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Sweet child 'o mine: A Georgielenna adventure

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When Georgie walked to her room she saw a pink shirt and short white pants lying on her bed. Her mother had put them out for her to make sure that she wouldn’t choose an expensive dress for the barbecue in the garden later. Georgie didn’t possess many pants, but she also didn’t want to ruin her pretty dresses so she put the clothes on that her mom had put out for her.
After Georgie was dressed she went on her balcony and saw Elle sitting in the garden, talking to something, or maybe talking to herself. In the background she saw Christopher and her father setting up the stupid soccer net that he bought a year ago when he hoped his daughter would suddenly wake up with the urge to play soccer…something that didn’t happen so far, and Georgie knew it would never ever happen. She would rather wear green than play soccer. What kind of girl liked soccer anyway? Girls weren’t supposed to get dirty! Suddenly she saw Elle walking to the soccer net, she obviously seemed interested. Georgie shook her head. “Oh Elle…”

Georgie walked out of her room, went downstairs, passed Lorelai and her mother who were in the kitchen preparing breakfast, and went outside. “Hi Elle!”, Georgie waved at the little girl who turned around.

“Dordie! Look!”

“What do you have?” Georgie came closer. “Eww!”, she immediately jumped back when Elle proudly showed her the slug. “Gross!”

“Eugene!” Elle grinned.


“He is Eugene!”

“You call that thing Eugene?” Georgie raised her eyebrows.

“Eugene cute.”

“No!” She shook her head. “It’s slimy and disgusting, and now your hand is sticky.”

Elle didn’t understand why the older girl didn’t like the slug in her hand. “Dordie? Eugene nice!” She stretched out her hand and held the slug under Georgie’s nose.

“Eww!” Georgie took two steps back. “I don’t like Eugene, sorry Elle. I like butterflies.”

“Butterflies?”, Elle repeated. “Tinkerbell!”

“I know, butterflies look like fairies.”

Elle laughed. “Yes!” She went back to play with sticky Eugene while Georgie walked to her dad who just finished putting up the soccer net. She hoped he wasn’t angry with her anymore because she had shared a bed with a boy - what was so wrong about that anyway? She took her dad’s hand and stared at the soccer ball.

“I don’t want to play soccer”, Georgie said. “Girls don’t play soccer.”

“I know you don’t like soccer, and I gave up the hope that you will one day”, he said. “This is for the people who actually want to play soccer, like Chris or Nick…or even Elle.”

“But Elle is a girl!”

“She likes all kinds of ball games”, Christopher said. “Isn’t that right, sweetie?” He looked at his little daughter who played with a slug.

“Hey guys!” Lorelai walked out. She was wearing a simple black shirt but still looked stunning.

“Breakfast is ready.”

“Mami!” Elle ran to her mother and showed her the slug. “Eugene!”
Lorelai laughed. “That’s an…interesting new friend you got there, honey, but you’ll have to leave Eugene outside when we go inside to have breakfast.”

Georgie walked to the Fee girls. “Hello, Lorelai.”

“Hi, Georgie.” She smiled at the blonde girl. “I saw you were pretty cosy with my son this morning”, she said, winking playfully at her.

Georgie crossed her arms and smiled innocently. “Maybe…”

“What are you two talking about?”, Christopher and Adam appeared behind them.

“Politics”, Georgie said.

Her dad raised his eyebrows. “Aha.”

Georgie took Elle’s little hand (the one without sticky Eugene) and walked with her inside. She saw her mother putting orange juice on the table while Nick helped her. When Nick saw the others coming inside he quickly turned around and stared at the floor.

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Nick sighed he had to start acting normal again. He wasn’t allowed to kiss Georgie again but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be friends with her.

Elle looked at Josephine, she went to her Eugene still on her left hand. “Pheen, look little slud.”

Josephine looked skeptical at the little girl. “Sweetie I’m sure the slug…” “Eudene.” “Yes. Eugene would be much happier outside. So why don’t you let him have outside his breakfast while we have ours in here?”

Elle nodded and took Nick’s hand. “Hilfe.”

Nick went with her outside took an empty garden pot and trapped Eugene in it. “I can’t promise he will be there when you get outside but we hope okay?” Elle looked with trust and love in her eyes at her big brother. She would believe everything he says. She hugged him. “Ich liebe dich, Nicky!” Nick looked over her shoulder to see if they were alone. He hugged her tightly back kissed her forehead and said “Ich liebe dich auch, für immer! Whatever happens I’m always there for you. You are always my little trouble-maker.” He wiped the slime of Eugene on Elle’s hand at his shirt off, leaving a big stain on it.
Elle giggled kissed him on the cheek and went back in the kitchen.

“Sit down sweetie and have some toast.” Lorelai just saw Nick’s shirt. “What happened to your shirt?”

“Oh I cleaned Elle’s hand.” He smirked.

“Young man next time use a tap and water and not your shirt.”

“Okay sorry. But it will get dirty anyway.”

Lorelai rolled her eyes and gave Elle more banana slices to eat. “Auntie Pheen. No orande juicy, apple?”

