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1Candy Empty Candy on 4th December 2011, 12:28

Candy 070710-scarlet-jo-lead2-623

Character's Real Name: Lorelai Lieselotte Wilhelmina Von Gruensee

Codename: Candy

Nationality: German and British

Age: 30

Appearance (height, eye color, the usuals): 5’4”, 120lbs, green eyes. There is no point in describing her appearance any further she can change her looks better than a chameleon, but no matter how she looks like she is always sexy, curvy and perfect

Distinguishing Features: Amazing eyes

Occupation/Rank/Affliation: German Federal Intelligence Service (BND)

Education and Early Life: She just visited one school, the Schloss Schule St. Agnes (Castle school St Agnes). It is a Boarding school and she loved it as long she could go home at the weekends. She went to the University of Stuttgart, and successfully graduated as primary teacher for art history, singing and German. The American attention fell on her when after the questioning of her father about his work in the war. Her mother a very fragile person couldn’t go so Lorelai went instead and no one noticed that a teenager was pretending to be her own mother. She later admitted that she ran the secret family business while her brothers were fighting in the war.

Training and Learned Skills (rank them with (1) being 'most skilled'): (1) Thinking outside of the box, (2) lying, (3) becoming the information she wants to get, (4) horseback riding

Personal Life (and do people know about it?): It takes some time for her to open up to people about her personal life. Lorelai never planned in becoming a spy, she wanted to be a teacher for some years, find a husband, get married and have a family. But her live had changed a lot but not just her live also she changed. The day she got her heart broken the childish wish of a little girl for a family disappeared. For years she had made sure that she never had to see him again but something maybe fate brought them back together. She says she hates him, but it may just been the hurt girl talking.

Languages: German, English and French, all spoken in a lot of common accents (she just needs to hear someone speak in an accent and knows how to imitate it.)

Favored Weapon and Least Favored Weapon: She prefers to stay out of the fights, but she is not a bad shot if she has to be.

Favored Car and/or Gadget: Her red Porsche 356 B Convertible and her enormous vanity case, it’s all she needs to work.

Interests: Horses, art history, and singing (at least it was a long time ago)

Personality: Lorelai loves to smile and to make others smile, deep down she never stop being the girl that loves horses. She flirts with every man on the planet, and she is damn good at it. She enjoys that every guy is falling for her it makes her feel special.
It takes time for her to trust people and she learned that not many like her as a German.

Inherent Strengths: Lorelai is a loyal person, and she has a very strong need of doing the right. No matter if this means to do the exact opposite of what most people do. She thinks everyone is the same and has the same rights. She sees problems and often finds a solution outside of the box. Lorelai doesn’t give up until a task is done in the most efficient way. It is an easy task for her to imitate different accents and she enjoys messing around with people. Her normal accent isn't a strong German accent, but it takes a lot of trust for her to stop pretending to have a horrible strong German accent at all.

Inherent Weaknesses: Lorelai’s loyalty can also be her weakness; she can appear to be needy and clingy. Her need of doing the right thing brings her easily into trouble, but most of the time she get out of them. She can often be stubborn until someone sits her down and tells her that she is wrong. To protect herself because of her past she is often sarcastic and seems to be mean. Her biggest weakness is that Lorelai doesn’t know how to be around normal women. She is so used that 11 out of 10 guys want her, but she can’t imagine how it is not to have this luck.

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Candy ArielButtercup
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2Candy Empty Re: Candy on 4th December 2011, 12:40

Yay, she's from my hometown in Germany! Very Happy And studied at the University of Stuttgart, that's so cool (I've spilled my drink there once and a cleaning lady had to clean it off the floor)! Razz

Candy MissAusten

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3Candy Empty Re: Candy on 4th December 2011, 12:57

Lol I'm glad you are just from Stuttgart and not from somewhere in Bayern I couldn't stand her being from there.

Candy ArielButtercup
"I hate witches! Spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. It is insane! No, downright unsanitary!"
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4Candy Empty Re: Candy on 9th December 2011, 21:53

I forgot to add Charlie to Eye-candy's bio.

Candy Jackie

You thought Lassie is a smart dog, well meet Charlie. He is a Jack Russell terrier; he is very smart well trained spy dog and Candy’s best friend. He wears a turquoise color with a silver dog tag, well it looks more like a locket. If anyone dares to touch the locket Charlie will not just barks. He is trained to protect Eye-Candy and only listens to people she told him to be her friend.

Candy ArielButtercup
"I hate witches! Spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. It is insane! No, downright unsanitary!"
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5Candy Empty Re: Candy on 3rd January 2012, 16:03

I know its a little late, but I wanted to give you my seal of approval for your character!

Candy Roflse10


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