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The Animal

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76 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 17:14


"Yes, I've heard that," Rome replied, going with the flow, pulling BS out of his ass and marketing it as clear-headed intellectualism--his second-favorite pastime and greatest skill--even as he thought, Skin Walker? What the frack? Like that show on PBS he'd been forced to watch when the only alternative was Oprah? "And I'm grateful you're so willing to pass on that information. I believe you were just telling my associate here," he motioned to Elenna, simultaneously passing her an apologetic, I'll-tell-you-later grin on the sly, "how one goes about disposing of these creatures? Am I to understand silver is not the correct method, as is usual with beasts of a similar nature?"

Oh, man, he was loving this! Rome thought, channeling his inner TV-FBI-agent. Who actually talks like this, really? I mean, really?

"And you say keeping an eye out for any suspicious shadows cast may help us identify it?" He looked, but didn't look like he was looking, at the man's shadow, which seemed normal enough.

Rome's eye wandered to--no, was actually physically accosted by--a bright flamingo-pink Audi that was parked in the background. It was sleek, newly-washed and waxed by the look of her, and made the green Camaro behind him look frankly quite tame. Helloooo... he practically growled in the direction of the sports car, I'd love to meet the lady who belongs to that fine lady...

Then, as quickly as he was distracted, Rome was back again. Still that pounding headache, but he pressed on: "Anything else you can tell us about tracking it if we do lose it?" Since, uh, we kinda already did? he added to himself.

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77 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 17:14

The woman on the other end picked up. Finally.

"Eez not problim," he said, his thick Russian accent once again giving away that he was different from them, "All ees vell. Anyvehs... I am Danila Dragunov. I vas told by Tex Moseley to contact an 'Elenna Vee' - ees that whom I zpeek vith?"

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78 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 17:14

"Yes it is. Sorry to say it, Danila eh Mr. Dranunov, but I still have no idea who the hell you are."

Weird guy, it seems like I am followed by them. Oh how nice was Jared, the guy from the lab.

"But I guess that doesn't really matter. Why did Tex gave you my number, how can I help?"

I don't like New Mexico it is to hot here and it feels like it the bandage isn't on it's place anymore. I wonder what the Barbie was doing in the library.

Elenna tried to listen to the guy on the phone who had a name that sounded like vanilla.


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79 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 17:14

"There are ways to follow a Skin Walker, but most involve similarly distasteful Black Magic Rituals. Scrying rarely helps - however, I will tell you, they tend to gather in caves. Partake in acts of cannibalism and mutilating dead bodies to make Corpse Powder," Nathaniel answered, "But if this is the Skin Walker I think it is, well, his territory is larger than most - and I would advise you to bait him to you instead of trying to find him."

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80 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 17:15


"Bait him?" Rome laughed, attempting to cover up incredulity with condescension. "Now, Mr. Roarke, the United States government can hardly condone what could amount to a human rights' violation at best or an act of terrorism at worst." Everything fell under terrorism these days, didn't it? "No, we'll have to beat the streets the old-fashioned way I'm afraid. How did you get to know so much, Mr. Roarke? How long have you been hunting these creatures?"

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81 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 17:23

"Since I wasn't much younger than you and realised the kind of respect I wanted would not come as easy as the fear I would have gained had I completed my initiation into the Witchery Way," Nathaniel answered, "And how long, may I ask, have you been hunting things that go bump in the night?"

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82 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 17:24


"Ah...haha," Rome laughed again, this time to cover up the oh-my-God-this-guy-is-so-freaking-badass! What, he used to be one of these things and then turned back to the Light Side of the Force?

But now this guy was turning the questions around on them, and that was an instant problem. Now he had to be douchey:

"Ah, I'm afraid that's classified information. And, look, I don't want to keep you here in the middle of the street like this all day. Do you have a number or an address where we could reach you? Here's my card." Yes, he had in fact made business cards to go with the badges. Which were awesome!

"Anything else you think we ought to know about this creature specifically?"