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Josephine smiled at the little girl. "You want apple juice? Sure." She went back to the kitchen while the rest sat down at the large table. Georgie sat next to Elle who couldn't stop talking about 'Eudene', then she noticed Nick's glance for a second, so Georgie did exactly what she could do best.
She smiled while she flirtatiously threw her hair over her shoulder, and then threw a kiss at the poor boy who went from red to pale because he remembered Adam's threat of cutting him off his fingers. Well, technically he didn't touch Georgina, and Adam only said he didn't want to see his hands on, he was safe, wasn't he?
Nick dared to look in Adam's direction, which he deeply regretted, because Adam stared at him as if he wanted to kill the little boy. Josephine saved him when she came into the dining room, gave Elle her apple juice and talked to her husband. Nick caught Georgie's glance who couldn't stop giggling. Of course she was so cheerful, after all nobody threatened to cut off her fingers. Nick stared at his plate, wondering if Peter Pan ever had those problems just because Wendy gave him a thimble. Neither in the book nor in the movie it was mentioned that Peter Pan had to suffer severe consequences for getting a thimble. And nobody threatened Peter if he would sleep next to Wendy. Why was this sort of stuff so easy in fictional stories, but not in reality? In every movie the hero kissed the girl, and nobody hunted him down for that.

"Papi?", Elle looked to her dad.

"Yes, honey?"

"Eudene heiraten auch?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure Eugene has a girlfriend he wants to marry", Christoper said, grinning.

"Are we still talking about the slug?", Adam mumbled. He looked at his daughter who was obviously flirting with Nick. She was five years old, for God's sake, wasn't he supposed to worry about that kind of stuff in at least ten years?

"Georgina", he said. "Eat your breakfast." He didn't want to be the strict parent, that has always been Josephine's role, but he couldn't stop it.

Georgie rolled her eyes. "Mr. Christopher, sir, would you be so kind and pass me the butter?"


"Thank you", Georgie smiled at him, then looked at Nick. "Would you be so nice and pass me the strawberry jam, Nick."

Nick heard Adam clearing his throat, so he quickly passed her the jam without even looking at her.

"Thanks, Nick, you're a very lovely person. Very, very lovely."

Christopher and Lorelai started laughing but Adam sighed. "You make it damn hard, girl!"

"What do you mean, daddy?" Georgie looked at him innocently.

"Please give me another ten years to prepare for that, I'm seriously not ready for that kind of stuff."

"I'm just honest, daddy. Nick is a lovely person."

Nick wanted nothing more than hiding behind a big, fat wine list again...or better, getting swallowed up by a huge hole.

Elle smiled. "Nicky lovely!", she repeated. "You lovely!", she pointed at Georgie. "Eudene lovely too!"

Georgie made a face. "I wouldn't say that about Eudene..."

After the breakfast the girls went outside again, playing hide and seek and trying to make flower wreaths. Georgie made a daisy wreath for Elle and placed it on her head. "I love seeing daisies on you, they suit you", she said.

"Thanks, Dordie. And you rose!"

"I'm a rose?"

Elle nodded. "Rose white."

They lay in the grass, watched the clouds wandering and tried to make out their shapes until they heard the adults getting out the grill and starting to set up the table.

"Elle?", Georgie said.

"Yes, Dordie?"

"If you could be anybody in this world, who would you be?"

Elle thought for a second. "Tinkerbell!"

Georgie grinned. "But if you were an actual person, you know?"


"You would like to be your brother?"

Elle nodded. "Lieb ihn."

"That is so cute."



"Ich Nicky, so you dive me thimble!"

Georgie giggled. "I'd love to", she said and pressed a kiss on Elle's cheek.
A little bit later Helen and Lewis arrived. Georgie knew her uncle only in suit and tie, so it was weird to see him without that, but he still managed to look rich. When they entered the garden Elle and Georgie got up from the grass and walked to them. They were still wearing their daisy wreaths and looked like little flower girls at a wedding.
"Hello Dordie's auntie, hello Mr. Dilmore", Elle said with a big smile on her face. Since Lewis always looked so serious and sophisticated, little Elle thought she needed to call him Mr. Gilmore.
However, Georgie's uncle didn't look serious at the moment, he even smiled. "You can call me Lewis, Elle."

The little girl looked at him. "Yes, Lewis, Mr. Dilmore sir."

Lewis and Helen laughed. "God, isn't she lovely?", Helen said.

Georgie hugged her little friend proudly. "Yes, she is. And she's all mine!"
Elle giggled.

"What is that, uncle?", Georgie pointed at the camera that he carried.

"That is the newest video camera on the market. I thought I might bring it and try it out."

"But you don't know how to use it", she said.

"Excuse me?"

"You're the last person on this planet who knows how to use any sort of electronic devices."

Lewis raised his eyebrows. "Where did you hear that from?"

"Daddy always says that." His little niece smiled at him.


"Actually your father is right, Georgie", Helen said.

"Helen? I had hoped for a little bit support."

Helen laughed and took her husband's hand. "But Adam is right."

"I'm right about what?", Adam appeared behind Georgie and Elle. Suddenly he noticed the camera. "What on earth..." He looked at his brother. "Are you kidding me? You got one of those new panasonic full size camcorders?"

"What is wrong about the panasonics? They are-"

"No", Adam interrupted his brother. "You don't get it. You got one of those new panasonic full size camcorders? You of all people, like, seriously?"

"Come on, I'm not that bad when it comes to this."

"Yes, and I'm not that bad when it comes to dancing ballet", Adam said sarcastically.

Georgie chuckled. "But you said you don't like ballet, daddy."

"That's right, honey. I wasn't serious with the ballet thing."

Georgie grabbed his hand and looked up to him. "You could try!"


"Ballet. We could go to ballet classes together."

