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26Pilot - Page 2 Empty Re: Pilot on 5th November 2011, 11:18


Romulus watched his brother move with deadly precision. It was a sight terrifying to behold, like watching a true killer, and he balked a little at it: it was clear Rawson had gone off, if not quite the deep end, then a very un-shallow end.

But that the death in his eyes was meant for him didn't bother him in the slightest. It would be a coup de grace.

The knife took even the demon by surprise, and Rome howled with pain even if Andre didn't give him the pleasure of vocalizing it as a knife pierced through his elbow. Blinded by pain, Rome was sure he was never going to use that elbow ever again, but the demon, unaffected by such human emotions as pain, moved on as if nothing happened.

Andre's eyes sparkled with gleeful malice, and if Rawson saw the kick coming at super-human-speed towards his temple, he didn't react. At least, not fast enough.

Whoa, hey, wait! Stop! What are you doing, stop! Don't, you'll kill him!

"My dear boy, can't you see I'm toying with him? I won't hurt him, much."

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Rawson was almost surprised as his knife connected, blade driving through flesh and muscle as if it were soft butter. He'd be even more amazed later, when he looked back on his first move and it's effectiveness. Almost immediately his body sensed danger and started to move, without conscious thought. One of the joys of too many hours of training and fight experience.

What the hell?

He sat up, carefully ignoring the pounding of his left temple.

Okay. Watch for the speed. I hope to god he isn't going to go all Matrix and start moving faster than a bullet. Why do I get the feeling this is going to hurt? A lot? Note to self, attacking someone up front who has super speed is not smart.

As Rawson walked back towards his brother's keeper, he gently gripped the handles of a second throwing blade, and a longer dagger. It paid be dressed to kill, literally, when he was on a job.

"You do realize we Remingtons don't go down so easily, don't you?" He asked with raised eyebrows. "It generally takes quite a bit of effort."

He threw the knife from ten feet away at the figure's left side, and this time instead of coming in on the right, he followed through to the left with the dagger swinging in a wide arc. The creature slid out of the way before it made contact, and lashed out at Rawson with a harsh punch. This time, however, Rawson had followed the attack by diving down, rolling over his head, and coming back up with a spin to keep his back facing away from his enemy.

"Not bad," his brother's voice chuckled. "You know, I could have a lot of fun with the two of you!"

Rawson growled, moving forward with an elbow to the face and, as he was grabbed and swung around, he managed to land a powerful knee to the other's groin. Twisting his arm, he managed to pull it from the vice-like grip as he managed to lunge away.

Something's wrong. Yeah, a hell of a lot's wrong- what isn't wrong with this picture? No. Something Else. He pinned you like you were nothing before. You haven't gotten that much strong in terms of pure muscle power.

Fight sense and emotions did not go well together. He had to calm down a little. Think.

Dammit Raws. Get your head back in the game! Come on, for Rome.

Rawson's head shot up. The creature was laughing again. And in his hand was Rawson's bracelet, slipped from his wrist as he shot out of the thing's grasp.

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"I think you can see I have what I came for. Now it's your choice, Rambo. You can walk away, or you can keep pounding on your poor, defenseless brother." Andrew pulled the knife cleanly out of his elbow. "This?" he indicated the weapon. "He'll always remember it."

Then he dropped it to the floor.

Rome tried in vain to see Raws' face, but Andre wasn't looking at him. He put the bracelet on along with the other one and gave a genial wave. "Catch you on the flipside--"

Rome didn't see what happened, but he guessed it well enough judging by the impact on his arm. Rawson was in seeing-red mode--so was he, for that matter, had been for eight months--and had ran at Andre from behind, but Andre's counter was as simple and forceful as a brick wall.

Rawson dropped, flat on his back.

Raws! Rome shouted. He was angry and scared now, and fighting with everything he had, kicking and screaming at the cage until something gave.

As Andre menaced him from above, looking down Romulus' nose at Rawson lying in the dirt, the eyes flickered. The black was replaced by green for a fleeting second. But it was enough.

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"Rome." It was a painful whisper. A reverent one. But it stood for everything in the world. Those were his brothers eyes. his brother's eyes. Full of a shared past and future dreams, familial love, and most of all with a mixture of remorse and forgiveness. This was really his brother. And his brother was fighting. His brother was giving him a chance. The eyes flickered black again, and then back to green.

