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What goes around comes around: A Romulenna adventure

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Welcome to the thread for
Supernatural: Reanimated,
What Goes Around Comes Around
A Romulenna Adventure

Romulus Remington stumbles unwillingly from one hunt into the next, this time without his trusty geek-girl, as Elenna Fee makes a drastic decision which will change her and her best friend's lives forever. Even separated, can our heroes still find the monster and stop the killing in town? Romulenna have a test to pass, and it will not be a test you can study in a book.

See here for more information on the Supernatural RP, or contact Maeglin, ArielButtercup or MissAusten with any questions.

Disclaimer: We tend to be a little more informal around here (as well as infernal): lax with customary RP rules, rough with our language, and generally sacrelicious. We ask only that you play nice, stick to SPN canon, don’t be (too) mean, and do everything in your power to make the game fun for everyone.

Happy hunting!

7th October – 15th October 2005

Lenna was hugging her knees, no matter how much she pretended to be okay she couldn’t lie to Rome. He probably knew how she felt but she didn’t feel like talking about the issue. Ignore your elephant and at some point you are used to its present in the room. Lenna sighed and looked over at Rome. They were lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere, they didn’t even know in which State they were. Rome planned to connect his new cyber phone with his new racing car, but it didn’t work that well apparently they didn’t speak the same language which made navigating impossible. Lenna tried to talk to Rome to use a map or call for help but Rome wasn’t listening to her. And to be honest she needed this little time out from the team. She loved the them but the emptiness she felt since ghost!Nick left hurt a lot. She leaned back in the seat and watched Rome working.

“When do you think you are done? I’m tired and I’m hungry.”

Lenna tried not to sound annoyed or whiny.

Maybe this whole thing with Nick was the moment for me to go. Rome is a hunter, maybe still a young hunter but he can look after himself and he has the rest of the team. I don’t want any of them get hurt because of me. I have to find a way to make Rome understand me.

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Rome was pissed off. He paid way too much money for this crap and, for that matter, he was way too friggen much of a tech genius to have this crap happen to him. He was going to get it fixed, so help him, and he was going to do it his own damn self. Priority one was, for a long time, playing with his toys and getting them to work correctly, so it took him a long while to first, realize that they were lost, second, care that they were lost, and third, realize and care that Elenna was getting cranky because they were lost.

Oh, and apparently had been for about five hours.


Rome sighed, unplugged his phone from the car and reset it to figure out where they were.

"Okay, Lennie, baby, sorry. I'll fix this crap later while you're sleeping or something."

"Rome, you should sleep, too--" Elenna began quietly, but Rome ignored her.

"West Texas. Awesome. So we're in the bass-ackwards middle of nowhere desert, Lennie, my bad. I'll try and find us some civilization and rustle up some grub, how does that sound?" He grinned sophomorically. "Hey, maybe we can find one of those places with the 72-ounce steaks we can try to eat?"

"Mm. How about not?" Elenna did not sound impressed.

"Okay, look, Lubbock's only an hour away, and they've probably got a few good steak houses we can hit up. I'll buy you dinner." This was his I'm-not-sorry-at-all way of apologizing for basically being absorbed in his own issues all day.

"Rome, you always buy me dinner."

"Yeah..." Rome clicked his tongue absently, and, ignoring her again, put the Ferarri into gear and sped down the highway, heading north toward Lubbock.

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Lenna took a couple of deep breath to calm herself down. They did find a steak house, and it did actually look kind of nice. With them arriving in town the average age of the town went drastically down.

“Rome I don’t think anyone here is under the age of 60, at least. Does this mean you stay in and we could watch some movies?” Lenna smiled hopefully. She did enjoy some alone time with Rome even though she had in mind that it wouldn’t be for long. She knew it was her time to move on; she just had to figure out how she can tell him that she is leaving.
They had a table at the window, a table for two like in the good old days before they had a whole bunch of hunters in their team. Not that she didn’t like having friends, but it was nice to have Rome’s full attention for once. Lenna took the menu and was scanning she didn’t even notice that the waitress appeared behind her.

Wow I really do have good hunter instincts. She thought sarcastically to herself.

“Good evening, I am your waitress. Are you ready that I can take your orders?”

"I'll have a coke." Lenna mumbled and didn’t care to take a closer look at the waitress.


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Rome beamed at the attractive waitress. She was curvy and had dark, curly hair, and was rather short and had a fantastic ass. His favorite type.

For the moment, anyway.

"Well, hello..." he made note of her nametag, "Jennie. And how are you this evening?" He smiled, apologizing for his forwardness even as he made no attempt to hide that he was undressing her with his eyes. She reacted the way they all reacted, with a mixture of shock, amusement, and being immensely flattered.

Like clockwork, she began by putting up a fight: "Been better," she snapped, before she got a bit flustered and salvaged the situation with, " seems to be improving..."

Rome winked at her and ordered a beer, "But a coke for my little sister, here," he explained carefully, so there would be no confusion. "And I think we're ready to order. Junior here's gonna try the 72-ounce steak challenge..."

The waitress raised her eyebrows, unconvinced, as Elenna, appalled, shouted "Rome!"

