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Happy Birthday, Elenna Fee

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1Happy Birthday, Elenna Fee Empty Happy Birthday, Elenna Fee on 21st December 2011, 06:52


Elenna woke to the smell of coffee.

Sure enough, it wasn't a dream. There was a cup of coffee sitting on the bedside table beside her. It was still warm. Grumbling, she rolled over. It was her birthday, and she hoped to sleep through most of it.

But curiosity and coffee killed the cat, or something like that, and after a minute she sat up on one elbow and reached for the coffee.

No sugar, a little bit of milk, just the way she liked it. And now she was up, she noticed something else on the table.

A card. A birthday card.

Elenna never got birthday cards.

She tore open the envelope with such haste that she damaged the card. It was kind of stupid: a standard cake-and-balloon-filled card. She opened it up.


Happy Birthday, sleepyhead! Rise and shine! You thought I'd forget, didn't you? You wish! I hope you want cake for breakfast and to go ice skating, because that's what we're doing, to celebrate the fact that you're another year older and not at all another year wiser.

I hope you know that I love you and am happy you were born, especially so I don't ever have to say it.

Oh! And as a gift, well, I thought about it a while, and since the Ferrari is in a Federal impound somewhere, I figured I needed another set of wheels. So since I love giving people gifts that are as much for them as they are for me, LOL, I thought I'd get you a card.

Without the 'D'.

Go to the window.


PS: Hurry. It's really cold outside.

Elenna looked up, her heart pounding. Rome had written HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the frost on the window.

She ran to it, and threw it open, heedless of the cold.

Rome stood below her window, hopping from one foot to the other to keep warm, and grinning.

"Geez, took you long enough, chica!" he shouted, then nodded to the vehicle behind him. "What do you think?"

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2Happy Birthday, Elenna Fee Empty Re: Happy Birthday, Elenna Fee on 22nd December 2011, 09:01

Lenna starred with open mouth at Rome and before he could shout again in case she hadn’t heard him Lenna went back inside. She smiled seeing the HAPPY BIRTTHDAY once again before she ran down the stairs and out to Rome. Still bare feet and just her typical PJ’s , it was snow outside but Lenna didn’t care she stood in front of the car slowly touching the hood of it and smiling even brighter when she felt the metal under her hand.

“Is that really for me?” She whispered. Rome laughed, “Yes it is really for you.”

For a second Rome was worried, and even more when Lenna fell on the hood and hugged it.

“I love it!”

It took a couple of moments for her to climb down from the car and climbed into the driver seat. “I gonna call it Bumblebee. Can we take him for a ride?”

“Lenna you are basically naked, come on lets have cake and you get dressed and then we take him for a ride.” Rome enjoyed seeing her smile and happy. Lenna looked at him and jumped up into his arm. She was hugging him tight. “Thank you so much. Not just for the car which is already awesome, but also for the card and the HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the window and for remembering me. Thank you for making me feel special.”

Rome lifted her up easily, closed the car door and carried a crazy grinning Lenna in the kitchen where the others started singing. Lenna had actually tears in her eyes, but it were happy tears. She kept hugging Rome and her other friends.

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