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83 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:07

After Georgina entered the air-conditioned foye of the hotel she went straight to the bar, sat on one of the chairs at the counter and ordered a cold ginger ale. She couldn't get the article of The Gallup Independant out of her head, and although she didn't come here to take up a new case she couldn't resist doing a little research. She opened her shiny pink laptop and checked out the latest news about the four animal attacks that occured around El Malpais. While reading through numerous articles she furrowed her brow and slightly shook her head.

Doesn't seem like animal attack to me...

"Budwiser, please." A tall, muscular man sat on the chair next to her and glanced in her direction while waiting for his beer. Georgina focused was focused on her laptop screen but she felt his intensive glance. The stranger took a sip of his drink and cleared his throat. "Pretty hot, hm?"

"Excuse me?" She looked at him and couldn't resist raising her eyebrows at the sight of his muscles.

"It's hot outside, isn't it?"

"Seems like it."
He took another sip and grinned. "Anything interesting so far?"


"You seen anything interesting in this dusty hole of Gallup?"

"If I had, I wouldn't sit here", Georgina responded flatly.
He laughed. "Where ya from?"
Georgina scrutinized her manicured nails. "Why on earth should I tell a stranger any personal details?"

"We could change that."


"The 'Stranger' part", he said, still smiling. "I'm Mike, by the way."

And I don't give a damn!
"I'm Ursula", she said drily.

Mike raised one eyebrow. "You serious?"
"Yepp." Georgina focused on her laptop. "Got a problem with my name?"

"No." He shook his head quickly. "It's unusual name."

"My sister's name is Colgate, you know. Like the toothpatse."

"Aha..." Mike seemed confused, but he tried to come off cool. "Say... Ursula, what's a pretty chick like you doing here? I mean, you're definitely from the upper East coast, I kind of recognize the accent. I guess you're not here for fun, this is the desert, after all..."

Why can't that dude just mind his own business?
"As a matter of fact I'm working", Georgina replied without any expression on her face.

"Working? As what? You're a model?"

She leaned a little forward and looked him directly in his eyes. "You really want to know?"

"Sure." Mike couldn't resist grinning.

"I cut open people."

There was a short silence. He laughed, nervously. "You kidding, right?"

"No, I'm damn serious." Georgina closed her laptop and got up from her chair. "I'm a pathologist."
Mike stared at her, dumbfounded.

"Now if you will excuse me, some more people are lying in the pathology, just waiting for me to dig my knife into their chest." She gave him a last flirtatious smile, then turned around and left.
Jeez, why is it so freaking hard to give me a moment's rest?


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84 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:07

"I don't carry a phone - never needed one. I'll know if you need help and call from a pay phone. Or ask around. Someone will be able to point me towards you," Nathaniel answered, "As for the creature, it is known as Shadow-That-Walks. I have found records of it dating as far back as the long walk. It may just be a title passed from Skin Walker to Skin Walker to keep a myth alive, or the Witch may have found a way to extend his life. I would not be surprised at either. Either way, he has spread his legend far and wide. Some say he feeds on fear. Be careful, and don't forget the white ash."

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85 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:08

The moment Georgina entered her hotel room something was bugging her. She didn't really know what it was but she felt that she just had to go outside again.

"You've just exposed yourself to that dreadful sun out there, Georgie", she muttered to herself. Still, she couldn't get rid of the feeling that she should leave the room immediately. After staring out of the window for five minutes, thinking about what pair of shoes she wanted to wear, she finally decided to slip into her pink peep toes which matched her shirt just perfectly, than she grabbed her purse and her sunglasses, and left the hotel. Although she despised the New Mexican sun, she decided not to take her car this time because she hoped to find out more about the animal attacks by just randomly asking the people downtown.
She was walking down the street where she just came from after visiting the library. Many people turned their heads while watching her as she passed them by, in one hand her pink cell phone, in the other her ipod. Her long hair was blowing over her shoulder.

This is ridiculous! I don't even know what the hell I'm doing here...

Georgina noticed a couple of high school boys who waved at her. She smiled, then focused on her cell phone.

Where could I start asking people about the the animal attacks? Georgina's glance wandered around. Since she grew up in Boston she didn't really like that small town life and had a hard time talking small town charm. Suddenly the bright sign of a bar caught her attention.