Rome laughed, "Mainly because I want to see how friggen huge it is, and I'll be helping her with it, I'm sure, and we'll give the rest to any passing army running around. I'll also have a salad, light dressing, thanks, sweetheart."

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Lenna rolled her eyes when the waitress walked away giggling.

So much to having some Rome-alone-time. Yeah your sister. Right. Make sure I don’t cock-block you.

“Hey, Romey, why don’t you have a quickie with her in the staff restroom? I just sit here quietly, eat my 72 ounces steak, which weight a quarter of me and who knows maybe there are some more chicks you can screw.”

Rome ignored her outburst knowing she was just tired, hungry and cranky to be in no man’s land. Lenna looked out of the window and tried not to get up and storm out of the restaurant.

I’m sorry Rome but my leaving is overdue, very overdue! I’m leaving tonight and I won’t let you stop me. It is a shame that you burned the Mustang, it would have been nice to have Nick as my co-pilot again. All I need to do is to find a way to sneak out from under your obsessed nose.

The waitress came back with the drinks Lenna took the Coke and let Rome say thank you, after all she was just the stupid annoying little sister.


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"Now you take care of our baby, Lenna, while I'm gone tonight," Rome joked, motioning to the to-go box bearing the remains of their steak which Elenna needed both hands to carry.

She began to laugh at his bad joke as she walked before him into the hotel room, but just as she rested the "baby"--it was certainly the size of most babies Rome knew--hell, it could probably eat a baby--on the table, she realized all of what he said:

"Wait, what?"

"I'm taking Jennie out for a drink. It's what, 11:30, anyway, you usually go to bed around now..."

"Rome, it's 10:30," Elenna crossed her arms in front of her and stamped her foot. "And you know I don't sleep until after midnight at least, depending on the book I’m reading and I don’t have any good books right now!"

"Yeah, well, there's a pool and cable TV, what more could you ask for, huh?" He grinned as he tried to shut the door on his friend.

Two things were foremost in his mind: First, he had an itch to scratch, and her given name was Jennifer Howards, 3042 East Plaza St. Second, he was tired of dealing with Elenna getting herself into trouble, and so he had specifically chosen the finest motel in the hopes that staying put would be a tantalizing option for the adorable little trouble-magnet. He just could not deal with the stress, not after that whole business with Nick. Please, Lennie, he begged internally, wishing he could project thoughts into people's heads like everyone seemed to be able to do to him. Just one night.

"Fine!" she snapped back. Now her hands were on her hips. Now she meant business. "I'm going out, too!"

Rome deflated. So much for that idea. "Like hell you are, chica. There's like one bar in the whole friggen town, you'll throw me off my game if I have to worry about you, okay? And anyway, you're ID's in the car, and you're not getting it out. So... So just stay put tonight, please? Order anything you like from room service, read your books, jump in the pool, hot tub, anything, just stay here."

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Lenna stared at Rome in disbelieve.

“You are grounding me?” Lenna’s eyes sparkled evil. “You can’t do that. You can’t lock me up in the hotel room.”

Lenna tried to push past Rome, but there was no chance.

“Lennie.” Rome rose his voice which let her stop.

She backed off but on her way to the bed she pushed the “baby” from the table that it hit the wall.

“Fine! Go, screw the broad of the hour. And don’t worry I stay out of your way.”

Lenna threw herself on the bed and stared at the ceiling, she bit on her lip not to say anything that would give away that she meant out of his way forever or something that would hurt him. She looked to the door where Rome was still standing.

“Go! I don’t need you as a babysitter!”


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Rome grumbled as he picked up what was left of the steak and put it in the garbage. "Well, you're sure acting like it," he told her sternly. He paused at the door, and turned back. "Maybe you'll think about--"

God, did he just say that? Great job, Mr. Remington, on sounding like your father.

"Just--will you--" he stammered for a while, debating whether he wanted to speak his mind, act cool and nonchalant, or even give in and give her what she wanted--like every other freaking time. "Dammit, Elenna!" he said, unable to decide, and slammed the door. He didn't bother trying to lock it. If she wanted out, she wanted out, and would get out, so it wasn't worth it.

He spent the rest of the night pissed off and trying not to care. But even Jennifer Howards' backside in a miniskirt wasn't quite enough distraction from the uneasy feeling that settled in the pit of his stomach.

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“That is exactly why I have to go.” Tears were running down Lenna’s cheeks when she looked at the door. He wouldn’t come back in shining amour and be there for her, not this time. She took a deep breath and got up, she had a mission. She repacked her belongings that they would fit into one backpack and one duffle. She watched TV and waited for Rome to come back, to say her goodbye, even though he wouldn’t know it was one.

Lenna watched TV when Rome came home. She ignored him which broke her heart, how was she supposed to leave him if it hurt so much. He might said something to her but she didn’t paid attention and mumbled after some while. “Hey your back.”

He looked at Lenna knowing what she was about to say.

“I made you some tea so that you can sleep, you need to sleep and this tea helps you with this.”

Sometimes she got him by surprise, no matter how much he thought he knew her.