Weakness found. Sweep out the legs. Side of hand to the throat. Punch to the solar plexus. Grab hunting knife from boot and target a thigh to limit future mobility. Retrieve the bracelets.

Rawson slid his hand down the uninjured arm as he stood to move away. As he managed to grab the edge of one bracelet, the eyes changed from flickering green and black to black.


As the creature stood up, giving his injuries a cursory glance before turning to face Rawson, the latter put the bracelet he had managed to retrieve on his wrist. It had felt so odd to not have it on. He felt more balanced, now.

The creature's face twisted into something menacing and almost furious. Rawson glanced over at his bike, but doubted he could get to it and take off in time. Just his luck. And now it looked like his brother was ready to kill him. He might die without being able to save his twin. And that was a horrific thought.

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"You will pay for that."

"And so will you..."

Rome swallowed any cheer he might have shouted out as Raws briefly gained the upper hand. He could feel the demon's rage smoldering, burning him alive from the inside out.

Andre moved so fast even Rome didn't follow it: suddenly his hand was wrapped around his brother's wrist, and with a deft flick, there was a snap, Raws cried out in pain--another notch in Rome's soul that would never go away--and the bracelet was his again.

Please, let that be enough. You have what you wanted. Now leave him alone!

"I'm altering my original offer. Two-for-one, a lesson in manners..."

As Andre grabbed Rawson by the throat, however, Romulus heard the sound of an approaching vehicle, and Andre stopped, curious more than anything, to look toward the oncoming car.

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Elenna Fee
DOB: December 22, 1985
Age: 19 (begin 2005)
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: (German ancestors) American
Weight: 108lbs
Height: 5’4”
Hair: long, brown, natural big curls, nearly never worn tight together
Eyes: brown
Build: athletic, fairy like, tougher than she looks
Hometown: born in New York, but lived everywhere
Profession: Hunter, can kill with everything (kind of a MacGyver hunter she can build a weapon with everything)
Portrayed by Rachel Bilson
Theme song: It’s a tie between Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson and Back in Black, AC/DC

Pilot - Page 2 Rachel-bilson2

Appearance: Elenna seems to be a normal silly girl, what she is, until it gets serious or personal. She mostly wears jeans and a simple shirt. But always knowing how handy it is to look like a real girl. Whatever she wear it needs to be practical.

Personality: Elenna’s parent’s died in a car crash when she was 10, which left her alone with her 3 years older brother. The two siblings were the only family they had left, until Elenna had to change this. They had to change the foster families they stayed a lot. She is scared of all kinds of firearms, because her brother got shoot when she was 14, by a silver bullet after he became a werewolf. It was Elenna who shot him. At that day she became a hunter. She hates it when people call her Elle. That’s how her brother called her. She is mostly shy with people she don't know and plays a little that everyone’s thinks of her as the cute little girl until she knows someone, than she is much cooler. She never really talks a lot about her family. She dropped out of school with 16, because of her job. Even though she did drop out she is clever. Her best friend is her ‘69 Ford Mustang convertible never complains always to count on.

Strengths and Weaknesses: It is easy to unsettle, whenever something doesn’t work the way she thought it would she doesn’t know what to do or at least thinks she doesn’t know it. More than once she could have seen that she can handle unknown situations. She loves to flirt with guys, but never really went further. Elenna is a specialist in inventing new ways to kill anything Supernatural. Her favourite hunts are demons because you don’t need a weapon to kill it. She easily remembers exorcism spells and other useful spells. Another useful think is that she speaks fluent German and Latin, which gives her more option to do the research for a job. She is a lonely wolf, but enjoys hunts in a group as well, maybe even more than she actually says.

“Damn it. Andre is playing cats and mouse with me. I hate when they do that. Sometimes I wish demons wouldn’t be such d****. He must be here somewhere on this damn street, he must be.”

Elenna was driving on the dark, lonely street, when suddenly the EMF reacted.

“What the hell does he want in the middle of nowhere?”

Elenna stop the mustang to see in some distance to guys fighting and it didn’t look good for one. "Damn it one is Andre, he has the body I saw him using the last time and the other is a friggin amateur of a hunter or just an idiot that doesn't know against what he is fighting."

With a smile she activated her newest invention, a water-cannon, filled with holy water, driven by the power of her Mustang.

“I hope it works.”

