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The OC Plot Discussions

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1 The OC Plot Discussions on 1st January 2012, 22:05

Here's some possible plots for how we deal with Morgana and the new trio

BA: if Merlin will continue on with Leon and Gwaine, the thing Merlin's running from could be some monster that he is luring away from Arthur and Gwen

BA: yeah! maybe we clue you in as to the purpose of our quest, and you hear that Morgana's behind it and realize that making Arthur and Gwen's honeymoon good is less important than helping us defeat Morgana and her goblin-plans. Though I think to round out the fact that it is "Gwaine's and Leon's adventure" you should leave for the last scene, so that we get a little more closure between the characters before we start a new story with more player characters and its less focused on just them.

C: Well I could just have him wander off and leave y'all to it.

BA: We were thinking of having a wrap-up scene at a bar, so after we defeat Morgana you could be like "crap! I forgot to iron Arthur's underwear" and you dash off

C: I mean, if you two wanna fight with Morgana without Merlin wandering around. Razz
Cause that's fine too

BA: your powers wouldn't be that big of a deal if we are fighting Morgana, conceivably you keep them hidden. Or this could be the first clue which starts us wondering if you can do magic.


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2 Re: The OC Plot Discussions on 3rd January 2012, 15:43


So, Caity, if you like, you can take the fight scene to a close. We wanted only for

* Gwaine to jump in there and cut the beastie's knee in half/off/injure it badly in some way, and

* while it's so immobile, for Leon to land the killing shot through the eye to the brain.

Other than this, it's up to you! If you really wanted, Merlin could potentially use magic to kill it, and Leon and Gwaine only think that the above is what happened! Or something. I leave the fight scene in your capable hands! Very Happy

And then maybe some guards could run up and we explain that we're sending the venison along with our regards, but we're taking Merlin with us questing!

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3 Re: The OC Plot Discussions on 6th January 2012, 03:14


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4 Re: The OC Plot Discussions on 10th January 2012, 05:24

Climbing, religion, and deos ex machina magic mojo....

BA: hahaha they can be all slow and it'll be hilarious. Them both slipping and going "oh crap" and "wait, I'll come help you--wait no I can't" and stuff

Caity: "No, put your foot there. To the left. To your other left. Wait. No, that was a bad idea, go back." "I CAN'T!"

BA: I think Merlin should be the one to say "I CANT" because I can see him doing it and slipping into his Irish accent.

Caity: Also finally being like, "Sir Leon. STOP HELPING. Please.

BA Leon giving bad directions = awesome

Caity: "Did you miss "scale the stone wall" training, or something?"


Caity: Merlin would just be like, "Ooookay. Shutting up and climbing the wall."

BA: so: Morgana hears our pathetic struggling, and starts going to the window to deal with us. At which point Gwaine distracts her by kissing her. This allows us to scale the wall and gets Gwaine kissing Morgana, which is why we have to drag him kicking and screaming away from Tintagel. Merlin can, of course, knock Morgana out or make her flee or something to get her out of the way. Or we can both stand up to her, it's up to you. cuz if we were shouting, Morgana's gonna hear

mae: it should do, though Gwaine may not be...his own man, exactly... Razz

caity They can always just chuck him out the window. Apparently he falls well.

ba maybe he is being mind controlled, then when he hears us he remembers who he is for a second?

Ba window chucking could also work. And be funny

caity He is not going to be able to /walk/ tomorrow

Ba ah, he'll probably land in a haycart, the lucky punk

Caity That's true, apparently Morgana leaves em lying around everywhere.

Ba: "Hey, you pushed me out of a window. Besides, you've had lots of training, haven't you?"

Mae: "it's SEVEN FLOORS!" "seven BRITISH FLOORS! Which means EIGHT!"

Caity: Merlin can break his fall a little bit I'm sure.

Ba: "You'll fall like a snowflake, I'm sure." *Shove*

Mae: Gwaine wont' be at training in the morning you realize.

Ba: Caitydid will make sure this bit of fun does not cause any pain.

Caity: But will he be in the tavern?

Ba: yes, because you'll break his fall! he won't be hurt at all, which can be another hint for Gwaine that you do magic

ba: and it'll be a reason for Gwaine to give me a black eye... which will come into play in the last scene

caity: I really enjoy when Merlin provides magic as an excuse for things

Ba: hooray! Merlin is like a portable deos ex machina! "we need the porto-plot! Stat! These plot-holes aren't going to fill themselves!" they allow the zany things to happen! plus ours has a purpose--to let Gwaine and later Leon know about your magic!

Ba: I think there should be Christmas in Camelot, if we are going to keep mentioning God and such

Caity: Merlin keeps referring to gods.But Arthur and the Knights all refer to God. And celebrate Samhain. o.O

Mae: Merlin refers to "godS"? all the knights and Arthur talk about God and stuff

Caity: to his mom and to Gaius. I think more than once.
I think it's their way of making him of the old religion.

BA: ok, so Camelot can have christmas? Or something? (Can at least have a scene with Leon praying?)

Caity: I would say so!
It would make perfect sense. I feel like Merlin is set in that in-between time period anyway, where some people believed in God and some people believed in other things, and they all celebrated the same holidays anyway.

Ba: that works, and would explain everyone's confusion. Maybe in the next epi I'll have a post that explains some of that, I dislike how the show so far has danced around that issue. But on the other hand I don't know if a detailed explanation would have worked in the show, either.


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