“It’s on the table.” Lenna turned off the TV and went to bed hiding in the pillows the fact that she was planning on leaving him as soon he was asleep.


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"Umm..." Rome was taken aback by this. "You're not mad, then?" Now he felt stupid for still being mad, and grinned sheepishly. Suddenly, it was a good night, although he had left Jennie's place a little early to "check on his sister," which had been a disappointment to both of them, but, whatever. He was back, she was here, she wasn't even mad anymore, and, hey, maybe she had come to her senses or, I dunno, put her big-girl panties on or something.

Then she said something about tea.

"Uh, no, thanks, chica. I still gotta fix my car, remember?" He tried to brush it off, but she pressed the issue:

"Rome," she insisted.

"Elenna," he replied in the same annoying tone. Then he sighed: here he was being a jerk to her when she was being nice to him, and he owed her an explanation. "You know I don't do that gig," he told her. "But thanks, I mean it, that's sweet of you." But as if on cue, his body betrayed him, and he yawned.

Sleep sounded awesome right now. True sleep, like he could only get two years ago, before Andre. Sleep with harmless, weird dreams about being naked in math class with a really hot teacher, or no dreams at all, at least nothing he remembered. Dreams that didn't involve the future, or images from the past so horrific there was a reason they were buried in his subconscious. To achieve actual REM sleep. Actually resting. It would be heaven.

But it really wasn't worth the risk. A heart attack from a caffeine overdose would probably be more pleasant.

"See!" she said, accusing, but he again tried to laugh it off. Elenna was worried and that was sweet, but totally unnecessary.

"I'm not even sleepy, you know, kiddo, just tired. That Jennie," he chuckled, "she just about wore me out..." He changed the subject quickly, "But anyway, I'm just gonna go beat the car into submission for a few hours, maybe I'll grab some shut-eye in a bit, okay?"

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Lenna sat up in her bed. “Rome it is dark outside, you can’t fix the car now. Just try the tea. I made it there are herbs in it and some other ingredients. Just don’t ask what else. It might not even work, but I read in this book that it is relaxing and brings dreamless sleeps. And even when it doesn’t work, we have a night off. No hunts and just the two of us.”

Okay now I sound like I wanna seduce him.

“I mean it’s the old team again, the two freaks against the world. Just stay, don’t go fix Vera. I sleep better when I know you are close by.”

Lenna was babbling, and she wasn’t sure if it was because she kind of lied to him, or because she planned to run away and hoped he couldn’t read minds or because she was alone with him…

Which would be a hilarious change, since I never cared for Rome in that way.

She nearly laughed out loud about the last thought that crossed her mind.

“Please stay in, have the tea and at least give it a try. You look tired and not in a nice you just had sex way tired.”

Lenna looked pleading at Rome, but she felt in a way dirty doing this.


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She was babbling, and sounded slightly psychotic. But before he could tease her, Rome's brain latched on to one thing:

Dreamless sleep.

As in, he'd be able to sleep at all for the first time in...what was he on now? Five days at least. But he'd actually be able to rest for the first time in almost two years.

It sounded vaguely snake-oil-salesman, but it was definitely worth a try. It was about time for him to crash come hell or nightmares, anyway. If Elenna had some concoction that would make the dreams go away... It was too good to be true.

He couldn't sound too eager:

"Wait, dreamless sleep?" he asked.

She stopped, saw the hungry look in his eyes, and nodded.

"And that's not, like, a euphemism for death or anything, right?"

"No, Rome. It's a mixture of some pretty powerful herbs. It probably won't taste good, sorry. But I think it will work for you. Nothing else has, so it's worth a try, right?"

So, what, she was reading his mind, now?

Rome was a cheap date. He was shockingly easy to please, generally weak-willed, and even easier to convince, especially to try something "new" or "fun." The amount of time it took for a hot red-head to get him to take his clothes off, or the amount of time it took a salesman to pitch to him why he needed a new car was so small it was immeasurable by human methods. He knew this: he didn't care. He trusted Lenna, right?

"Yeah, okay. I'll try it."

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Lenna smiled, got out of her bed and handed Rome the tea.

“Is the tea supposed to be cold?” Rome sniffed at the cold tea and pulled a disgusted face.

“Yes it is.”

Rome took off his jeans and shirt and sat down in boxers and just a t-shirt on his bed.

“Bottoms up.” Rome drunk the cup. “Urgh that stuff is gross.”

“Yeah it’s like medicine it’s supposed to taste like ass.” Lenna grinned, she had to force herself not to jump up and down on the bed.

I honestly hope this works. As soon Rome is asleep I’m out of here.

Lenna went back to her bed, watching Rome sleepy. She was really leaving her best friend, she was sure she did the right thing but that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt.

“Good night Rome and thank you so much for everything.” Lenna closed her eyes pretending to fall asleep or she might change her plans. It didn't took long for Rome to fell asleep.

Lenna looked at the sleeping Rome.

I’m sorry Rome.

Lenna knew she had a few moments, minutes or more like at least three hours before he would have a nightmare. She wanted him to understand why she left him.