"Maybe I can find some drunk people who will tell me absolutely everything about the stuff that's going on right now..." She shrugged her shoulders and walked towards the entrance of the bar. "Let's hope not every guy in this town is like that Mike dude..."


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86 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:08

The girl sounded distracted. Oh, well.

"I am to join your team ov... ah... Hunters. I vas told zere vas zome sort off eenceedent een Gallup, Nyu Mexhikuh?"

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87 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:10

"What? Yes here in Gallup was, well I wouldn't call it accident but okay. Who told you this anyway? Where the hell gave you my number? Who are you?"

What the hell is going on? I am not sure with whom it was worse to talk the creepy guy here or the Russian weirdo.

"Why are you supposed to join our team? And why should we trust you? We are hunter a Skin Walker as far that we know you could be the thing we hunt?"


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88 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:10

Danila sighed. There was obviously some sort of communication barrier here. He changed his accent to that of an American. He hated doing this - it took so much effort, and communication was most definitely not his strong suit. A bit of his Russian accent still poked through, but at least he could be understood easily now.

"I was told by Tex Moseley to contact and assist you. There was something to track down in Gallup, New Mexico. I am from Russia, which is why I have an unusual accent and name to you," he paused, concentrating on his next words carefully, "Now, what is a 'Skin Walker'?"

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89 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:10

What? Now I am officially confused.

"Tex gave you my number? But well I guess you are on you way and fine."

Even though I still don't get it why Tex thought we need help. Did I mention to her that I am not working alone on this job?

Lucky her she was listening to the creepy guy as she was to Danila therfore could she conclude what he said.

"Okay a Skinwalker, a lot of cultures all over the worls believe in some version of a Skinwalker. They are evil human beings who have gained supernatural power by murdering an other human. Some powers come from the corpse powder theymade from human cadavers. This corpse powder curses humans with sickness and death. A Skinwalker can uses the skin of his victims and wear them as a dress. Any other questions? How long will it take you to be here?"

Gosh I really have to take a shower, this powder was all over the 5 corpse in the hospital. What is when I still have some on me. I don't wanna die.

Elenna started brushing of some dust with her hand from her blazer, when she saw the blood on her hand.

Oh sh*t I totally forgot that.


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90 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:11

"I will be there in about one hour," Danila said, "And my only remaining question is where we might stage a meeting?"

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91 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:11

"That is good question and I have no idea. I think we I mean my partners and me will go in a bar to talk about what they discovered today and what I did. I'll text you when we found a bar. Deal?"

Well I hope that is the plan and i hope there is time for a shower and I need to get changed and have a look how stupid I am to cut myself with my own knife.

Elenna looked over to Rome and Raws and creepy guy.

I hope Rome got the informations we need and we can go.


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92 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:12

"Zat veel work," Danila replied, slipping back into his natural accent, "Goodbye."

HE hung up the phone, then continued to race down the road. This countryside was so different from his. . . everything was tan and light shades of green instead of white and dark shades of green...

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93 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:12

"That was weird. Not sure what to think of this guy." Mumbled Elenna before she went back to the others.

Behind the back of the stranger she hold up her bloody hand, to show the boys she needed a little help and wanted to go, now.

Let's go, now please. And let's STOP the Freak-Out-Lenna-Day, because I don't like it. Oh yes Rome gave the creepy guy his card, I still think it is funny that they have business cards. I am so thirsty, oh no what if this is the first symptom of the corpse powder? Aaaaahhhhh damn it boys lets go!

Elenna just heard Rome say.

"Anything else you think we ought to know about this creature specifically?"

I bet the Barbie from the library hasn't to worry about things like corpse powder.


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94 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:12


Okay, that was blood. Elenna had blood on her hand. What the hell? he mouthed to her when she showed him after hanging up on the phone. Rawson was too busy playing the straight man to do anything but eye the Witch Hunter distrustfully, and didn't bother pumping him for intel, like Rome had hoped he would. Maybe ole Rawsie was the recessive twin, after all... He had just shaken hands with the Navajo man, who looked about ready to leave.