Pushing the gas down to get close enough rescue the other guy. When she was in reach of her cannon she fired at Andre a massive amount of holy water. While she opened the door on the passenger's side and hoped the other guy would come in.

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For the first time in eight months, something hurt Andre that didn't bother Romulus in the slightest. Well, the water was cold, but that was about it. He felt his body smoking as the water impacted, like he was being burned with acid, and the suit got a little fried, but Rome didn't actually feel it. It was bizarre. It just felt like normal, cold hose-water.

But Andre was rolling around in the dirt, having dropped Rawson like he didn't matter anymore, completely floored and completely taken by surprise by the pain. Rome had begun to believe the demon couldn't actually experience pain. Maybe this was some magical liquid that hurt demons? It sure felt like regular water.

Rome watched as Rawson took one more pained look at him and got into the car, which sped away, tires squealing. Rome instinctively tried to look at the licence plates, before remembering he didn't want Andre to be able to track his brother down. He felt like Dorothy after Toto's escape from the witch: He got away! He got away!

"Which is more than I can say for you..."

Bite me! Raws got away, I don't care what you do with me!

"Oh, you will. You need to be taught a lesson for that little stunt. Not that you'll ever be strong enough to try it again,"
Andre leered, slipping Rawson's bracelet on his left wrist. Now there was a bracelet on each arm, and Andre was muttering some foreign words under his breath, and then blinding pain tore through Rome's soul like an electric current emanating from the two silver pieces.

"There, now. That feels much safer."

Wh-what did you d-do?

"Exchanged ropes and promises for chains and bars of ancient power. You better get used to my company, son, because I don't plan on leaving anytime soon."

Frack you.
But somehow, Rome's heart wasn't in it.

"Where was I now? Ahh, yes. Teaching you and your brother a lesson you would not forget."

With that, Andre straddled Rawson's abandoned bike, turned the key in the ignition, and drove off down the highway.

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Rawson was torn. He'd been expecting to die, when Weird Chick with Car showed up and doused Rawson/Creature with... well, from the reaction it caused it seemed like it was acid, but from the splashes he got he was pretty sure it was just regular ole tap water. You know, knowing this before he was getting pounded into the ground would have been nice. Water. Who'd of thought.

Weird Chick opened the car door, and Rawson was torn between finishing the creature off, and getting in. But the effect of the water didn't seem to be lasting, and the thing was sure to after him again quickly, if the look of utter rage he'd seen before he'd started their last tussle was an indicator.

A tactical retreat is not equivalent to cowardice. Historically, allowing some ground to be lost has proven necessary in order to ensure a long-term victory later on. Lose the battle, win the war.

Fighter mode Rawson concluded that a strategic get away would be most advantageous at this point, and without further ado Rawson threw himself into the open car door, forcefully shutting it and leaning back into the seat with a grimace. He watched out the side mirror as his brother stood in the distance, peering after them for a moment before turning to climb onto Raws' bike.

Rawson turned to his companion, giving her a quick once over and glancing at the... modified... vehicle he was riding in. It would be best to try to get some information while they were driving. After the car stopped, of course, all bets were off. He didn't know her, certainly wasn't going to trust her, and the ease with which she'd turned his brother into a screaming, steaming figure didn't lead him to think very highly of her (forethought and combat strategies notwithstanding).

"So, water?" he asked. You could generally trust Rawson to avoid the small talk and dive right into the important issues.

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Elenna was widely grinning. “It really worked, I am trying that the cannon works for weeks and now finally it did.” She was actually a little jumping on her seat. “And yes water, but not just any water holy water. What kind of a hunter are you that you don’t know that? I mean you know with what you were dealing with. You know it was a demon, right? Oops sorry, I am Elenna Fee and you are?”

Elenna were giving the guy next to her a quick look, just to turn around and reaching out for the first aid kit on the back seat. “Here, when you ruin my seats I’m going to kill you, so take care of your arm, please.”

Shit the more I think about it, the more he doesn’t look like a hunter. I actually have a total stranger in my car, which is bleeding and didn’t seem to be the friendly type of guy.

Elenna lost her cool appearance and felt more like a helpless girl.

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I think I’m in a car with a crazy person.

On the one hand, Rawson was glad because this was better than her being another psycho creature or something- after all, the enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend. Sometimes you just have a lot of enemies. And no, thinking that is not a symptom of paranoia. That’s being vigilant.