Dear Rome
I know you will be furious, and there are enough reason for you to be mad, but I really have to go.
I can’t lie to you, I don’t know if I gonna be fine. I don’t even know where I will go now.
When I said to stay with you and well Rawson I planned to show you guys the ropes of hunting and then go my own way. Well my plans got a bit more complicated now that the Mustang is burned. I love you and you can’t imagine how much I want to be with you, oops that sounds different than I meant Razz. I love looking at you and knowing you have my back, no matter how silly I act. You are my big brother and that is why I have to go. I cannot see you get hurt, as everyone else did. I’m no use for the others. All I am is an the girl that has read the answer somewhere in a book, but I am so much more or I wanna be so much more. I guess I have to grow up and find out who I am, without anyone pushing me in the direction I should go. Don’t waste your time and come looking for me, be a hunter safe people, kill things, bring light into the dark world.
Thank you for looking out for me I will never forget how much I love and will miss my big brother Rome always.
XXX Lennie

Lenna took her things and left quietly the room and the hotel. She felt lonely and didn't know if she did the right thing. She asked the first car she saw if he could give her a lift. She needed to get as far as possible.


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The tea certainly helped Rome sleep. And that was nice. For about twelve minutes.

Because he definitely dreamed.

Of course he did.

He felt sluggish, trapped, fuzzy, and the dream was unclear, more like a normal dream before he started having...problems. But Rome knew his dreams were never just dreams anymore.

Rawson was running away from him. It still hurt, but that was a normal dream these days, and didn't hurt too much in the scheme of things.

"Raws!" Now he was just irritated. "What the hell, man, why are you always--"

Rawson turned. But it wasn't Rawson.

It was Elenna. She was wearing Rawson's brown leather jacket. She stayed, looking at him wistfully for a moment, sadly, before turning her back on him and running again.

And that was so not cool.

"Lennie? Elenna, dammit, where the hell do you think you're...going?"

She was far outstripping him. He knew he was faster than her in real life, but of course this was a dream, and his movements were slow and uncoordinated.

"Elenna, stop! You're going to get hurt!"

She ran into a house. A creepy-looking, dark, old, wooden shack-type-house. It looked a lot like Dorothy's house that falls on the Wicked Witch. If, you know, the Wicked Witch herself had lived there.

Then he heard her scream.

By the time he rushed into the house, and ran down to the basement, it was almost too late. She was trapped, screaming, crying, trapped in a hole in the ground that was covered by a metal grate with a lock on it. And the hole was filling up with water.
"No!" he screamed and thrashed. "Lenna!" He spun around in bed, beating the wall, the bedside table, kicking the lamp over.

He tried to wake up. Oh, Lord, he tried to wake up. Where's Lennie? Why isn't she waking me up? Aren't I throwing enough of a fit out there?

"Lenna, wake me up!" he cried, his voice slurred by sleep. He managed to pry his eyes open. Daylight filtered in through the cracked curtains. He was on the floor, tangled in blankets, his feet resting on the bed, the broken remains of the lamp lying beside him.

Terror still gripped him as the dream failed to fade fast enough. He felt sick, and dizzy, and managed to haul himself to the trash can before he puked. He rubbed his eyes and slapped himself, feeling exhausted and sluggish. He shook his head roughly, vowing never to take Lenna's miracle tea ever again, because it worked too well on the sleeping part and not well enough on the dream-blocking part.

After a moment, his brain began to clear, though he still felt bone-weary, lost, and very tired. He sat on the floor, alone, half-naked, next to the trash can full of puke.


Rome looked around.



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Lenna had no place to go; she couldn’t go back to Tex’s or anywhere else. The guy that gave her a ride was a college student around Rome’s age and he knew exactly what he wanted for giving her a ride.

“You know it is kind of late maybe we should stop and sleep a little?” The guy looked hungry at her.

You make me proud, chica. Just be smart, use a condom, and if they start to get creepy you stab 'em in the heart.

A sad smiled flashed over Lenna’s face. Even after she left him, Rome was still there watching out for her.

The sign for a gas station was perfect.

“Yes sure. Let’s just before that quickly stop at the gas station, I need the ladies room.”

They stopped and Lenna slipped in the restroom. When she got out a huge truck was between her and the creepy guy.

“Excuse me sir, I need some help, my boyfriend just told me he cheated on me in our last hotel and I really need to get away from him. Could you give me a ride?”

The trucker looked at her from head to toe.

“I have a daughter in your age, I hope she never hitchhikes with a random trucker. Get in the truck I make sure your boyfriend won’t follow us. I’m Ryan.”

Ryan disappeared while Lenna climbed into his truck. She could see that he punch creepy guy once in the face and shouted at him. Creepy guy run panicked to his car and drove off before he even closed the door.

“That’s done. Where are you going girl?”

“Summer Roberts. To the next town would be good, I’ll start all over again.”

Lenna and Ryan got along quite well, she trusted him enough that she fall asleep while he drove through the country. In a small town she got off and went into the dinner she said she will look for a job here and a new live.


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Rome started the caffeine regimen immediately. Like, immediately. He had pills in his bag, and managed to crawl over to them. He started with those, still calling inanely for an Elenna he knew wasn't there.