And then she walked by. This hot piece of work, looking like an ice queen in the desert sun, fully accessorized in pink and name brands, looking like she'd probably taken about three hours to pick out her shoes walked out of the hotel across the street and into the bar on this side. Rome did not try to hide his wandering eye, as evidenced by the look of disgust on Elenna's face when he resurfaced. He grinned sheepishly, then let his eye wander back to the bar she had just entered, committing it's name to memory.
Looks like we're going to "Eddie's" tonight, guys.

In the meantime, though, they had work to do. Probably a good idea to go back to the hotel and swap intel and see what the hell Elenna had done to herself at the frakking hospital and library! But quickly. Because he had a barfly to catch.

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95 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:13

Hello-o I am bleeding, we are in a job and you stupid macho just have eyes for this pink girl. I bet she took hour to be ready to leave her pretty hotel room.

Elenna was agitated stepping from one foot on the other. She rolled her eyes while she waited that the "FBI" and creepy guy said goodbye.

I hope he doesn't say goodbye to me.

She read annoyed the name of the bar and texted Danila.

Hey you will find me and my team in a bar called Eddie's. See you in a bit. Elenna

After everything she could do, was done Elenna's annoyed smile disappeared, she looked worried.

I guess that is all what I have, right? Two, kind of friends. One that still doesn't like me at all and thinks I’m an evil witch that sold my soul for some power and the other one is obsessed to get every girl we meet, but will never see one girl right under his nose. Why did I stay in the first place with them? Oh right because I am too stupid for hunting, I am just good in reading. Gosh I have to get out of the sun.


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96 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:13

A new, black Honda Civic rolled into town. It drove to the first motel and parked.

The door opened and a man climbed from the driver's side. He was fairly tall - especially for a person in this state - and wearing a long, dark green trench coat. His hair, eyes, and face, however, betrayed him as a Russian.

He walked into the lobby, paid for a room, got the key, and walked back out to his car. He climbed back in; the vehicle roared to life once more and disappeared to the back of the building. If anyone had been watching, they would have seen him carry two large, stuffed duffel bags into the room and come out with those same bags, less full, and a few bulges under his coat a quarter of an hour later.

Of course, nobody was watching. Which was probably a good thing.

He climbed back into the car, careful that his "padding" was arranged properly so as not to be noticed by local law enforcement.

He put the car into gear, driving out onto the main road. He kept a keen eye on the shop names as the Honda rolled down the street.

Eddie's. . .

Ah, there it was!

Danila found a place to park, then slipped from the car. He locked the doors and walked down the street toward the bar, donning a mid-size-brimmed, black fedora with a green hatband to match his coat. Even though he attempted to hide his identity, he was conspicuous as a flamingo in a crowd of penguins.

"Hey man, you think it's winter or something?" a shorter Hispanic man shouted from across the street, his friends laughing. Danila ignored him.

He really was conspicuous though. Everyone around was wearing blue jeans or shorts and tees. Several of the men (and even a few of the women) were even walking around without any shirts. And here he was wearing a friggin' trenchcoat. Sure, his outfit would've blended fine in Russia, but here? Not so much.

Note to self: Get a different outfit if we have to stay in this place for awhile. . . He sighed slightly. It was pretty warm under this coat, too.

He finally reached the door to this "Eddie's" establishment. Well, finally implies it had taken awhile. He'd really only walked for maybe 45 seconds, tops. But in this heat...... everything felt like it took more effort.

Danila walked into a door beneath the sign labeled "Eddie's". The place was pretty dumpy, even as bars go. . . but it couldn't be helped. And hey, at least the air conditioning was working.

He looked around the bar. No conspicuous group of Anglos huddled secretively and talking about the supernatural realm.

Danila sighed, walking up to the counter. "Cold?" the barmaid asked sarcastically. Danila raised an eyebrow at her, "Zhouldn't you be taking my order?"

She shrugged. "Why not. What's yer poison, Iceman?"

"Vodka. I'll take a bottle."

The girl raised her eyebrow, but brought him the bottle and a glass. He paid her, then found a seat near the back of the bar.

