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Leonard Hailstone

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1 Leonard Hailstone on 17th June 2012, 09:47

Name: Leonard Hailstone
Date/Place of Birth: ~1720 Yorkshire
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Profession: Lord of the manor Lionstrength
Place of living: Yorkshire
Family: Married to Mary they have three children Thomas Leonard (*1745), Isabella Mary (*1749) and Leonard ‘Leo’ William (*1756)

Physical Features
Height: 6’5” (1.85m)
Weight: 200lb (91kg)
Eyes: blue
Hair: dark-blonde/light-brown
Skin: caramel
Build: athletic
Physical Markings: none visible
Portrayed by: Liam Hemsworth
Image of character:

Personality Profile
Personality: Leonard is a friendly and open man, he loves his family and the people. If you ever got send for any weird reason in the past and need help, he will be the one you want to meet.
Special ability: Leonard is more open about everything then most men at his time
Strengths: Calm, friendly, open, caring
Weaknesses: Overprotective, he says what he thinks
Interests/Skills: The wellbeing of his family
History/Background: The Hailstone’s have a pedigree that goes back a long time, and ever since they had more boys than girls in the family and all of them carried the name Leonard. He plans on leaving England behind and start a new life in the new world. But there are still many things to do before that can happen. The Hailstone’s always had overly healthy babies and a low infant mortality rate. Leonard is not a man to be seen in London, he speaks to freely what he thinks but he doesn’t mind, the court is boring and he hates the protocol there.

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