Then he made a pot of the crappy coffee in the room, and drank it all, while he called her phone. It rang. It was on the nightstand, because if she wanted to run away of course she would leave her phone behind so he couldn't track it.

Once his heart sped up to hummingbird, it started to clear the cobwebs away, and he realized how wrong everything was. She had been distant all evening. Her clothes were gone. Her bags and stuff were gone. Her books were gone. Her bed hadn't been slept in. She had drugged him!

And there was a note on the bed.

Dear Rome,
I know you will be furious--
You're damn right!

and there are enough reason for you to be mad, but I really have to go. I can’t lie to you, I don’t know if I'm gonna be fine. I don’t even know where I will go now--

What?! Why the hell did you leave, then? Is this about the giant steak? Is this about Jennie?

When I said to stay with you and well Rawson I planned to show you guys the ropes of hunting and then go my own way. Well my plans got a bit more complicated now that the Mustang is burned. I love you and you can’t imagine how much I want to be with you, oops that sounds different than I meant--
Ha ha. Not funny.

I love looking at you and knowing you have my back, no matter how silly I act. You are my big brother and that is why I have to go. I cannot see you get hurt, as everyone else did--
Dear God in Heaven, has she gotten Peter Parker syndrome now?

I’m no use to the others. All I am is an the girl that has read the answer somewhere in a book, but I am so much more or I wanna be so much more. I guess I have to grow up and find out who I am, without anyone pushing me in the direction I should go--

Grow up? Grow up?! This is you growing up?

Don’t waste your time and come looking for me, be a hunter save people, kill things, bring light into the dark world--
How can I do that by my...

Thank you for looking out for me I will never forget how much I love and will miss my big brother Rome always.
XXX Lennie
Kiss my ass.

Tears were streaming down Rome's face. He wasn't sure why he was crying, or even if he was actually crying from sadness, or whether it was just rage causing him to tear up. He was gonna--when he found her he--she would wish she she'd never been--how could she be so freaking--

Why would she do this?

Rome decided to ignore that line of thought. It didn't matter why she had run away. It only mattered that she was a stupid girl and she had run away.

And he was going to get her back.

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((OOC OhmyGod you are awesome, I fell from my bed because I was laughing so much, and then I felt bad and thought Lenna should rush through the door and say it was all just a joke. That is sooooo much better than I ever imagined!))

Lenna was sitting in the diner; she had just ordered her breakfast which included pretty much everything. The waitress seemed to be shocked by the order but didn’t say anything.

She is pretty Rome would like her.

Lenna huffed, since the moment she left her best friend he was in her head telling her what to do and…

Whoa he can’t in my mind like that, can he?

It took a moment before Lenna relaxed even if he could, he wouldn't do it to find her, he wouldn't use his powers and sneak into her head. But she knew no matter that she asked him not to go looking for her he will. While she got her breakfast and more important her coffee she checked how much money she had $78.51 that is not a lot to run away. She couldn’t use her credit card since she got it from Rome and he might be able to track it.

It will be my backup, in case I found a way to run fast I can get the limit of cash and then run. But first I need a place to hide and maybe even sleep.

She was reading the paper more out of habit then actual interest. For some reason there were a couple articles about the little town Happy mostly boring stuff but hey what town was better for a new beginning that a town called Happy.

“Excuse me miss,” Lenna waved the waitress to her, “do you know how I can get to Happy?”

“There is a bus.”

“When does it leave?”

“In 10 minutes.”

Lenna looked wistfully at her breakfast.

“I would like to have this to go. And hurry up I have a bus to get.”

Lenna hurried with her doggy bag and coffee cup to the bus station. She looked back at the small town she didn't even know the name of.

I'm sorry Rome, really sorry but I truly thing it is the best for me.

She felt weird and sad when she was sitting in the bus having her breakfast and driving into a new adventure.

I never heard of a hunter who is traveling by bus.

But all that mattered was to take routes Rome couldn’t predict and there were the next few days opposite days.

Hopefully he stops looking within a few days. He should move on!


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((LOL really? I'll try and make Rome a bit less admirable in this scene. He has some growing up and learning to do, too, remember! Oh, plus: click here for mood music!))

Elenna was making this disappearing act an unfortunate habit. And it had ceased to resemble anything remotely amusing. In fact, Rome was absolutely going to throw his father's don't-hit-girls rule out the frakking window and teach her a frakking lesson when he found her, because this was eighteen kinds of rude, immature, and batsh*t-crazy.

On the plus side, he knew how to track her. He knew her tells: she tended not to overthink things and just did the opposite of whatever came naturally to her. The problem was that she was so freaking unpredictable when she was sane....

She was probably hitchhiking, because she knew how stupidly dangerous it was and wouldn't dream of doing it on a "normal" day. She had probably left just after he'd gone to bed--midnight--so at most she had eight hours and 500 miles on him. 250,000 miles was not a fun-sized swath of land to be searching.

He wouldn't call it in just yet. If she was determined to be the death of him he'd either call Tex and die of the shame of knowing she ran out on his watch, or he'd call the cops and probably get his fine ass thrown in the slammer.