Of course if the girl, Elenna, was just a crazy kid with enough knowledge to be dangerous, this poses another problem. Demons? Hunters? What has Rome gotten us into? Gods.

“I do know how to care for a car Ms. Fee. And certainly how to care for my own injuries. You needn’t be worried that I would unintentionally damage either your vehicle or myself.”

He stopped watching the area around them, and opted to watch Elenna as he continued to speak.

“I have a few questions for you now. Kindly explain the terminology hunters and demons, why tap water seemed to have the properties of acid in your fighting, and if you have permanently damaged my brother in any way?” He glared slightly, giving her a look that stated he was considering just how low a life form she was.

She might be able to help me let him go- free him for a better existence than this. I can even appreciate that. But no one tortures my brother. That looked like acid, sizzling and steaming wherever it touched him. I don’t care if she wants to hurt the thing that was in him. That’s still my brother somewhere in there. Torturing him is entirely out of the question.

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Ms. Fee? Who the hell does he think I am? Elenna stared on the road ahead of her.

“You did damage yourself already by really trying to fight against a demon, guy without a name. But I guess you have no idea what you were doing. Okay let’s see. How can I start that you don’t think I am totally crazy? Demons have no body on their own that is the reason why they possess humans. They are evil and mostly like the why normal people think demons are, well not the red cute little devil with a trident. There is much more than just demons in the world. Basically every monster you can think of is real. And because of the there are hunters. Hunters are people, like me, that search these things and kill them. The “tap” water was, like I said, holy. And yes for demons this blessed water is like acid, but your... I mean the holy water does not harm the meatsuits. You know for saving your ass, it would be nice to know at least the name of the ass I saved.”

His brother. Great. Why do I always stumble in family tragedies.

Elle felt suddenly so lost and had to swallow hard, so that she didn’t start to cry in front of a weird unfriendly stranger.

“And just for the records there is a better way to fight a demon than actually fight. And Ms Fee is a old lady in a dress with huge flowers, so just say Elenna.”

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"I did say unintentionally," Rawson almost growled in response to the girl's first point. "I've been well aware of his strength for months. However, there are very few things I wouldn't do for the host." He looked away for a moment. "I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try," he murmured to himself. "And demons are evil? No s***, Sherlock. Not that I'd want to stereotype the whole race, but based on my dealings with this hellspawn, yeah, that sounds about right."

Well, this one's certainly emotional. And determined to prove how smart she is. God, it's like being around Tory Foster once she discovered her destiny and became a smug little glory seeking fame toting witch. Wait- does that make me Saul? Or Tyrell? Bill Adama, perhaps? Maybe it would be best not to continue extending this comparison. Anyway. On to the water. Blessed? By anyone, or do hunters have to have connections with clergymen? That bears further thought.

"Rawson. Since you did have rather fortunate timing, I figure I owe you that much. And by 'better' do you mean simply torturing the things? You've pissed it off even more. And right now it's controlling my brother. I don't even want to think about what this is doing to him. And I'm not sure I want to try to imagine what kind of punishment he's likely to receive for what just happened. Gods. Rome." The last was said in a mere whisper, as he turned to look out the window at the trees flying by. He sat that way for a few minutes, taking deep breaths.

Okay. Get some basic information. Figure out where to go for more information. Don't kill the girl child even if she's a bit of a smart mouth. She's proving at least somewhat useful. Besides, she has no idea who you are. She's just a child, really.

"Can anyone bless the water, or does it need to be a clergyman? And is there a permanent way to kill the creature and the host body? Because while the thing mentioned that the hosts injuries would kill him if the creature left him, the body appears be undamaged as long as it is possessed. Or would an instantly mortal blow destroy the creature's ability to use the host?"

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“Rawson, nice to meet you; even though there could be better circumstances to meet.” Elle looked for the first time really at Rawson and smiled friendly at him.

That is really not fair; I always meet the families that can be saved. And Nick hadn’t even a chance to be saved.

Elenna was sometimes really too good in hiding her feeling behind a huge friendly smile, just the way she did it right now. One day it will cause her real problems.

“No by ‘better’ I don’t really mean torturing the demon, but I have to confess that it is fun to do that. Sorry to say that but Andre is a real pain-in-the-ass demon and he deserves some torturing. Don’t worry it won’t hurt your brother. I guess his name is Rome? I mean by ‘better’ the only way to get rid of a demon, to send him back to hell. There is, well the easiest way to call it, a spell. This spell exorcism the demon, which means to disconnect the host and the demon. The demon goes dragged back to hell. But before we can do that we have to trap Andre in a devils trap. That’s a pentagram, demons can’t step out of it and it also weakens the demons; so that the exorcism spell works.”

