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Elenna Fee

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1Elenna Fee Empty Elenna Fee on 29th October 2011, 23:22

Character Information
Name: Elenna Abigail "Lenna" Fee
DOB: 12/21/1985
Age: (Keep in mind our game is currently set in autumn 2005) 19
Sex: Female
Hometown: New York
Religion: Protestant
Profession: Hunter
Theme song: It’s a tie between Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson and Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

Physical Description
Race/Ethnicity: German-American
Weight: 108 (49kg)
Height: 5’4” (162cm)
Hair: long, brown, natural big curls, nearly never tight together
Eyes: brown
Physical Build: athletic, fairy like, tougher than she looks
Identifying Markings: Tattoo on her right hipbone (A black skull sticking out a red tongue saying Bite me!). Scars at both wrists from being tied up for a long time.
Portrayed by: Rachel Bilson
Image of character
Elenna Fee RachelBilson-10-1
Elenna seems to be a normal silly girl, what she is, until it gets serious or personal. She mostly wears jeans and a simple shirt. But always knowing how handy it is to look like a real girl. Whatever she wear it needs to be practical. Her friends call her Lenna.

After the ghost of Nick got killed by the team to save Lenna, the Mustang burnt out. This caused the authorities to announce Elenna Abigail Fee deceaced at Sebtember 20th, 2005.

Medical History
Just the typical hunter injuries. Her shoulder joints are weak and pop out more easily after she is been tortured by witch hunters in winter 2004.

She dropped out of school when she was 17, but that doesn’t mean she is stupid. She dropped out because the school taught the wrong topics. She is clever and learns easily. All she knows is organized like library in her mind.
Languages (spoken and written fluent) English, German and Latin

Skill Strengths:
She is a geek and a proud one. But even though when she looks like a hot, small and fragile bookworm, she is not a bad fighter. She is underestimated, but this is her biggest advantage in a fight. She can pick most common locks and hijack cars. Elenna uses witchcraft for her protection, an old Greek source of magical powers with German traditions. But she never uses those powers against humans.

Skill Weaknesses:
It is easy to unsettle, whenever something does not work the way she thought it would.
She cannot admit that she does not know the answer to a problem; she would rather not sleep if necessary for days until she knows the answer.
Hunter can misunderstand her magical abilities and think that she sold her soul to a demon and see her as a witch.


Personality Strengths:
She is mostly shy with people she don't know and plays an act, that everyone’s thinks of her as the cute little girl until she knows someone, than she is much cooler.  
Lenna is a very loyal friend as soon you made her trust you and further her friends are her family. You want Elenna on your side? All you need is apple juice and popsicles. But those two are not just the magic ingredients to get Elenna on your side, those two things are the best way to calm her down whatever the reason was that let her freak out in the first place.
She has the typical German efficiency in all her doing.

Personality Weaknesses:
Imagine the grumpiest person in the mornings you know and now multiply this by one trillion than you know how grumpy Elenna is in the morning. Coffee helps that you don't get killed when you are the unlucky person that has to wake her.
Lenna needs to wear glasses and can't were contacts, but she rarely does wear the glasses she thinks she looks stupid with them.
Often she feels like being a burden for her friends. She scared that if she dares to let someone in her life they leave her. Everyone she loved left her and even though she should know how to handle this she doesn’t. She can appear to be easy trusting but just because she smiles at you doesn’t mean you truly are a part of her life, but the moment she explains something complicated to you in a way you understand it and looks happy you are a part of her life.
She can be a bit clumsy sometimes. She doesn’t like talking about her past before she became a hunter and her way of dealing with tragedies is hiding in the world of books. She is definitely not the girl that talks about her feeling easily, goes shopping and does girlie things, so don’t expect her to like this stuff.
Her New York accent is just an act and in moments of great distress it slips and her German accent comes through. Not that she would ever admit that she has a German accent.


What makes you happy?
Books! Heavy, light, small, complicated, easy to read, books that have a hidden message within, I guess it is clear if you want a smile of Lenna get her a book. She also enjoys coffee, apple juice and Popsicles. Furthermore she likes to watch movies, eat junk food and just hang out with her friends.

What scares the crap out of you?
She is scared of all kinds of firearms, just uses them when there is no other choice and someone she loves is in danger. In the same breath as the firearms you can mention her fear of being useless to her friends and with this that she is left behind by the people she loves. She is afraid of hospitals and all kind of doctors (medical staff).
She is slightly claustrophobic in dark rooms.

History / Background
Lorelai wanted her children to be different and special and it started with their names and their spelling. Take Niklas, meaning "people of victory", add a ‘c’ and a second ‘a’ and you have a name everyone knows it, but spells wrong. Elenna’s name is not different; the original spelling is Elena which means “sun ray, shining light”. Elenna knows this meaning and that’s why she liked when her mom said she brings light into everyone life. This powerful meaning of her name was not always easy. Her brother called her Elle which means sun ray, shining light; God's promise; God is my oath; other, foreign, that is not just a shallow meaning she felt like trying to fulfill it. Romulus properly didn’t know it but the nickname he gave her is not less powerful “lion strength”.
Elenna’s parents died in a car crash when she was 10, which left her alone with her 4 years older brother Nick. Elenna was a difficult girl. She wasn’t listening to her Foster families, which is the reason of having 13 Foster Families in four years. She was a troublemaker, got into fights and was a constant guest of the detention class. Her bad attitude was the reason that she had to go to the school shrink, who told her to use her energy for something useful like sports or in a creative way. She took his advice and started to draw in shirts, mostly offensive phrases and pictures which of course got her into more trouble.
Nick loved her like crazy and would have sold his souls for her. The two siblings were the only family they had left, until Elenna had to change this. They didn't stay together in one foster family, but they were at least in one in the same State, New York. She hates this State, and would never call it her home. As soon he turned 18 he became the legal guardian for her they lived in Chestertown, New York. The happy life didn’t last long. Nick got turned into a werewolf, and she was the one who killed him. She stopped being the bad girl; well there is no way of being bad if you stop living. She stayed for two years in one Foster Family after Nick’s death, before she ran away. To a life most people can’t imagine.

How and why you became a Hunter
Her brother got shot when she was 14, by a silver bullet after he became a werewolf. It was Elenna who shot him. At that day she became a hunter.

Hunting specialties (anything you’re particularly familiar with and good at killing)
Elenna is a specialist in inventing new ways to kill anything Supernatural. Her favorite hunts are demons because you don’t need a weapon to kill it. She easily remembers exorcism spells and other useful spells. She likes that she is hunting in a team, but needs her time alone.

Hunter contacts (anyone important you know?)
Bobby Singer

Hunter assets (what’s in the arsenal in the trunk of your car?)
Her awesome ’69 Ford Mustang Convertible had to be burned in the episode Fuel because it was the remains of Nick, but the arsenal she has are more books then weapons. She has a couple of knifes, a shotgun, a couple small firearms and a small crossbow.

Your character's "Patron" God from the Greco-Roman Pantheon Hekate

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lol!  I guess one day she will settle down and have a little girl Elenna Fee Article-2302357-19085123000005DC-590_634x965

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