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Dark Mirror

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1Dark Mirror Empty Dark Mirror on 15th December 2011, 00:16

Here’s an idea I had. I’m assuming that everyone’s charrie will have a nemesis at some point (a la Batman and the Joker, Superman and Lex Luther etc). But what about a villainous supergroup, who’s members are different takes on our own characters. Not necessary evil copies/clones/alternate dimensions, but different character who are… thematically similar?

For example, Jennifer’s opposite number could be a water/ice controller. Richards could be an super-agile assassin who, unlike his tk and telepathy, could turn invisible and make mild illusions. Etc.


Dark Mirror Drpcalvin
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2Dark Mirror Empty Re: Dark Mirror on 15th December 2011, 02:38


We already talked about this, but, for the record, I'm in. Evil clone version of Dirk!!!! I'm thinking his power may be energy absorption, in true negative fashion!!

Maybe we could call him "Kirk." Very Happy

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3Dark Mirror Empty Re: Dark Mirror on 15th December 2011, 19:05

I know that aomw of you have heard this idea already, i'm just posting it up to open it to a wider audiance.

Dark Mirror Drpcalvin
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4Dark Mirror Empty Kirk on 9th January 2012, 02:12


Black Hole

Real Name: Kirk
Alias: Black Hole
Date/Place of Birth: 2017
Age: 10
Sex: Male
Profession: Assassin for hire
Theme song: Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

Physical Features
Race / Ethnicity: Clone (Anglo-American)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
Eyes: blue
Hair: light brown
Skin: fair
Build: very athletic, fit
Physical Markings: Shares none of the same scars as Dirk; things like freckles, tan lines, even hair color are all slightly different

Portrayed by: Matt Damon
Image of character:
Dark Mirror Kirk10

Personality Profile

Powers: Kirk can absorb energy: bullets, other superpowers, punches, etc. He can also create vacuums in space which draw all matter (including people) into them, though these require a great deal of concentration to maintain. His powers increase with every absorption.

Personality and History:
Created via a botched experimental demonic ritual, he is Dirk Rogers' dark clone. Kirk is everything Dirk has no capacity to be: self-serving, wicked, mean, and black-hearted. He thinks only of himself except when he is thinking of how to make other people miserable. He curses like a sailor, hates all other living beings, loves torture, and eats despair for breakfast. He's also kind of funny, but laughing at his jokes makes most people feel icky. He can drain or absorb other humans and even demons and other beings into him, gaining immensely from their powers and energy, but these personalities remain inside of him and vie for control: they are slowly driving him mad (well, madder).

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5Dark Mirror Empty Re: Dark Mirror on 10th June 2012, 00:31

Here’s my first idea for a character for Dark Mirror. What do people think?


Real Name: Sally Colburn
Alias: Glitch
Date/Place of Birth: 29/02/2008, New York
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Profession: Car Mechanic
Theme song: My World, Transmissions and Ivan's Metamorphosis, John Debney, Iron Man 2

Physical Features
Race / Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’1’’
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dyed Pink
Skin: Fair
Build: Light
Physical Markings: None

Portrayed by: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Image of character:
Dark Mirror Glitch11

Personality Profile
Powers: Gadgeteering genius

Personality and History: Sally was raised as an orphan, told that both her parents were dead. Raised in a rough area of New York, she was a frequent target for bullying and worse, which gave rise to a resentment for others. At the end of high school, her tormenters sabotaged her exam by getting her thrown out, and in her eyes destroyed her academic chance of escape. Curiously, those same tormenters later crashed their car. According to the only survivor the brakes had failed, but as the driver was way over the drink-drive limit, no one believed him.

When she was twenty she finally met her father, Miles Colburn, who had just been released by jail. He’d been arrested by Mr Steelman, who had made one of his infrequent appearances out of retirement to capture him. However, Miles died soon after, due to long-term injuries caused by Mr Steelman. Sally is now sure who she has to blame for her horrendous upbringing.