Elenna had to take a deep breath before she could tell Rawson the good news, in this misery.

“Rome doesn’t need to be killed. Most of the time the host survives the possession. But if Rome’s body is injured he will suffer and maybe die. But like I said the chance that your brother comes out of this alive is not bad”

Elenna started to relax a little even though Rawson was still a little grumpy.

“Yes everyone with a rosary and the right blessing can bless water and make it to an effective weapon against demons. We are now going back to the motel where I am staying and try to figure what next step Andre’s is planning to do.”

Elenna was for a moment quiet.

“Hey can I ask you something?”

Elenna looked nervous at Rawson.

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39Pilot - Page 2 Empty Re: Pilot on 5th November 2011, 11:34

Romulus could be saved. Oh gods. Rome could be saved.

Elenna Fee was still rather irritating, but almost anything could forgiven in light of that piece of information.

Rome. Alright, time to play nice. Put on the 'Remington facade' as Rome liked- likes- to say.

Rawson smiled slightly and glanced over at her.

"I can't guarantee I'll answer, but you may."

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Elenna wasn’t so sure how to start.

“How do you know that your brother is still in there? I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you brother has anything to do with all the murder Andre did. But why do you believe he is still in there? And what did Andre want from you anyway? Why didn’t he just kill you? And would you really kill your brother? Sorry these are pretty personal questions.”

Right now Elenna didn’t have to play to be the cute girl. She felt too helpless to be the cool hunter she used to be.

Damn it he will never answer any of this questions. What am I supposed to say when he wants to know why I am asking all this?

“Is your arm okay? You know if you need stitches I could do that, if you want.”

What the hell is wrong with me, I don’t know this guy and I sit here nearly crying. Lucky me it is dark, so let’s hope he doesn’t see me clearly.

“The motel I am staying is not far. When you have something from Rome I can find out where Andre is taking your brother and we can follow them. If you want my help.”

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"My arm will be fine. I'll put in the stitches myself once we reach a safe area. A motel, you said? Please, at least tell me it's a decent one. I have more to be worried about than that demon. Far more human concerns."

The girl looked like she was almost crying. And comforting people was definitely not one of Rawson's strengths. At least she hadn't actually burst into tears. Though it was curious, as their conversation didn't seem to be emotionally traumatizing. If anything, a person in Rawson's position would have more reason to be traumatized.

"As for my brother, he's still fighting the 'demon' that's using him. And he was able to break free a bit." Rawson smirked. "I'd know my twin anywhere, and I'm certain it was him. As for what the demon wanted- do they have names, by the way?- I'm not sure I'm comfortable disclosing that information. Particularly until I've had a conversation with someone more knowledgeable regarding what it wanted."

Rawson considering not answering her last question, but couldn't really see any harm in sharing that information. Anyone who looked into their pasts would figure out the answer quickly enough.

"Would I kill him? Yes. If that's the only way I can free him, I'll do it without hesitation. There are things worse than that, and being trapped in your mind while a monster controlled your body? I'd say that counts as one. So would Rome. I know what he would want, and I owe him that much, at least."

Damn. He never talked that much. Not when he could avoid it, anyway. Of course, Raws and Rome were generally rather self-sufficient. This was one of the rare times that a person could offer something truly of value to Rawson, and that was the information he needed to start hunting the demon in his brother.

He settled back in his seat, praying they were headed someplace safe. While Rawson was between jobs, you never knew when someone else in the trade, or an enemy of a recent employer, might try to find you. Better hotels, as well as being comfortable and easily paid for with what he was making, were harder to break into, had staff that were more trustworthy, and generally had multiple escape routes if things went south. So, if this girl really was a 'hunter' of big evil things, this so called motel had better be a place with intricately detailed and heavily maintained security.

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Romulus knew what it was to be dragged somewhere kicking and screaming, as the saying went. Rome had awaited their first day of kindergarten with anticipation, packing and re-packing his bag twice the night before, and waking up at five in the morning to be ready on time. He had even given Rawson, who had been less eager at the idea of the first day of school, the last of the Lucky Charms for breakfast. It even became something of a tradition: when Raws dragged his feet come schooltime, Rome always made sure to have a bowl of cereal waiting for him. They each held one of their mother's gloved hands in a mitten, and walked up the school steps together. There were so many kids all around them, Rome was sure he was going to have the time of his life.