Adam stared at her. "Ahem...I would rather swim in a pool full of alligators than go to a ballet class. But thanks for the offer, Georgina."

Elle's eyes widened. "Allidators?" She pulled at Adam's shirt. "Dangerous!"

He smiled at her. "Don't worry, Elle, I wasn't serious about that either."

"Daddy?" Georgie looked at him innocently.

Adam knew that tone exactly. "What do you want?"

"Now that Uncle Lewis has a camera, can I use his camera and become a model?"

"Most certainly not", he replied. "I don't want to see you selling yourself to strange people."

Georgie didn't really get what her father meant, but she did get that she had no chance convincing him. "Am I not pretty enough?"

"Of course you're pretty, and that's exactly why I don't want to see you going out there and showing it to the world."

"Dordie!", Elle grabbed Georgie's arm. "Can we look Eudene?"

" really want to look for that thing?"

Elle nodded. "Please!"

Georgie couldn't say no. "Okay..."

"Who is Eudene?", Lewis wanted to know.

"A slimy slud!", Elle grinned widely.

"Excuse me?", Lewis and Helen both looked shocked at the little girl.

"A slimy slud!", Elle repeated. "He is cute!"

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((OOC Ohmygosh you made my day, so much brighter.))

Elle giggled when they found Eugene. “Look Mr. Dilmore Lewis sir, my slimy slud.” Elle looked proud at Lewis.

Lewis was surprised this little girl was adorable but in so many different ways than his niece. Elle turned around to Helen. “Touch Eudene?”

“No sweetie I think he like you the most.”

Elle giggled and bounced to her brother who was playing soccer with Adam and his dad. “Papi, ich auch pielen.”

Christopher smiled. “Of course you can play with us. I explained you the rules do you remember them?”

“Kick foot no hands.” Elle smiled proud at him.

“That’s right. And be careful Eugene does not fall from your hand we don’t want to step on him.”

“Noooo, sit Eudene.”

Elle played with Nick, Adam and her dad soccer and was really happy. At some point she sat Tigger at the side and put Eugene on his head. Lorelei chook her head, that meant tonight Tigger had to be washed over night.

“Kids dinner is ready.” Called Lorelai, her plan was to get everyone at the table but her daughter had a different plan. Elle got a bun, and a burger. “Käse Mami.”

“Yes I know Josephine has cheese to make your burger a cheeseburger.” Elle smiled widely at Josephine. “Pheen cheese please.” It just made Josephine smile as wide back.

As soon Elle’s cheeseburger was complete she went back to the soccer ball, and with a mouth full of cheeseburger she said muffled and a bit spitting. “Spielen?”

Adam chuckled. “You should make her a professional soccer player she has the ambition for it.” He went to Elle and picked her up the little girl which started squeaking. “It is better when you first finish your burger and then we play some more soccer.”

“Okay have too?”

“Yes we eat sitting down at the table.” Adam sat Elle on the chair next to Georgie which was sitting as usual with perfect manners at the table.

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When Elle sat next to Georgie she looked at the older girl. "Kalt?"

"I'm sorry?"

"You cold?"

"No. Why?"

"Blanket!" She pointed to the napkin that Georgie had on her lap.

"That's not a blanket, Elle", Georgie replied. "That's a napkin. You put it on your lap while you eat, so in case something drops your clothes won't get dirty."

Elle stared at her, still a little confused, then she grabbed her burger and continued eating.

"Don't you want salad?", Georgie asked. She grabbed another plate for Elle, put a bit of salad on it and placed it in front of the little girl. "It's good for you."

"Don't like schalad", Elle mumbled with a full mouth.

"But you should eat it, it's healthy."

Elle shook her head. "No, don't like it."

"Don't bother, Georgie", Lorelai said. "I've tried so many times to get her to eat at least a bit of salad but she won't eat it."

"That's too bad", Georgie looked at Elle. "I hope you're going to change your eating habits when you're older." After she ate her salad she had a small burger, but she used her fork and knife and cut it into tiny pieces, pretty much a way no American would eat a burger, but Georgie didn't like eating with her fingers. But she wasn't the only one at the table. Both her uncle and her mother ate the same way, which made Lorelai and Christopher grin. Elle's parents were used to all sorts of takeaways, their fridge was always stuffed with leftover food and not one of the dishes they ordered required the use of fork and knife, except if it was rice from the Chinese place. But other than that silverware and even plates tended to be useless because they mainly ate the pizza out of the box. The Gilmores, on the other hand, were definitely used to different 'dining'. Adam was pretty much the only one of the Gilmores who didn't have anything against takeaways and who thought it was ridiculous to eat a burger with fork and knife, but he didn't say anything.

"Did you break your camera yet?", Adam asked his older brother.

"As a matter of fact I spent the last hour filming and nothing happened."

"I'm surprised you even knew how to turn it on."

"Believe it or not but I did read the instruction before I used the camera", Lewis said sarcastically.

"You always read the instruction but soon afterwards you break everything."

"That isn't true."

"Do I need to remind you of the TV incident two years ago?"

"What happened?", Nick wanted to know.

"It is not of import", Lewis said quickly.

"He almost burnt down the entire house after installing the TV", Georgie said with a bright smile as if she was talking about a good grade she got on her spelling test.

"Georgina", her uncle looked at her. "Nobody wants to know that."

"Wow, really?" Nick's eyes widened as he looked at Lewis. "You almost burnt down your house?"