After he packed all of his crap into the Ferarri (anything she left behind he left for the hotel to deal with, including a few books that might have belonged to Tex but, hey, it wasn't his ass that was going get a new one when Mosley found out), he grabbed a jumbo coffee (he didn't feel like eating) and a map from the nearest gas station and sat on the hood of the car as he refueled. He'd normally never use a map, but if he was going to find Lenna he had to think like Lenna and then do the opposite of that.

She wouldn't go back towards the Safehouse that was for sure, so that ruled out one direction at least. If he had time to comb the newspapers for anything that looked vaguely hunt-like he'd know that was where she'd head, but instead he scanned the map and pondered. But he was nervous, and every second wasted the area of searchable land got bigger, and her trail got colder. Rome was very much a pick-a-direction-and-run guy, because at least if you ran, you found out all the sooner if you ran the wrong direction.

So the only thing he was certain of was that she wouldn't head north toward Kansas, towards the Safehouse.

So that was, therefore, exactly where she was headed.

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Lenna took out the newspaper again. There was on article that caught her attention.

Another mysterious murder in Happy. The town name is not an indication of the living circumstances. Happy is not at all a happy town. A young woman got murdered in the night she was about to move. It looks like someone wants to keep the citizens of Happy from moving away, but in a horrible twisted way. Will the town soon be renamed into Sad?

“What a stupid article. I bet that’s a job, it sounds interesting enough to have a look at it. I can be happy that I’m already on my way.” Mumbled Lenna grinning. She checked her watch.

8 hours since I left Rome, I wonder what he is doing right now. I hope he is on the way to the Safehouse, while he thinks about an explanation where I am.

Texas was flying past her, and the feeling of being lonely didn’t go away but at least she knew her friends were safe without her around.

Lenna arrived around noon in Happy. And her first stop was a small diner called Lucky.

“Wow this town is really not creative with its names.”

Let the investigation begin.

Lenna stepped in the diner and ordered some coffee, burger and fries. When the waitress came back with her food she was brave enough to make a move, not a move like Rome would have done.

“Excuse me, could I ask you something?”

“Of course sugar.”

“I had some bad years and I’m looking for a place to settle down. I like small towns and was wondering what you could tell me about Happy I read about all those murders. How many of them have there been? I mean is Happy a safe town?”

“It is a lovely town, a town in which everyone knows everyone. It is a tragedy that Debbie died. She was such a nice woman. She just got divorced from her husband and found a job in Los Angles as accountant.”

“That doesn’t sound that safe at all.”

Lenna smiled at the waitress.

“I’m sorry I’m Summer.”

“Constance. It is a very nice town, do you need a place to stay?”

“Nice to meet you, Constance. Actually yes it would be nice."

"I’m the owner of a little guest house. You are welcome there.”

“That would be lovely.” Lenna smiled innocent at Constance.

“Do you think the murder will stop soon? I’m alone and don’t wanna have to worry to go out by night, because a lunatic as luring in the dark.”

“I’m sure the sheriff will catch whoever is responsible for this.” Constance looked over her shoulder and shouted to the kitchen. “Larry I will take my break now. I’m back in an hour.”

She went with Lenna across the street and showed her the room. Without thinking Lenna handed Constance her credit card to charge her for 2 nights.

“Summer Roberts that is a nice name.”

“Um yes thank you”

The door of her room opened and…

Holysh*t pink flowers, and pink everywhere. That is… gross.

But she said to Constance. “How lovely the room is thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. If there is anything you need let me know.”

As soon Constance closed the door Lenna got her Laptop and found in the net 28 more murders in the last 46 years. And apparently all victims where women.

“But what is the connection between them? They all look different and had different lives.”

Lenna looked at the list of names and jobs again. When it hit her, they where all divorced.

“Something is killing divorced women? What the hell of monster is doing that and for what reason?”

The first victim was Penelope Harriston.

“Cool there is still some family of her in town, let’s see what they know.”

Lenna grabbed her purse and her Press Pass that said she was a journalist for the Small town stories monthly and left the room.

11 hours since I left Rome, I wonder what he is… damn it I have to stop thinking about him. He is history, Hakuna Matata!

Lenna walked through town to do her job.


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((Radio music.))

Elenna had one stupid tell she didn't think he knew about, and never changed. Even when she was trying not be found, it just sort of slipped out. It was as standard as...well, lying:

Summer Roberts.

He was pretty sure it was from, like, some romance novel or chick-flick show or something he had no clue about, but she clearly wished she had been born with that name. He never let on he knew about this, though, for just this type of situation. So all he had to do was keep an eye out for any credit cards opening up with that name, any library cards or coffee shop locals.


Rome beat the steering wheel with unnecessary force. What was simple about this? Nothing. This sucked out loud. He was looking for a 5-foot, 80-pound needle in a haystack the size of the continental U.S.--and a needle that didn't want to be found at that.