Then a teacher tried to take him to a different room. Mother was showing Raws where to put his jacket and his lunchbox, leaving a well-meaning but foolish old woman assuming he was supposed to be in a different room. He had shaken off her attempts to corral him and placed his jacket on the hook next to Rawson's. "That's not right," their mother had said, patiently but coldly handing his jacket back to him. "You're in Mrs. Bisetti's class this year, Romulus. Your brother is in Mr. Evans' class."

Romulus had looked to Rawson for support, but Rawson, upset with the whole scenario, really, only offered a shrug.

Didn't they understand? He was going to school with Raws, that was the whole point. They were always together, weren't they? Whose crazy idea was it that they should be separated for any reason? "NO!" he had bellowed, insisting on placing his jacket on the hook next to Raws'.

That was when the dragging began, and the kicking and screaming had followed soon after.

It didn't take a genius to put "punishment" together with the road to Seattle, Washington and come up with something going down in his own home. Somehow, Andre had missed the memo that the Remington family had already been hurt enough.

He was going to kill their parents. When Romulus found out Andre's game, kicking and screaming was exactly what he started doing. And it mattered even less this time than it had when he was five.

“Cry all you want to,” Andre snarled. “Now that I have these,” he shook the bracelets on Rome’s wrists—now reminding him unsettlingly of cuffs—as they were worn, matching, one on each arm— “we’re stuck together. Nor God nor man can tear us asunder. Isn’t that a cozy thought?”

Please, please, leave Mother and Father out of this. They haven't done anything to you. Romulus was way past fighting now, well past threatening, past bartering, even, and he was dangerously close to being past begging, too, only he wasn’t sure what, if anything, lay beyond begging. A weak idea struck him: You’ll be caught, you know. They’ll find you. My folks are rich, they’ll have you hunted down. Plus, with the security systems, all the cameras, it'd be safer for you…

“Oh, really? Thanks for the advance warning. Knew you’d warm up to our arrangement.”

Whatever there was that existed past the begging stage, Romulus now found himself about four stages below that.

“Now, my boy, listen well: I have so much yet to share with you…”

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In the meantime Elenna and Rawson arrived in the little town in which her motel was.

Elenna swallowed hard.

Okay I have to concentrate, who cares if Andre possesses someone’s brother. I know what I have to do. I have to find Andre and get him out of Rome’s, I mean the host body. It is just a job, nothing else. And that is what I want to do, right save people.

Elenna straighten her back and became the confident hunter Elenna again. The one she always was, no emotions, no bonds to anyone, the tough fighter.

“I don’t know what you think Rawson, but hunting is not really a money making job. So I guess what you call a decent one and what I call a decent motel are two totally different things. It is not much, but I have there everything to find the demon. And yes demons have names. The one that possesses your brother is called Andre. Hey I have a way to find Andre easy and fast, I just need something from Rome. I can librate him with a pure rock crystal, a map of US and the right spell.”

Elenna drove on the parking lot of her motel, the cheapest one in town and maybe in the state, while she asked Rawson.

“Do we work as a team to help your brother or are you doing your business and I do mine, which will be to exorcism the demon that possess your brother? I just wanna help, that is all. After I freed your brother from the possession you never have to see me again. I think because you do know your brother it would make things easier. Andre is pissed off; he wanted to kill you out there. I even promise that I don’t talk so much normally.”

She looked determined at Rawson when she turned off the Mustang.

I guess it could be handy to have this time a partner in this job, one which knows at least how to defend himself. And one other thing about Rawson his nice, he takes me at least a little serious and not just stares on my boobs.

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44Pilot - Page 2 Empty Re: Pilot on 5th November 2011, 11:39

Pure rock crystal and spell? Rawson mouthed the words, shaking his head slightly in confusion.

And as he looked at the hotel- er, motel- whatever good humor he had started to leave him. Rooms with single doors to the parking lot, tattered curtains that pointed out which rooms were occupied, chipped paint and broken down looking cars filled his view. In his mind, the threat of danger here was definitely escalating. Without thought, his hands moved to be closer to his blades.