Lewis cleared his throat. "It had nothing to do with installing the TV. There was a thunderstorm the same night, so..."

"But there was no thunderstorm when your new fax machine exploded after you installed it", Georgie said.

Her uncle raised his eyebrows. "You weren't even born then, how do you know?"

"Dad told me." She smiled.

"Thank you, Adam", he looked at his younger brother.

"No problem", Adam grinned. "She only wants to know her uncle a little bit better, isn't that right, Georgina?"

Georgie nodded, still smiling.

After the dinner Christopher, Nick and Adam went back to the soccer game, followed by little Elle. Georgie sat with the two mothers, her aunt and her uncle at the table but she got kind of bored of their conversation so she walked to the others.

"Wow, I never though the day would come that I see my daughter participating in a soccer game", Adam said.

"I don't want to play", Georgie crossed her arms. "I want to be the cheerleader."

"There are no cheerleaders for soccer games."

"So?" She looked almost offended at her dad.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. You can be the cheerleader."

"But I'm not even wearing a cheerleader costume. I'm not even wearing a skirt!"

"Honey, you can still cheer for us even if you don't wear that weird cheerleader outfit."

"Cheerleader outfits aren't weird!", Georgie complained. She thought about her pink cheerleader outfit and couldn't understand why her dad didn't really like it. "Can I take off the pants then?"

"Excuse me?", her father stared at her.

"I would rather take off my pants completely than be a cheerleader with pants, because that's just wrong! Cheerleader don't wear pants."

Adam quickly turned to the others who, of course, had listened to that conversation as well, and his glance met Nick's who immediately blushed and looked away, then he turned to his daughter again. "You're not running around in your underwear in front of our guests, even if cheerleader outfits are not that much different from underwear..."


"No 'but', Georgina." Adam sighed, then knelt down to her. "You can be the referee and make sure that nobody is cheating."

"Referees are ugly and boring."

"At least they wear pants." Adam got up and walked to the others. "Okay, let's play."

Elle was the first who got the ball, and she was so excited that she almost forgot to kick it. "Eudene, Tidder! Look!", she screamed. "I have ball!"

"Sweetie, you have to kick the ball", her father reminded her.
As the game went on Elle proved to everyone that she was pretty good, and there was definitely potential- even if she got easily distracted by butterflies or birds or other things. After ten minutes Georgie interrupted.


"What is it? I swear I didn't cheat!", Christopher said with a smile.

"No, it's not that!", she walked to Elle whose hair was messy from the game. "I quickly have to fix her hair, she can't run around like that." Geogie smiled at the little girl and made some cute little pigtails with her hair.
"Now you can play."

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Elle waited more or less patiently until Georgie had her hair fixed. “Hurry Dordie. I star.”

Georgie giggled. “Yes you are the star, at least you are the cutest on the field.”

Elle kissed her on the cheek. “Danke.” She run back to the ball and shouted. “Ready? Okay, let’s dehen.”

Elle picked up the ball and threw it to Adam, who was in her team. “Hey little one we use our feet not the hands.”

“Whoopsy daisy sowwy.” Elle smiled shy apologizing at him.

Nick rolled his eyes, he knew that his sister at some point forgot what she was suppose to do. Adam picked up Elle and run with her to the goal and scored. “See it is not so bad to be in my team, we are winning.” Elle giggled and kissed him on the cheek. “New Held.”

“Ha, see Chris I told you I can win the heart of your daughter. And all this without reading her stories.”

Christopher grinned. “Great next time she has a nightmare of monster under her bed, you are with dealing this kind of thing better anyway.”

“Yeah you and your books, did you have to move your kids into one room to expand your library?”

“No I’m good in organizing, they fit all in my study.”

Adam laughed. “I think I have an idea how your study looks like.”

“Papi viele books. Love books.” Elle smiled at Adam.

“Yes I know you love my book you are crazy about them. You should see her, every normal child runs to her parents when they have a nightmare or think they have monster under her bed. Not my little girl, she goes and sleeps between the piles of books.”

“Your daughter is just like you when it comes to books but that is pretty much like Lorelai. This is adorable.”

The two men were just standing talking to each other.

“Hey are we playing or talking about my annoying little sister? She is a pain in the a….” Christopher looked at his son, “apple tree.”

Christopher raised an eye brow. “Watch your mouth, young man.”

“Sorry dad.”

Adam put Elle back down on the floor, making sure she was alright. “Shall we continue the game?”

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Everybody focused on the soccer game- one more reason Georgie started to really hate that sports. Her dad kept an eye on Elle, Elle kept an eye on various things at the same time, Christopher and Nick kept an eye on the soccer ball... she felt like she didn't exist. Georgie crossed her arms, bit her lip and watched the four playing soccer. "Oh, forget it!", she turned around and walked to the others who didn't notice her at first. They talked about some 'hunting stuff', as her dad used to call it, Georgie heard a couple of words, but the moment she approached the table the adults quickly changed the subject.
"Since when do you live in Boston, Josephine?", Lorelai asked. "Did you grow up here?"

"No, I grew up in Maine, but I lived part of my life in France, I have extended family there."

"Really, France? Are you partly French?"

"Well, partly yes, the side of my father is French."

"What's your maiden name?"


"As in..."

"The jeweler, yes."

Lorelai raised her eyebrows. "Wow...I never thought I'd meet someone of the Cartier family."

"Well, it's only extended family..."