He glanced at the faded green roadsign for inspiration, but all it supplied were a few ass-backwards dives in the middle of nowhere:

Kress 8
Tulia 19
Happy 34
Amarillo 68
Rome glanced back to make sure he'd read it right. He checked his GPS to make sure. Yes, there was a town called Happy, apparently. And anyone rookie enough to always go with the same fake chick-flick name was sure as hell going to at least stop and get ice cream at a place that called itself "Happy."

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It was scary, Happy was like the Munchkin Village in a Wizard of Oz. Everyone was insanely happy and smiling. Lenna stopped at the little bookstore and she went in, of course as if she could pass a bookstore without going in. She wandered around, and found a book that reminded her of the nightmare Nick had locked her in to die. A picture book about Rome and that was not enough next to it was a book about the story of Ferrari. Lenna was standing in the shop and for a moment she let her guard down and missed Rome like hell. This whole plan was stupid. Why did she run away in the first place?

“You left them. You abandoned them. How could you do that? How?”

Lenna shivered and ran out of the store back in the sunshine and the laughter filled town.

I have to stop thinking about him, it is the best the way it is. He is going his way and I’m going my way. And now I have a job to do.

Lenna run to Penelope Harriston daughter’s house. She needed to catch her breath for a couple of minutes before she could ring at the door. An elderly woman opened the door.

“Yes can I help you?”

Lenna showed her press pass and smiled. “I’m Summer Roberts, working for the magazine the Small town stories monthly and I’m writing an article about towns and their stories. I was wondering if the name of the story affects the people that live in the towns. Would you might answering me some questions?”

“No not at all. Come in, would like a cup of tea or coffee?”

Lenna smiled. “Coffee would be lovely.”

“Sit down sweetheart, I’m Miss Harriston. I live all my live in this town. And it is very lovely here. If there wouldn’t be those horrible accidents.”


“Yes, there are accidents. Woman that wanted to leave town die. They were on their way to start a new life and leave their families behind.”

“They left their families?”

“Yes wanted to, but they never could. They died before they could leave.”

Lenna reminded herself that she was here to write an article about the town names.

“So you would say the name Happy doesn’t make the people happier?”

“Those tragedies throw a shadow over the town. I think the first woman that wanted to leave was my mother, 46 years ago.”

“Is there any suspect?”

“No not at all.”

“But you seem happy is this, the house you grow up in?”

“No. My father couldn't stand living without my mother he had a hunting accidents and died, if you know what I mean. I moved in this house the house of my aunt and uncle.”

“Does your old house still stand? I would like to take pictures for the magazine.”

“Yes of course, though it is empty since we left it.”

“That is okay.”

A smiling Lenna took another cookie and took some notes. All this made not too much sense but it would soon.

“Thanks so much for your help. I have to go now. Would you mind if I take another cookie, they are awesome?”

“No not at all my dear.”

Getting up, taking another cookie, thanking Miss Harriston again and leaving her house.

“Okay it started with Penelope, but how?”

Lenna sat on the bench and went over her notes. This was a bizarre job.

“Now I see way hunters often have a partner it would help to have a second pair of eyes looking over this mess.”


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Population 550.


This was either going to be mind-numbingly difficult, or shockingly easy. She wouldn't bother with the opposite game once she found a town to hole up in, so he would probably be safe checking the bars, burger joints, and book shops, and, if he found nothing, moving on.

A bookstore immediately came into view, and how could she resist a bookstore? There appeared to be only one main road in this town, and it was a short road at that. He parked in front of the store and got out. It was worth a look around. He had a picture of her on his phone, loaded and ready to go. He tried not to look at it. The image was mocking him.

He swept into the one-room store dramatically, instantly attracting the attention of the young lady organizing the non-fictions. "Oh!" She squeaked. "Hi, can I help you?"

"Yes, you can," Rome flashed her his standard seductive smile, but his heart wasn't in it. "I'm looking for someone, she might have come in here. This is my sister, Summer, have you seen her?" He showed the girl his phone.

"Uh...yeah! I think so!" She had a cute voice, but he wasn't registering what he was seeing: he didn't notice what her hair color was, and couldn't even bring himself to guess her bra size. "She was in here, looked around, you know, small town, I tend to notice when we get visitors, right?" She giggled. Was she flirting with him? Did he care?

"When was she here?"

"Oh, must've been right when we opened. Around 10:30 or so."

"And she...what? Just left? Did she buy anything?"

The girl frowned, sensing his distraction. "No, just browsed around the used books section."


"Over there."

Rome immediately went to the specified shelf, and narrowed his eyes at it, as if a successful intimidation would make it tell him what he wanted to know. He tried to think like Lenna, which was kind of harder than he thought it would be, and anyway his own eye was drawn to a picture book chronicling the Ferrari from 1947-1997. When he reached out to grab it, however, the world flashed and--

Elenna had been here. She had touched this book. His attention was drawn to the book on the shelf next to it: Rome: Eyewitness Travel Guide.

Then a view of her face. She was sad. There was regret in her eyes, remorse even, and longing.
That was worth the headache, and gave him a sick sense of superiority and joy. Of course she was sad. She was being retarded. It was good to know he wasn't alone in his opinion.

Better yet, she was definitely in this town. He left the bookstore without a glance back.