Danila poured himself a glass of the liquid, then took a sip. Ugh, this stuff was most definitely not up to par with what he could get at home. . . but at least it was better than that beer these Americans typically drank, and it wet his throat. He downed the glass, then filled it again. He drank this one slower, savoring the taste as he waited.

Danila watched the door closely, waiting for Elenna and whoever else was in the group he was joining up with. . .

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97 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:14

Allison flopped down on the bed in the double wide hotel room with sigh. This case was kicking her ass. She had followed Remington from town to town all the way across the country and always too little too late. Now she was starting to wonder if he was really the bad guy…she had loads of evidence, security cameras, prints, even an arrest record—but as of a month ago he’d changed. Everything changed, his MO, his method of transportation—to the point where he didn’t look like a bad guy anymore. She had to be going nuts.

Allison sat up and released her brown wavy hair from the clips restraining it. She got up after running her hands through her hair then she broke into her civie clothes. She was technically off duty now, nven though she was still on call, and would probably catch hell from her partner for ditching the coroner—she’d get the report later. There was no reason for her to be at the autopsy.

She showered the New Mexican dust off her pale Seattle skin and changed into jeans, a tight black t-shirt, and a light jean jacket. It was insanely hot out, even near sunset, but the jacket was to hide the Glock in her arm holster. She wasn’t going out unarmed, even if she had her doubts about Remington in this particular case. He was still in town and he was still a murderer.

She drove the Sebring sedan to a small bar near the hotel, feeling only a tad guilty about using an official Federal vehicle on her down time. She was already in trouble with the Bureau, a couple drinks couldn’t hurt.

The place wasn’t the nicest of establishments, but it would serve her purpose. She would have preferred a more…classy atmosphere but she didn’t expect Gallup, New Mexico to live up to her Seattle standards. She found a table with a good view of the room and ordered a Blue Moon on tap. The Purple People Eater was tempting…but she didn’t want to get hammered. She was still on call. She also ordered a burger and fries to go with.

It didn’t take her long to eat the burger, which was underdone, or drink the beer, which wasn’t half bad, so she ordered another pint and sat back to relax and scan the room.

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98 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:15

"You must be kidding me", mumbled Georgina after she had entered 'Eddie's'. Her glance wandered around and met with various pairs of eyes that were fixed on her.
Is there anybody in this damn town who actually owns something like a mirror? They look like they dressed theirselves in the dark, blindfolded.

While she was walking towards the counter she scrutinized the strange, rather less attractive faces of the people who were watching her. Many of them simply stopped their conversation and stared at her like it was Mother Mary who just entered the bar, surrounded by divine light.
After Georgina went to the counter and ordered a drink, she tried to find a potential victim for her questioning. She needed to find a person who looked reliable, like someone who actually knew something about the latest incidents in Gallup.
There's not even one slightly attractive guy here...this seriously sucks!
When she noticed a couple of older men smiling at her, she pressed her hand against her forehead and sighed.

Jesus Christ have mercy! Can someone please remind me again what the hell I'm doing here?
She took a sip of her drink when she noticed a strange looking guy in a long coat sitting in the corner, staring intensively at everyone who entered the bar.
Dude, he looks like he just jumped out of a gangster movie...

"New in town?"

Georgina turned her head when someone behind her approached her. A woman with short, dark hair and a beer bottle in her hand sat next to her. Georgina's jaw almost dropped open when she saw the ugly face of the Incredible Hulk staring right back at her from the lady's white t-shirt.

Okay, now it's official: Gallup has never heard of the word 'mirror' before! What on earth is she wearing?!

"Are you new in town?", the woman repeated after Georgina gave no response.

Georgina cleared her throat. "Sorry, I was just..." She couldn't stop looking at this incredibly ugly piece of garment. "...distracted."

"That's okay." The woman smiled, then drank some of her beer. "The whole town is pretty much distracted right now."

"So?" Georgina looked at her expectantly.

"Yeah, a lot of things are going on right now."

"Really?" She tried to sound indifferent, but she couldn't really hide her interest.

"With those students being killed by some kind of animal..."

Great, she's talking on her own! How easy was that?!

"I heard about that, just horrible...", Georgina replied. "Some kind of animal, you say?"