"But still!" Lorelai smiled. "And you moved to Boston when you met Adam?"

"Yes, after we got married."

"Why did you change the subject?" Georgie stood next to the table, looking at the four without any expression on her face.

"Excuse me?", her mother said.

"Before I came to the table you said something about demons. You can still talk about it, I know there is stuff like that out there."

"Honey..." Josephine cleared her throat. "I know you are interested in this, but I think you're still very young, actually too young for-"

"Whatever!" Georgie shrugged her shoulders and walked to her uncle. "Can I sit on your lap, Uncle Lewis? Please!"

"All right." He smiled at her and carefully lifted her up. Georgie was in desperate need of attention, of male attention. She pressed her head against his chest and scrutinized his expensive watch.

"Is something wrong, Georgina?", her mother asked.


"Oh, I know that face." Josephine turned to Lorelai. "That is her 'I'm-upset-because-I-don't-get-all-the-attention-I-want-face."
Lorelai chuckled.

"Honey, you have to understand that your father likes to play soccer once in a while. As much as he loves you, but after hours of watching your ballet or cheerleader performances, playing tea party with you and reading 'Sleeping Beauty' to you, you have to let him do what he likes at least once in a while."

"That's not true", Georgie mumbled. "Dad doesn't read 'Sleeping Beauty' to me. He watches the Disney movie with me and falls asleep every time. And he said Prince Philip is a wussy."

Lorelai, Josephine and Helen smiled.

"And he said he doesn't like ballet."

"But he likes watching you dancing ballet, and that is what really matters", her mother replied.

Georgie looked over to the others who were still playing. Although she hated soccer she had to admit that it was incredibly cute to watch Elle kicking the ball with her tiny feet.

"It's too bad we have to head back tomorrow", Lorelai said. "It's been such a great weekend. And I can't believe how strongly attached Elle got to Georgie."

"I want to keep her!" Georgie turned her head to Lorelai. "She can live with me, and I'm going to teach her all the important stuff she needs to know."

"And that is?"

"How to paint your fingernails, how to put nice makeup on, how to make your hair look nice...", Georgie continued listing all the girly lessons she would teach Elle, which made Lorelai only laugh harder.

"Oh, you're adorable, Georgie!"

The blonde girl smiled proudly. "Thank you." She pressed her head back against his uncle's chest and touched his watch. "Can I have your watch one day?"

"When you're older I'll buy you a similar one, only much nicer. One that is more suitable for young ladies."

"Really?" She grinned, then gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You're the best!"

Josephine rolled her eyes. "What is it with you men always spoiling my child? When she's a teenager I will force you and Adam to deal with her, because you two are the ones responsible for her being so demanding. You'll see the results sooner or later..."

"I'm not spoiling her", Lewis said, turning to his wife. "Do I?"

"No, not at all!", Helen replied sarcastically.

"Dordie! Dordie!" Elle ran towards the table. "Won!"

"You won?", Georgie looked at the little who pulled at her pink shoes.

"Only because we let you win", Nick mumbled, but when he felt his dad slapping him playfully on the back he quickly said: "Yes, they won!"

"Do you kids want dessert?", Josephine asked. "We have cake."

Elle smiled widely. "Cake!"

"I take it as a 'yes'." Josephine got up. "If we wait one more hour we're going to see the stars. It's getting dark, and I heard today is supposed to be a very starry night." She turned to Elle. "Do you like watching stars?"

She nodded. "Pretty!"

"Yes, they are."

"Tidder mag auch stars." She looked up to Georgie. "We can make wish!"

"Only if we're lucky and see a shooting star."

"So you can wish that you'll marry Matthew Boderick one day, am I right", her mother said with a smile.

"Well, that and living in a pink castle and have a pink car and a pink carriage with horses." She paused for a moment. "Although...I don't want horses. I only want the carriage. Horses are dirty and there are always annoying flies around them. I don't want flies in my castle."

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Elle grinned widely when Josephine put her Tinkerbell plate with cake on the table. She climbed quickly on the chair, this time without any incidents like falling down from it, head first. She giggled excited to get chocolate cream cake. It didn’t took long for her to eat the slice of cake, she hold up her plate over her head and shouted. “Please, more?”

Lorelai started laughing. “I knew you would say this sweetie. You can have one slice more, but that’s it.”

Elle nodded with a chocolate covered face. Georgie on the other hand ate one small piece, without being chocolate covered. After the entire cake was gone, Lorelai gave Elle her coloring book and her crayons. “Mami Blatt?”

“At the end of your coloring book are white sheets.”


Elle started drawing, she was so concentrated that she didn’t know what was happening around her. In the end she ran to Georgie who was with her mom and Lorelai at the roses. Imitating the adults, they smelled and touched the Roses and talked about the earth and the water. She was still a bit away when she started shouting.

“Dordie! Dooooordie hier.” The sheet flying like a flag behind her.

Lorelai looked at her with a stern look. “Why are you shouting like a manic?”

“Sowwy Mami.” She looked with big puppy-dog-eyes at her mom. “Go on you wanted to talk to Georgie?”

Elle nodded. “Hier!” She gave Georgie her picture. “For du!”

Georgie let the hand of her mom go and took the picture.”

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When Georgie looked at the picture and saw how much effort little Elle took to draw this picture, she couldn't help but feel incredibly touched.

"Oh, Elle, this looks so great!", Georgie smiled at the little girl and hugged her. "Thank you so much!"

Elle giggled. "Bitte."

