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Rome Remington

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Rome Remington Tumblr_lteu7pGHMO1qa1j3o

Romulus "Rome" Remington

Date of birth: 01/03/1983
Age: 23
Sex: Yes
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Religion: Catholic
Profession: Ex-Marine Lance Corporal, now Hunter, Wanted Felon
Theme song: Veteran of the Psychic Wars, BÖC

Physical Description
Race / Ethnicity: Anglo-American
Weight: 180
Height: 6'
Hairstyle and color: dirty blonde (hur hur hur)
Eye color: mischievous hazel-green
Physical build: gym rat body with a party-boy beer gut
Identifying Markings: Many scars (about par for the course being in the Marines and from Hunting), none prominent, plus, chicks dig them Wink
Portrayed by: Chris Evans
Image of character
Rome Remington Chris-evans-20070808-295777
"Rome" to his friends, which includes most people he meets even casually, dresses, looks, and behaves like a stud. He is the popular guy, exuding charm and exuberance. He wears sensible but fashionable and expensive jeans and shoes, and name brand watches and sunglasses, and owns a plethora of colorful, witty t-shirts. His behavior usually means he stands out in a crowd, but when he wants to he is surprisingly capable of flying under the radar.

Medical History
Numerous severe injuries sustained while possessed by the demon Andre. As he's such a trouble-magnet, he's experienced the full gamut of being shot, stabbed, and breaking bones. He doesn't get much sleep and is definitely technically addicted to caffeine. There will probably be a reason for his susceptibility to the supernatural that can be reduced to something medical, but it hasn't been revealed yet.

High school (private, very fancy) diploma, no college. Some formal training in technical skills in the Marines.
Languages (spoken, written) English? Pig-Latin? The Language of Love?


Skill Strengths: He is a “face” guy first, ready to talk him and his team out of trouble (he got lots of practice talking him and his brother out of groundings as a kid), a tech/computer guy second (he was training to be a Tech Specialist), and a fighter third (he can hold his own in a fight). He is also a budding telepath/psychic, and sometimes gets helpful premonitions regarding the supernatural.

Skill Weaknesses: ...However, this is also a great weakness: Rome seems to be an unsecured wifi hotspot for the supernatural that almost anyone or anything can tap into without trouble. Premonitions tend to leak into his brain at inopportune moments, leaving killer headaches and sometimes inducing unconsciousness. It doesn’t appear to take much for Rome to fall under hypnosis or be possessed or controlled by a supernatural force. Can be used as a convenient plot device to introduce information, allow a bad guy monologue through, etc. He's also not a great fighter and has gone a bit soft from his years out of the Marines (though he still works out in order to look good). He's also, like most pretty faces, not much of a thinker.

This scene from The Losers gives a good idea of Romey's standard modus operandi.


Personality Strengths: He has a strong, fun-loving personality, a bit loud and over-the-top, with a definite geek-streak, but highly likeable. His charisma has actually made him the unofficial leader of the team, and his ability to coordinate people according to their strengths comes surprisingly naturally. He loves people in general, loves girls a lot, likes playing video games and listens to techno and dance club music. He loves food, fast cars, and generally loves life. He’s the brunt of everyone’s teasing, but secretly everybody likes him and is attracted to his natural charm. For most of his life, his best friend was his brother (Rome always had too many friends to be close to any one of them), and they relied heavily on each other’s strengths. Rome may have seemed like the “older brother” of the two, but in fact Raws did most of the leading from the shadows. It was Raws’ idea to go into the Marines, and Rome followed. Rome just appeared to be the leader because he did most of the talking. Rome is, always, incredibly loyal and protective of all of his friends: they are, hands-down, the most important things to him. He has special feelings for Elenna Fee that he hasn't quite worked out yet--mainly, he sees her as a little sister, but if he ever tried to admit romantic feelings for her he would never let himself live it down, nor ever let himself act on it.

Personality Weaknesses: Most of his strengths can also be weaknesses. His mouth can get him into trouble, but not as much as his libido: he's not all that perceptive of danger under normal circumstances (unless he gets a premonition), but his defenses are even further compromised in the presence of a pretty girl he plans to catch or be caught by. He's also a spoiled rich kid to whom money is no object, and he likes expensive clothes, gadgets, and toys. After his dealings with the demon Andre, he is certainly dealing with some major trauma and other issues, but for the most part he keeps these buried effectively enough to function.