"They do."


"The cops, the mayor, townsmen, you know."

Georgina wrinkled her brow. "You think so too?"

"Sure I do." The woman shrugged her shoulders. "What else would it be? Some insane lunatic who just randomly killed students?" She laughed. "I don't think so."

"Yeah, funny..." Georgina replied cynically.

"Listen, I gotta go. You should better watch out", the woman said, giving her a friendly wink. "You don't really look like you could defend yourself if that animal thing should come after you."

You're so damn wrong, lady...

The woman got up and grinned. "By the way, if you're looking for a 'Ken' in this town - no chance, Barbie."

"No kidding", Georgina mumbled, then turned her head around and rolled her eyes by the sight of this bunch of country yokels. "What a revelation..."


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99 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:15


Back at the hotel, Rome cornered Elenna the first chance he got, wondering what on earth was so frakking dangerous about a hospital and a library that she managed to get cut. After hearing her story--that it was just a stupid mistake--Rome spent a few minutes laughing at her before making her sit down so her could take a look at the cut.

"You better not let Raws see this," he warned, forcing her, despite her protests, to sit down on the toilet seat as he broke out the first aid kit, "he'll have a frakking cow. I've got half a mind to never let you handle anything that might be remotely considered a weapon ever again, and that includes a knife and fork if you don't wake up and get a clue about weapon safety. They do have things called holsters, you know, and me and Raws both have some you can borrow. Now let's take a look before I send you back to school." He said everything in that quick-slick half-joking-jock patter he was famous for, but he was deadly serious. "You gonna be the death of me, chica. Now hold still."

The wound didn't appear too deep, he realized as he forced her to twist and lean over awkwardly until he could see the cut clearly. He cleaned it out, trying to make it seem as if he was being intentionally rough when he was actually trying very hard not to hurt her more than was necessary. Then, a liberal slathering of antibiotic ointment and a few butterfly bandages later, he let up.

"Okay, good as new," he said with an exhale and began cleaning up the kit. Then he really looked at her.

Elenna looked upset. She was doing that adorable-little-girl-pouting-ready-to-cry thing that totally weirded him out because it was such a stark change from her normal tough-as-nails attitude. When he'd first seen the look he thought she was faking it, but he was an expert in faking it, and none of the signs were there. You can't play a player, and he wrote the book. It was just--Raws was right--a douche, but right--she was borderline schizo.

"Okay, look," he tried, exasperated. "Don't get all hurt. I just--" After stammering and steaming around the bathroom a moment, Rome plopped down on the edge of the tub and sighed. "Look. Tough day, all right? Worried about you. And it doesn't help if we're trying to track down something that rips people's skin off and eats college students for breakfast and you can't even manage--I mean, if you're getting yourself hurt. The bad guys don't need any help, okay, Lennie?"

He waited until she nodded before continuing:

"So what'd you find out today? I'll let you go first because there's no way you'll beat me and Rawson's story," he winked playfully, trying to get anything resembling a smile out of her.

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100 Re: The Animal on 8th November 2011, 18:16

Elenna looked helpless at Rome.

What? Why is he doing that? Maybe he does see the girl right under his nose, just not like the other girls?

A small smile appeared on her face.

"You know what? I slowly get used to it that you call me Lennie, even though I still think this names suits more an innocent five year old girl."

Suddenly her smile grows into a huge grin.

"Even though it was freak-out-Lenna-day, I had a lot of fun. I have the files from the kids in the hospital and also all info's I collected from the dead kids. I think I scared this Mandy girl a little, she started crying. I never know how to handle crying girls. Oh and I met the hottest biologist on the world. He was a dream of a man and incredible intelligent. But I totally forgot, the 6 dead kids were covered in corpse powder. I don't wanna die Rome, so out I have to shower. And you wanna meet your Barbie girl at the bar."

Elenna pushed Rome out of the bathroom while she was sticking her tongue out smiling. She was suddenly the lively, funny girly hunter, she used to be.

That was weird one moment I am sad and miss... I don't know something and the next moment after a stupid smile from Rome I am happy again. It was the same with... well someone long gone. He could always make me smile, no matter what.


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