"Define something from him- are you talking his old knife that I carry, or something more valuable to him? Hell, Rome 'n I've shared blood enough times maybe I count. As for working together-" Rawson grimaced slightly. Teamwork that didn't mean him and Rome was not a particularly appealing though. "Well, I guess we'll see what you find. I can't promise I'm gonna stick around, though."

Elenna unlocked the door and they walked into her place. Rawson looked like he'd never seen such a thing.

"Um, yeah." He glanced around the room and up at the ceiling, poking at the curtains, the flickering lamp, and the mattress on the bed Elenna hadn't been using.


"Alright, if you get a trail and we're sticking together while we find him, this is a definite no go. I mean, I'm sorry, but this doesn't exactly scream protection to me. Maybe the mineral lines you've drawn around the edges of the room keep out ghosts and ghouls, or whatever, but there's a good chance people with guns will be quite happy to shoot if they come across me. My job tends to involve lots of powerful men and women who control lots of people with semi-automatics. So if I end up tracking Rome down with you, you provide the info and I'll provide the places to stay, if that's fair. The idea of getting shot before we reach Rome isn't particularly appealing."

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Elenna looked curios at Rawson.

What kind of job does he have? She was slightly shaking her. I guess the type of job where it is better for me not to know what he is doing.

“I think you aren’t staying normally in that kind of establishment. You know this one is not bad, at least here are no bedbugs and the bathroom is not so badly molded that I am worried to go in. But if you insist we can stay in other hotels, but I insist on some of my ways to protect us!”

Elenna was smiling at Rawson, when she suddenly looked away and jump behind the bed.

“Wait a second; I know blood is not the right thing for the spell. But the knife, I am not sure.” Elenna sat down on the floor next to the bed. Rawson walked around the bed to see what hadn’t notice yet; the pile of books on the other side of the bed. The books looked old but not all were in English, some in Latin and also some in German.

“Sit down this my take a moment. There are different versions of this location ritual and I have to find the one that really works. I think in the fridge is still some beer.”

“Forschlaich und der Zahn eines Werwolfes. No that wasn’t the one that worked.” Elenna was mumbling to herself.

“I found it. Yeah I was right your blood doesn’t count, but the knife was is special to your brother? Because the object needs to be from personal value...” Elenna stopped looking excited at Rawson. “It works the best way, when the object is unaffordable with money. YOU are the object. I mean you and your brother how was your relationship, how close have you been before the possession? Hold on, I have somewhere the map…” Elenna was searching for the map on the table and not even waiting for Rawson answer.

“Here take the crystal. And here is the map. Okay no you have to think really hard how Roma felt about you and I read out the spell. Don’t move your arm.”

Elenna got always so excited when she got one of her weird plans. In the book it’s not saying that a human can be the object. She was so excited that she was blushing.


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46Pilot - Page 2 Empty Re: Pilot on 5th November 2011, 11:41

She's blushing. This is rather awkward. At least she doesn't expect me to go into the particulars of Rome and myself with her. Er, that sounds wrong. I just mean my personal life is none of her business. That still sounds wrong. Wait, why the hell am I trying to justify myself to myself? I know exactly what I mean. Yeah.

Rawson just observed as she started blushing and grabbing things excitedly like a crazy person. Maybe his first assessment of her as Really Weird Chick wasn't completely off. She did alright in a semi-distanced combat situation using a high powered weapon (alright, interesting dance with words to describe the car water gun thing, but hey, if it works), but she seemed to be alternating between a girl-child and a so called 'hunter' persona she had. He wasn't sure if this spell thing fell under hunter, or a third personality.

"I suppose so. Can you please let me know me first if this is going to have no negative repercussions on myself? And if you're sure it can locate my brother, then by all means, please proceed."

Rawson changed his stance slightly, going into a combat ready position. Not that he planned to fight Elenna, but he had no idea what was about to happen. His last interaction with the supernatural hadn't been the most comfortable for him. Rawson sighed. He'd do anything to help Rome, though. Alright. Here we go.

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47Pilot - Page 2 Empty Re: Pilot on 5th November 2011, 11:41

“What? Oh yeah I am pretty sure this will find the location of your brother. I don’t think it has any negative repercussions on you. Well I guess. But I am pretty sure. I did this before, well not in that way as a human as object, but you gonna be fine. I mean you are a big tough boy. So relax and concentrate. And no talking.”