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“Damn it this is driving me crazy. I know it is a ghost, and… Wait. The first woman wasn’t faithful to her husband she wanted to leave him, abandon him, and he killed the one thing he loved his wife and then in a moment of insanity he killed himself. This sounds like… no that can’t be… I never heard anything like this… but if it would be the other way around I would say it’s a woman in white. Are there such things as Man in white? “

Lenna stared shocked at her own notes.

“I need a phone, now.”

Lucky her Happy was a small town and small towns are always a bit awkward just a few meters away was a payphone. She dialed the number she knew without thinking.


“Pastor Jim it’s me Lenna.”

“My dear child what happen did you forget to use a phone? Where are you?”

“I don’t have time for this. Did you ever hear about a Woman in white but no being a woman but a man?”

“You make as usual no sense at all.”

“Just answer the question, Pastor Jim. Please.”

“Yes maybe it is possible, but I never heard of it….”

“Thanks call you later.”


Lenna hung up and run to the old house of the first victim. She knew what she was hunting, she had to find the remains of the man and burn them. This easier after all, she was safe from the ghosts she didn’t had anyone she could be unfaithful to, no boyfriend or husband she didn’t even had a lover in each town. She was safe.

Maybe I should start having one.

Lenna grinned when she stepped through the broken door in the old house. It was a pretty house once upon time. Lenna went through drawers and cupboards; she had to find where the remains of the ghost were. She had to finish the job and move on.


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Rome looked at the bar forlornly from inside the Ferrari, which he had parked out of sight behind some buildings in case Elenna saw him and flew the coop. Not that she had a ride or anything, unless she stole a car... Idea!

The next few hours until dinnertime were killed googling, hacking, calling, and frauding to see if any cars had been stolen in the past few hours within the correct vicinity and time frame.


Okay, then she was legging it, or taking a bus or--he shuddered at the thought--hitchhiking. Willing that last possibility not to be the case, he checked the bus schedules, and the next bus out of town leaves...tomorrow morning at 4AM.

So he could safely bet she'd be here at least until then.

He spent a while on the lines checking all two of the local motels and one hotel to see if any Summer Roberts' had checked in, or if Elenna's credit card had been run anywhere in a fifty-mile radius.

His stomach growled as night fell. He quieted it with half a Rockstar--one of the big cans--in one go. He wished he was hungry. He wished he could afford getting sloppy with alcohol so that he could take the edge off. He wished he could find some pretty girl, go to ground, and wait until he woke up.

But in the meanwhile he just knew Elenna was getting herself into trouble, nearby, somewhere, and no matter how much she deserved whatever came to her, he just couldn't let that happen.



Was there a hunt here? That would certainly be what attracted her here if there was. Rome frowned at his PDA, which was almost out of juice, and used its last bit of energy to check himself into the hotel--the only one with wifi. Even if he wasn't going to sleep, at least he had a base of operations until he had to stalk that bus at 4AM.

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Lenna was searching for a couple of hours in the house for any evidence of the ghost, but there was nothing.

“That is really annoying! Fine I come back tonight.”

Lenna walked back into town. She looked at the guest house, she knew there was no one there. She went to the only bar in town, she didn’t planned to go yet wasted but a drink and some pool to get the time killed sounds like fun.

The bar was small and didn’t check her ID, which was handy. At the pool table were two scary tattooed looking bikers. They were good and they looked like the type of guys that would never believe she is better. They were playing for money. She kept watching them very interested and played of little girl.

“This game looks like so much fun. Can I play?”

“Girly we never play for nothing. So far there are $700 in the pod.”

“I don’t have $700 but I have this it’s at the guesthouse and in a burning hot condition.” Lenna was holding her second pair of the keys of the Mustang.

They better not find out that the burning hot condition means it’s burnt. Well all I have to do is win.

“Fine but you walk if you lose! Do you know the rules?”

“I hit the white ball with this stick and the white ball has to pus either the fully colored balls in the holes or the ones with the stripe. The black one has to go first, I mean last.”

“Yeah kinda.”

The bigger biker grinned to his friend, he thought he already won a new car.

“You break the game, girly.”

Lenna smiled innocently at the biker.

“Okey dokey.”

Lenna hit the white ball and three balls of the same color went down.

“Oh, what a surprise. Was that good?”

Big guy was gnashing his teeth. “Yeah. Lucky.”

Lenna didn’t give the biker a chance to have any turn she downed all her balls and at last the eight.

“If I’m not wrong I just won the game. Thanks for playing, it was a pleasure. Oh I like pool.” Lenna took the car key and her 700 bucks and went to the bar.

“Wait right there girly. You tricked us. You said you never plaid before.”

“That is not true you assumed that I never played before, because of the unprofessional description. But my friend, trust me just because you don’t know the name for something doesn’t mean you don’t know the thing.”


“Frankie the girl is right, she never said she doesn’t know how to play. I kept an eye on her she seemed to be a trouble maker. I think it’s time for you to go home. You wife is waiting at home. “

Frankie looked once more angry at Lenna but left with his friend the bar. Lenna smiled and sipped at her coke.

That was fun.

“Thanks but I better go it’s getting late.”


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