"Look, mother", Georgie showed the picture to Josephine and Lorlai. "She drew us."

"It looks amazing, Elle", Josephine said. "I'm surprised how good you can draw."

Elle blushed a little, also proud that she made her friend happy.

"I'm going to keep this picture forever", Georgie said. "I will sleep with it under my pillow, next to Matthew. It has a very special place there."

"Special!", Elle repeated.

"Yes, it's very special. And you are special too."

"Thanks, Dordie."

"I'm going to get some blankets for you", Josephine said to the children. "It's getting a bit cold out here, and you want to see the stars, right?"

The girls nodded. Lorelai helped Josephine to get some blankets. The girls sat down on one giant blanket and wrapped each other up in two separate blankets, one green for Elle and one pink for Georgie. Nick joined them soon, although he was afraid he would have been given one of Georgie's extremely girly blankets, but luckily Adam lived in the house as well, so he got a blanket that was more of his taste. Lorelai picked up Tigger from the grass and gave it to her little daughter who hugged him tightly.
While the adults sat at the table and talked, the children sat on the grass, wrapped in their blankets, looking for star signs and hoping they might see a shooting star. After a while it got really quiet, and when Christopher checked on the kids he saw that they had all fallen asleep.

"I think we should bring them to bed now", he whispered. "It's late." He took Nick, Lorelai took Elle and Adam took Georgie, all three of them still sound asleep. Adam and Lorelai went into Georgie's room and lay the two little girls down into Georgie's enormous bed. When Adam carefully covered his daughter with a blanket Georgie opened her eyes for a brief moment and smiled at him tiredly.
"Good night, daddy", she whispered.

"Good night, princess." He kissed her on the forehead and left the room with Lorelai. Georgie turned to Elle, looked at the sleeping girl, smiled a last time, and then closed her eyes. She was still holding on to Elle's picture as if it was the most valuable possession she owned. It may not be as expensive as her countless designer dresses, shoes, bags and valuable porcelain dolls, but for Georgie it was more worth than anything else she possessed.

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Elle was leaning against the headboard of the bed and whispering stories to Tigger while her bracelet jingled slightly each time she moved her right arm. Since she can remember she wore this bracelet her mom told her it is a magical bracelet and it would always protect her from everything evil and especially from the monster under her bed. Even though her dad said that there were no monsters under her bad, he checked and said it was all safe. But the bracelet let her feel even safe when she as alone. Right now with Georgie sleeping next to her it was just pretty.

When suddenly a shadow passed the window. Elle looked up and suddenly her bracelet was not jus pretty. she was jingling it trying to use its magic to make her brave, but it didn't worked she started to see everywhere in Georgie's room moving shadow. Frighten she moved closer to her friend, grab Georgie's hand and started crying. "Monster. Up Dordie! Monster."

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The second Georgie heard Elle mentioning the word 'monster' she was up. You could never be sure if a 2-year old had just a nightmare or was actually right, but Georgie didn't want to take the chance and just sit around. If there really was something, she had to protect the younger girl. When she turned on the little light on her nightstand she saw how scared Elle looked at her, holding on tightly to Tigger.
"Dordie, Andst!"

"It's okay Elle." Georgie touched Elle's cheeks gently. "What did you see?"


"What's that?"

"Shadow. Very fast."

"You saw a shadow?", Georgie asked concerned. A shadow could be anything...a harmless animal, perhaps the branches of a tree...or something worse. Despite the fact that Georgie was only five years old and did not look like a girl who would fight monsters, she had to be brave. When she got up Elle squeaked.
"Not go!"

"Don't worry, I just get something", she said and opened one of the drawers of her nightstand. Elle watched the older girl taking out something that appeared to be some sort of a knife. When she saw the blonde girl in her pink, ruffled night gown standing there, holding a knife, Elle's eyes widened in shock. She couldn't remember ever seeing the princess of 'Sleeping Beauty' holding a knife, neither Cinderella or any other princess. So, that picture in front of her was more than disturbing for little Elle.

"Dordie knife?"

"It's okay, Elle, it's just in case the shadow is bad." Georgie tried to sound calm, but she was shivering.

"Da!" Elle pointed to the window as she saw something moving quickly. She was hiding behind Tigger, shaking. "Andst!"

Georgie tiptoed to the window, her heart was racing, it felt like it would fall out any second.

"Nein, Dordie!", Elle screamed, scared that something could happen to her friend. "Monster eat you!"

At that moment someone opened the door and both girls started to scream.
"What's going on here?" Adam walked into the room, but when he saw his daughter with a knife in her hand he stopped. "What the hell is this?"

"Monster!" Elle jumped off the bed and ran to Adam, pulling his Red Sox pajama pants so hard that he quickly held on to them before the little girl could pull them down completely. He looked at Georgie who was pale like a ghost.

"What's going on, Georgina? Was something in your room?"

"I...I don't know. Elle saw a shadow and woke me up."

"Da! Shadow!", Elle shouted while pointing to the window and pulling Adam's pants.

"What is this?" Adam frowned. "That looks like an owl."

"It is an owl", Georgie said, sighing in relief.

"Is that the shadow you saw?", Adam asked Elle, and she nodded. He walked to the window just to make sure that there was really nothing, then he checked in the room. Elle ran to Georgie and grabbed her hand.