Elenna scattered some salt over Rawson’s hand, the crystal and the map when she started in a singsong voice.

“Feuer, Wind, Wasser und Erde ich beschwöre euch, helft uns hier und jetzt. Offenbart uns den Ort den wir suchen. Wir bitten um eure Hilfe, bei allem was er ihm bedeutet.“

The crystal was free swinging until it pulled Rawson hand down to land on Seattle, Washington in the top left corner of the continental US.

“Huh, Seattle. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ plays in Seattle and well that’s it I know about it. I have no idea what Andre wants in Seattle. Any suggestions why Seattle?”

Elenna looked up from the map.

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Rawson was rather impressed with Elenna's accurate pronunciation of the German spell. While it probably had to be pronounced pretty well to work, her accent made him question if perhaps she had lived in Germany for a time. At the very least, he wouldn't be surprised if she was fluent. In fact, he'd be more surprised to find out she wasn't fluent.

He froze as the crystal actually pulled away from the map's center, defying gravity and pointing straight to his hometown. His eyes widened.

Oh gods. Frack. Mom and Dad. Uncle Blake and Holly, even Benny was there. Vor was off studying in Boston or somewhere on the East coast, but most of the family would still be there. Romie, you've got to stop this, if it's what I think it is. Romulus, come on Bro, you've got to fight it.

"That's where we live." His voice sounded rough, as though he'd just done several consecutive shots of cask strength Scotch.

Alright, so much for having a little time to do my own research and figure this out. Frack!

"Looks like we're working together on this one Miss Elenna. How fast can you be packed and out of here? I just want to take care of the arm, but that'll only take a few minutes."

Rawson undid the quick binding he'd put on his arm in the car, and after pouring alcohol (good for drinking and for cleansing) pulled a hospital needle and some thread out to start stitching it up efficiently.

We were almost happy less than a year ago. How did we get to this? And I still don't know if I trust her, odd little thing that she is. Hmph, at least she has a nice appreciation for cars. I can't even warn my... wait. Vor and Benny. Give them a heads up and see what they can do. That should work, for a start. Demons. Gods. Romie, dearest, how the Hell do you get yourself into these things?

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“Um, give me 5 minutes maybe 10. I’m sorry.”

Damn it I knew it, this whole stories gets a turn I really don’t like. How mean would it be to call another hunter ask him to cover this job and drive as fast as I can in the other direction? S*** I can’t do this I never run away, I won’t start it now. Hey I can be happy he is coming with me and I guess he knows exactly where Andre is going. I just hope it will everything be alright. I am so not good with families.

She was putting all her precious book in the big bag. Her clothes were still packed and she didn’t unpack anything else. First she brought her laptop and her bag with clothes to the car. Then she managed to drag the bag with the books in the car. Elenna sighed when she got back inside. So now I will help him to rescue all the things I lost great, can’t wait to help.

“Rawson? It’s gonna be okay, you will see. We will save you brother and your family. I promise.”

She looked at the fresh stitches at his arm. They didn’t look bad, a little bit as if he had done this before.

“Let me help you with the bandage.”

She went slowly over to Rawson to help with the bandage and a little bit to take a closer look at him, to see how he is handling the whole situation. But she wasn’t sure what to expect from her new hunting partner. He was grumpy, an amateur and just the kind of guy she normally stays away from. They just mean trouble.

Let’s hope he behaves.

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Romulus had naïvely thought that the heinous crimes Andre made him commit—and was still making him commit, as he counted down the hours driving at a reckless speed towards Seattle and the Remington mansion—would give him incurable nightmares for the rest of his miserable life. He was soon to discover that the ramblings of a demon were far more horrific than any physical expression of evil in this mortal coil. Unable to stop his ears or focus his mind elsewhere, Romulus felt himself slowly going mad, especially as the realization sunk in that he was never ever going to escape from this.

He learned of this demon’s plan for the world. He learned his diabolical speculations of what other demons were plotting. He learned of the existence of vampires and werewolves, of ghosts and ghouls, how they ravaged mankind as wolves ravaged blind sheep.

He learned about hell. This was a favorite topic of Andre’s, as he seemed to enjoy the place, more even than he liked feeling Rome squirm in agony just listening to his talk.

Twelve hours is not a long time in the scheme of things. But it was more than long enough for what was left of Romulus to break up into a thousand tiny pieces.

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