What makes you happy? Girls. Sex. With girls. With multiple girls. With one girl. With ugly girls, with pretty girls, with girls of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. He likes girls. He likes dinner and a movie. He likes necking in the back seats of cars. He likes going to clubs and bars to meet girls. Did I mention he likes girls? Rome also generally enjoys spending time with friends. He doesn't like being alone for long periods of time. He loves fantasy and sci-fi TV shows, movies, books, and all kinds of video games.
What scares the crap out of you? Probably demon possession is at the top, followed closely by being abandoned by those he loves. After that we get into minor phobias: he doesn't like the open ocean (or any huge open space, really) and is terrified of sharks.

History / Background

Rome and Raws were born into the stereotypically perfect, but extraordinarily wealthy, American household. They went to the best schools, had the best toys, traveled Europe, and all the while were loved by their parents and extended family. On their eighteenth birthday, their parents gave them a priceless gift: a pair of silver torque-type bracelets from the Gallic Roman period decorated by wolves heads. These would later prove to be an artifact with supernatural properties. Rome was always more people-oriented than his twin, whom he tried at every opportunity to integrate into normal society. But Rawson was always the boss, and when he went into the Marines when they graduated high school, Rome had no qualms about following. It was a lark, for him, much like everything else, where he got to see new places and play with guns and be with his brother.

Then, during a war game training mission, a demon known only as Andre possessed Romulus and killed the rest of his fire team and injured Rawson. Andre borrowed Rome's meatsuit for eight months with which he executed terrible crimes that Rome does not entirely remember (and will be revealed in the story). The only thing he remembers is killing his parents with his bare hands. After Rawson met Elenna Fee and realized what was wrong with his brother, together these two managed to exorcise Andre and free Rome, in spite of the effect of the wolf bracelets which, when Andre acquired both, locked him inside his host as long as the objects remained. The bracelets, since, as long as each twin wears one, allows some form of communication between the two, which may or may not be due to Rome's abilities. These abilities were probably triggered by the trauma of Rome's experiences with Andre. So far they include premonitions only, but there's no telling where they end.

Rome, Raws and Elenna hunted together for a year before meeting up with other hunters. Much of this time included only Rome and Elenna, as Rawson had gotten involved with some sort of black ops ring while Rome was possessed, and he couldn't just walk away from that.

Although at first presumed MIA and then KIA during the Andre period, eventually some perceptive FBI Agents caught up with Andre-Rome's trail. As a result, now Rome is wanted for many crimes he does not even remember committing, and many others post-possession that he totally remembers committing and would do again if he had the chance (like fraud, impersonation of a federal officer, carrying an unregistered weapon, and illegally downloading Battlestar Galactica). Now he's wanted by the Feds and, very soon, by SWORD, especially when they find out what he is...

Aside from Rawson, Rome has no siblings. Parents are Roger and Mariane Remington. Mariane Remington is a Campbell, the daughter of Steven (brother of Mary Winchester's Samuel Campbell) and Megan Campbell. Mariane had a twin sister, Sibyl. Roger has younger twin brothers (Benjamin and Blake) and a sister, Holly. Let's say Benjamin + Ashley Remington have Vorian Remington, only child. Blake + Amanda have Reed (who's in a wheelchair) + Sarah (no kids), and Robert. Holly + Jeremy Jacobs have four kids (all under 18) Raphael, Steven, Samantha, and Ricky.

How and why you became a Hunter
Rome mainly got into hunting because it was the only viable option for him as a wanted felon, but he quite likes saving people because he generally likes people. Rome likes hunting for many of the same reasons he liked the Marines: it's what his friends do, it's fun, he gets to see new places, meet new people, and play with guns.

Hunting specialties (anything you’re particularly familiar with and good at killing) Not really, as he's still sorta new. He can recognize, even "sense" a demon from a mile away, but only in order to avoid it.

Hunter contacts (anyone important you know?) Does Elenna Fee count? Also, apparently his mother, Mariane Remington, was a hunter back in her day. Other than that, Tex Mosely.

Hunter assets (what’s in the arsenal in the trunk of your car?) It's still a young arsenal in a new car, but whatever's in there is sure to be top of the line and exceedingly expensive (and probably illegal). His signature handgun is (his brother's) Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, his favorite mainly because he knows it makes him look really freaking awesome. He recently converted it to a .50 caliber Magnum, because the best kind of kill is overkill.

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