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Marilyn Monrobot

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1 Marilyn Monrobot on 15th December 2011, 03:16

NAME: Marilyn Monrobot

(c) Razzy Ragdoll on DeviantArt

Real Name:
Robot X-51

Marilyn Monrobot

Date/Place of Birth:
Disney Animation Studios, 2026.

2, apparent age late 20s

female (she's fully functional and anatomically correct!)

Singer, which the Disney Corp has grown up in the industry, and right now she's on par with Lady Gaga right after "Fame Monster". She is programmed to write exceptional material which people will love, and in this she has excelled. She focuses on pop, dance, techno and electronic music. Despite her programming which directs her to write superficial top hits, now and then there are hints that her music is something more than what a computer algorithm can produce. Deeper in her music's lyrics there is something which speaks of the human soul.

She is also an assassin bot, though it is unclear whether Disney or some other organization made her with assassin technology and directives.

Theme song:
"Yours Truly, 2095" by ELO.

Physical Features

Race / Ethnicity:

5' 5"

120 lbs



creamy and lifelike

the perfect body

Physical Markings:
if you look close you can see a seam here and there where her skin attaches--along her back, around her legs and around her neck, but it is difficult to tell. Her eyes, though very lifelike, sparkle more than a real person's. In all other ways she looks like Monroe at her finest.

Portrayed by:
Marilyn Monroe

Image of character:
Sure! I'll give you one or two...

Personality Profile

She's generally very happy and laid back, never fails to appreciate good people and situations. Her deepest wish is to be human, and she tries to make herself so, but she can never get it quite right (though she doesn't mind--she doesn't have much shame). Thus she comes across as a slightly weird but very sincere individual.

Powers: Being a singing robot she has a large adaptive processor which allows her to learn and adapt. She's got a big database with lots of knowledge to augment it. She has a heightened empathy program so she's very good at reading people's emotions.

She also has "Assassin powers". When they are activated, they take over her normal functions, and she becomes a mindless killing machine. When this happens, her entire body glows and starts pulsing bright colors, like this:

Besides her powers, she has a very strong will that seems to go even beyond her programming. She is programmed to love people and get positive feedback from their positive energy, so she's very much a people person and expresses pleasure when she is around others.

She can get frustrated easily. She's also extremely naïve. She doesn’t think like a human which often makes interactions with humans strained. She fears water most of all, the one weakness of her electronic components. In the event of water submersion, she freezes, and if she's not fixed, her circuits will corrode.

Singing, dancing, killing.

She probably speaks several languages because sometimes she puts the lyrics to her songs in other languages.

It was advertized upon her release into the public eye that she could produce music that would appeal to more people for a longer period of time than any human singer or songwriter in history. It has been two years and she is still living up to that expectation. Every year she releases a new hit album, because she learns from her interactions with people and writes music that adapts to what they want. Her music has brought people together and prevented revolution against the totalitarian government or the megacorps. Some people call her and robots like her a death knell to human creativity.

RP Sample
You are pursuing a Post-human villain. During the chase some passers-by are endangered. If you stop to save them the villain will escape for now. If you continue the chase, the civilians will likely die.

She would stop. It's in her programming to love people. So she would help them. She doesn't even have a concept of bad or good unless its something that could directly hurt someone in that moment. Even then, she will not hurt the baddies, unless they trigger her assassin code.


DW: The Bachelor
Sandbox: Elinor Dashwood
SG: Agent Double-Oh-Negative
Merlin: Sir Leon
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2 Re: Marilyn Monrobot on 15th December 2011, 04:55


I insist you spell it "Monroebot!"

Then when we refer to the "Roebot" we know who exactly we're talking about!

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3 Re: Marilyn Monrobot on 15th December 2011, 10:36

Monroebot, seconded!

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4 Re: Marilyn Monrobot on 15th December 2011, 12:19

I think I can put a stamp of approval on that. Admittedly i'm a little wary of the 'Monroebot' thing, thanks to futurama and red dwarf! Razz

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5 Re: Marilyn Monrobot on 15th December 2011, 14:21

That would be part of the point, I think. Monorobot is such an iconic figure now, you'd have to leave it to Disney to actually make something that only existed in the urban consciousness into a retro money maker in the future Razz


DW: The Bachelor
Sandbox: Elinor Dashwood
SG: Agent Double-Oh-Negative
Merlin: Sir Leon
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6 Re: Marilyn Monrobot on 15th December 2011, 19:03

Heh, very true!

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