"Georgina?" Adam turned around to face his daughter. "Just make sure your mother doesn't know of the kni-"

"Georgina Evangeline Gilmore, what on earth are you doing with that knife in your hand?", Josephine appeared at the door, behind her Christopher and Lorelai. Georgie quickly hid behind her father.

"Is everything okay?", Lorelai wanted to know.

"Yes, it was only a false alarm", Adam replied. "Elle saw a shadow, but it was only an owl."

"Where did you get the knife from?" Josephine looked at her daughter, then at her husband. "Did you give it to her?"

"Calm down, Josephine. I told her she can use it only for emergencies..."

"You gave our 5-year old daughter a knife?"

"You know her, she's responsible, she's not going to play around with it."

Josephine sighed. "What am I going to do with you two?"

"Dordie protect me!", Elle smiled at Josephine, still holding Georgie's hand. "Dordie good!"

"I have to agree with my daughter", Christopher said, walking to the little girls. "That was really brave of you, Georgie."

Georgie blushed a little. "Thank you, Mr Christopher sir." Then she looked to her mom who didn't seem that angry anymore, only concerned. "I'm really careful mother. I just wanted to protect Elle."

Josephine knelt down and looked at her. "I know, honey. It just really scared me seeing you with that knife."

"Nothing happened, mother. Really!"

"So it was only an owl?, Lorelai asked, and Adam nodded. "Do you hear that, Elle? An owl, just like the one from Winnie Pooh."

Elle grinned, she wasn't scared anymore.

"I think we should get back to bed", Christopher said. "We have to get up early tomorrow." He looked at the two girls. "Are you sure you will be all right on your own? Elle? Do you want to sleep in our room?"

Elle shook her head. "No! Will bei Dordie bleiben."

"Okay!" Christopher grinned and gave her a kiss. He also gave Georgie a kiss on the cheek. "And thank you again for protecting my daughter."

She smiled shyly. Josephine hugged her, looking at her a last time before she left the room. "I'm not mad at you honey, I was only worried."

Georgie nodded. "Okay. Good night, mother."

"Good night."

Georgie looked to her dad. "Can you stay until Elle and I are back in bed?"


"Come, Elle!" Georgie grabbed her hand, and they climbed back into bed. "Good night, daddy!"

"Night Adam!", Elle squeaked, then started giggling.

"Good night, you two. And next time you see something, call me immediately, okay?"


Before Adam closed the door he turned to Christopher. "By the way, your daughter tried to pull my pants down."

Christopher laughed. "I guess she likes you."

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Elle cuddled closer to Georgie and fell back asleep. The rest of the night passed without incidents. So did the breakfast. “Elle we are going home today. So please go and pack all your toys that are in Georgie’s room in your bag okay?” Elle looked at her mother, nodded a little and ran off.

Lorelai started packing all their things in the car, Josephine was helping her.

“You have to come soon again or we come and visit you.” Josephine put the cooling box on the back seat.

“Oh Elle would love to show Georgie all her books and the gang of stuffed animals.” Lorelai laughed.
“Georgina wouldn’t be interested in the books but the stuffed animals could be interesting if she can have a tea party with them.”

“Mom!” Nick shouted.

“Nicklaas Fee, why are you shouting at me?”

“I’m sorry, but I was looking for Elle to help her but she never went to Georgie’s room. She s gone.”

Lorelai sighed. “Not again, she always does this. She goes hiding when things she can’t handle happen. Like leaving here. We have to find her, she could get hurt.” Lorelai sounded worried a little bit, not because Lenna was hiding but she was hiding in a place she didn’t know well.

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"Okay, we have to split up", Christopher said. "This house is big, she could be anywhere. Adam and I will check in the basement."

"I don't think she's in the basement, I'm pretty sure she's scared of it", Lorelai said.

"Doesn't matter, we have to look everywhere."

After Christopher and Adam left the living room, Lorelai turned to Nick and Georgie. "Josephine and I will look around here, would you two look upstairs?"

The kids nodded and walked up the stairs. "Why is your house so big?", Nick mumbled. "So many rooms, she could be anywhere!"

"Where does she usually hide when she's in a house?"

"Everywhere! Well...except under the bed. She's scared that monsters could be there."

They went into every single room and yelled her name, but Elle didn't respond.

"What's in here?" Nick tried to open a door but it was locked.

"That's my dad's study. I'm not allowed to go in there", Georgie explained.

"Since it's locked I don't think Elle is in that room." They went on, looked in every corner, but no sign of Elle.

"What's up there?" Nick pointed to the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Georgie suddenly looked insecure. "The attic."

"Okay, let's check it out." Nick was just about to go upstairs when he noticed that Georgie didn't move. "What is it?"

Georgie hated to admit it because she didn't want to look like a scaredy-cat, but she was a little scared of the attic. Sometimes she heard weird noises coming from up there, and although her dad had assured her the house was safe, she still avoided the attic.
"I don't like the attic", she said, staring at the floor. She expected Nick to make fun of her, but to her surprise he took her hand and smiled.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you."

Georgie didn't like to admit that she was scared, but she liked the fact that a handsome boy wanted to protect her, that was really cute.

"Ready?" Nick looked at her, waiting for a respond. She nodded quickly, then they walked up the stairs and entered the attic. Nick's eyes widened.
"Wow! This is so cool!"

Georgie couldn't really agree with him. The giant, dark attic looked like the perfect playground for ghosts. And spiders! She hated spiders. If she saw one spider she would scream so loud that people on the west coast would hear her. She held Nick's hand tightly while carefully looking around.

