on the other side her spontaneity can be an advantage as well. Willow is close to all her friends who value her great optimism. Although Willow often talks too much, she is a person to trust and keeps secrets well. Willow is scared of getting married and becoming someone’s ‘little wife’ someday, she worries that marriage could trap her and take away her independence, yet on rare occasions feels that there is something missing in her life.

Special ability: Sword fighting and fencing, as well as writing (which is her hidden talent), and of course, arguing

Strengths: She’s very clever and talented in debating. She knows how to get what she wants, and she’s a good friend to her close relatives and friends. She’s a very fast runner, and she knows how to manipulate people if necessary. She’s also very reliable and doesn’t let down people who trust her.

Weaknesses: Willow isn’t particularly good in emphasising with people. She often doesn’t listen to others and is considered impatient. She gets annoyed easily, and doesn’t hide the fact if someone bothers her. She’s not the most sensitive person and sometimes doesn’t see that she might hurt someone’s feelings. She also tends to be a little too proud and hates to show weakness.

Interests/Skills: Willow loves sword fighting. When she was a little girl she never played the helpless princess but always the knight who would fight against evil, and she most certainly didn’t attend ‘tea parties’. She’s always been the fastest girl in school and even the boys are surprised of her speed. Willow also loves writing, though she never showed anyone her large story collection, it’s more a talent that she hides because she fears that she reveals too many feelings in her stories, and she doesn’t want others to think that she’s girly.

History/Background: For various generations the Willows have owned the biggest funeral home in Nashville, an old, Victorian house, which is also Willow's home. While the funeral services take place on the ground floor, the family has their living quarters spread over the second and third floor. Since Willow basically grew up among dead people, she never feared death itself but it was rather a natural thing to her. Willow’s mother died when she was about four, so she doesn’t remember much of her. Instead, she grew up with boys only, being very close to her father and to her two older brothers, the twins Brayden and Ferris. She’s always been the family’s ‘sunshine’, being favoured not only because she’s the only girl, but also because she knows how to lighten up everyone’s mood. It was not a rare occasion that one could see a little red-headed girl singing and dancing around the funeral home, which she still does today, although she makes sure that nobody in the funeral home sees her singing and dancing. From an early age on she knew how to defend herself against the ‘stronger sex’ and often outsmarted her older brothers or any other boy who underestimated her. She’s very close with everyone in her family, even if she and her brothers tease each other at any possible occasions. She has also a close bond to her best friends, a group of girls (yes, she does know how to interact with girls if she wants to), of which she is the unofficial leader. Her father wants the best for Willow and thinks that she needs a good husband who takes care of her. He doesn’t want her to feel trapped, but he knows how important a partner is, especially after he lost his wife. Since Willow doesn’t look for any potential husband, he looks for her and often invites friends and their sons over for dinner, but Willow behaves impossible and makes clear that she isn’t interested at all. Willow grew up protected and safe, but she always knew that at one point or the other she would be on her own and needed to know how to protect herself.

RP Sample of a moment that clearly characterizes you:

I can’t believe I spent 10 bucks on this crap!
Willow crossed her arms while she watched the people on the stage. She and her flatmate Kate had decided to see the performance of Shakespeare’s Richard III, performed by the university’s drama group. Here were two facts about Willow; she didn’t like the theatre, and she didn’t like Shakespeare. She didn’t say that he didn’t write great work of literature, she just couldn’t stand all the drama going on. But for some insane reason –probably the few shots of tequila she and Kate had earlier that evening- she decided to watch that performance, and now she was sitting in the dark room, hoping it would be over soon, but it just went on forever. What on earth had possessed her to see a freaking history play out of all Shakespeare plays? History plays were the worst. She completely lost track of who was who, since every guy in that play was either called Richard, James or Henry. And, of course, she would understand a lot more if those guys would actually speak English, and not something that sounded like they made it up. Yeah, she was aware that people back then talked a bit differently, but seriously, some of this just didn’t make sense, and besides, had someone ever heard a guy with a deep Southern American accent trying to imitate Elizabethan English? Well, that only headed for disaster…

Willow looked at her watch. They’ve been sitting here for two hours, a fifteen minute break included, and her butt started to hurt. She glanced over to Kate who actually seemed to pay attention to the play. Willow had no idea how long she would manage to endure this. She checked if nobody was looking, then she carefully fished her ipod out of her little purse and placed the headphones in her ears. She purposely picked some rap songs, just to make sure that she wouldn’t hear those amateurs on the stage trying to be all Shakespearean. Ah, this was so much better. And it was actually funny to look at the stage now, watching those pathetic people in tights while listening to rap music. That had something quite humorous. Half an hour later the torture found an end, and as soon as the lights went on, she quickly hid her ipod and cleared her throat.
“Wow, that sure as hell was…something!

“I know!” Kate clapped her hands excitedly. “Gosh, couldn’t you just listen to that every day?”

“Oh, hell yes.” Willow didn’t want to sound sarcastic, but she couldn’t avoid it.

“It’s such a pity nobody talks like that anymore.”

“Yeah, totally! What a pity!” Her eyes wandered to the stage. Oh man, she was so glad that she didn’t have to live during this time.

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I love her! You so get this:

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