On the surface Sally appears to be sweetness and light but don’t let that fool you. Underneath she is completely ruthless and selfish. Her childhood experience prevents her from trusting anyone, and given her a sense of detachment from the rest of the human race. As well as her sizable intellect, Sally is an expert planner, able to plot ahead for several contingencies. However, when her plans do fail she does not react well, and her lack of experience shows through.

Dark Mirror Drpcalvin
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6Dark Mirror Empty Re: Dark Mirror on 12th December 2016, 16:51


Real Name: Aurora Clark
Alias: Skadi 
Date/Place of Birth: Friday, 17 June 2005/Alpine, Texas
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Profession: Mortuary assistant - she goes when she feels like it
Theme song: The Savage Side of Me 
Story arc spoiler:

Physical Features
Race / Ethnicity: White
Height: 5’ 1”
Eyes: Hazel but when she uses her powers they turn ice blue
Hair: White blonde, always in two pony tails
Skin: pale
Build: slim
Physical Markings: Unnatural white skin, similar to a hypothermia victim
Portrayed by: Emily Browning
Image of character: 
Dark Mirror Babydoll_outfit_promo

Personality Profile
Powers: Cryokinesis, the ability to create ice out of nothing and manipulate the temperature.
Personality and History:
Her mother named her Aurora after the northern lights which she saw in north Norway as a little girl. Aurora had a loving family of mom, dad, grandma living with them, and two younger sisters.  She and her sister got everything they wanted, they were spoilt but in the good way. Her mother was a stay at home mom and also looked after her aging grandmother, and her father was a paediatrician.
Every spring break they went to their mountain holiday house, which belonged to Aurora’s grandparents. But in 2019, when she is only 13 years old, Aurora’s perfect family life breaks apart. While on their way to their holiday house, a reckless teenager driver causes an accident by pushing their car off the narrow mountain road. Aurora’s family dies in the accident, some of their injuries and some of the fire.  Aurora escapes the fire without any burns, the shock and adrenaline and sudden intense heat manifest her cryokinesis.
Because she has no other family she is placed in a group home for young teenagers, where she experiences cruelty and loneliness. She has lost everything at once, and she will always blame the reckless teenager driver.
During the following years her powers grow stronger and she is capable of controlling them. But with her powers she grows increasingly bitter and obsessed with the idea to find the person responsible for her family’s death. She lets no one close to her and keeps to herself all the time, deliberately avoiding contact with other people whenever she can. She comes off unapproachable and cold, and even though the teenagers in her group home are not aware of her powers, they refer to her as ‘ice queen’, the girl that cannot feel.
When Aurora turns eighteen and has to leave the group home, she makes her way to the northern part Norway to see the northern light just like her mother. She enjoys the loneliness in the Norwegian wilderness. She does not stay alone for long, though. She finds an injured arctic fox kit and after nurturing it back to health he stays her companion. His name is Lumi.

Dark Mirror Arctic-fox-02

Once she returns to the USA she picks up where she left off and tries to find the person responsible for killing her family, and hunt them down for revenge.  

Before that one fateful day, Aurora was an introverted but kind-hearted girl. She was more reserved than the rest of her family and did not like to express her emotions too openly with people, even the ones she trusted, but she had a strong sense of protectiveness regarding her two younger sisters and helped out a lot whenever someone needed her. She was also quite mature for her age, making her often seem to be older than her actual age, even though she has a very youthful appearance.
Aurora has always been drawn to the ice, long before she was aware of her powers. Her favourite hobby was figure skating and she hated living in Texas, where she never experienced a real winter.
Aurora’s looks can be deceiving. She is naturally small and looks younger than she is, but she also purposely hides behind an innocent disguise. Most of the time she wears her hair in ponytails and dresses in clothes that resemble a young school girl. She likes her enemies to underestimate her, and misleads them that way.

Dark Mirror MissAusten

SPN: Georgina (Georgie) Gilmore
SG: The Kid
LaL: Willow
PA: Skadi
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