"Elle? Are you here?" Nick looked behind old picture frames and boxes. "Hey little sis, say something!"

Suddenly they heard a strange rustling. Georgie almost jumped on Nick's arm. "There is something!"

Nick moved a little closer, then he sighed. "It's Elle!"
His sister sat in a dark corner, holding on to Tigger.

"Elle!" Nick and Georgie ran to her. "We were looking everywhere for you!", Nick said.

"Why are you hiding?", Georgie wanted to know.

"Nicht gehen", Elle mumbled.

"She doesn't want to go", her brother translated.

Georgie sat down next to her. "I don't want you to go either! I wish you could stay here and be my sister."

"Sister..." Elle repeated.

"Elle, you can't hide every single time", Nick said. "I know you don't want to go, but you make mom and dad worry about you when you hide. Do you want to make them worry?"

The little girl shook her head.

"Listen, Elle", Georgie took her hand. "We will see each other soon. And until then I have the picture you drew me, and I will think of you every time I see it. And you will think of me every time you see this." Georgie got something out of the little pocket in her dress. It was a necklace.
"It's an angel wing", Georgie explained while she put the necklace around Elle's neck. "So that you know that angels watch over you."

"Angel..." Elle touched the little silver wing, then looked at her friend and smiled. "Dordie, you angel!"

"Thank you, Elle, you're so sweet!" Georgie returned her smile. They heard their parents downstairs calling for them.

"We found her!", Nick said. "We'll be right there." He grabbed his sister's hand, and offered the other hand to Georgie.

"Before we go downstairs to the others I want to give you something as well", Georgie said, getting another thing out of her pocket. "Open your hand."

Nick did what she said, and then Georgie put a real golden thimble in the palm of his hand. "In case you forget me."

"I won't!"

"Just in case..."

"Wendy give Peter thimble!", Elle squeaked.

"It's pretty, isn't it?" Georgie smiled.

"No, other thimble!"


"Give Peter other thimble!" Elle grinned widely. Her older brother blushed while Georgie started giggling. Before Nick was able to react Georgie already took action and gave him another kiss. Elle giggled loudly.

Nick cleared his throat and smiled, still with very red cheeks. "Don't say anything to Adam", he turned to his sister. "Not a word, okay?"

Elle nodded. "Okay, Peter."

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SG: The Kid
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Elle hid the necklace under her shirt. She didn’t want her parents to see it, they always acted weird when it came to presents. When the three children arrived at the bottom of the stairs Lorelai pulled her in a tight hug. “Sweetie don’t do this, you scared me so much. This is a big house and so much could have happened. You could have got hurt.”

Elle was crying silent tears, Lorelai knew why. “I know leaving friends always hurts. But that doesn’t mean you will forget her.”

Elle shook her head and went back to hold on to Georgie’s hand. Lorelai sighed and went back to packing the car. “Georgie make sure she doesn’t get lost again.”

“I will.”

It just took another hour until the car was all packed and the goodbyes were said. Well not all Elle was now not silently crying anymore she was screaming, whipping , screaming and fighting against her seatbelt. “Noooooo. Let raus. Stay. Nooooo.” Lorelai looked at Georgie and closed the car door. “It is better when we just leave I guess. Don’t worry Georgie, she will calm down. At some point, I think.“

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Georgie didn't hear what Lorelai was saying, she only focused on Elle inside the car. Even when Lorelai knelt down to say goodbye to her, she didn't react. Nick looked out of the back window of the car and waved, but Georgie still didn't show any emotion. The only thing she noticed was Elle's crying, anything else was just a blur. Lorelai waved a last time, then got into the car on the passenger's seat. The moment the car started moving Georgie ran. She knocked against Elle's window, and the girls looked at each other for a last time. Georgie pressed her hand against the glass, and so did Elle. "Bye Elle!", Georgie shouted. "Don't forget me!"
The car was moving faster, and before something could happen and Georgie would get hurt Adam picked her up. She started kicking, something she never did before because she was taught that it was a bad behavior. "Let me down!", she screamed, but despite her attempt to hit her father she had no chance against him. She watched the car driving further away, and then she saw Elle's little face looking out of the back seat, next to Tigger and Nick.

Both girls were not aware that they wouldn't see each other for a very long time...

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That was the last time it was safe enough for the Fees to see the Gilmores. To protect their children they destroyed the friendships of them. Elle never forgot the friend she had even though when this friend was forgotten over the years. She never forgot the feeling of safety Georgie gave her. Georgie never forgot the little girl she wanted to keep forever, as her favorite doll.

Both girls lost their parents, and if they just would have known. Their parents always took care of them and made arrangements for the worst case scenario. But they didn’t know. No one did.

It would be a very long time until Elle and Georgie would meet again, and by the time the friendship they had was just a memory and the little girls were not so little anymore. Knowing they already met their BFF made it hard to make new friends. None of the friends would be on the level of each other. Georgie recovered from losing her best friend but Elle never did. Her entire life she tried to find this one friend again, but she didn’t.

One day in late [url=]August[/url] seventeen years later they could have been reunited, but they didn’t recognize each other. All they knew was they could trust each other. They rebound the bond of their friendship with ease.

Will they ever find out what they had? Will they ever find out the plans, hopes and wishes their parents had for them? Will they know what they could have had?

Stay tuned for the next episodes of [url=]Supernatural: Reanimated[/url] to see the girls grow close again and find lost memories.

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