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Gimme Shelter

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1 Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:01

Welcome to the thread for
Supernatural: Reanimated,
Gimme Shelter

After battling the latest supernatural foe our heroes are recovering and tending their wounded. The FBI agent who initially arrested Rome, but turned to the side of the hunters is unconscious in the ICU, but that won’t deter an old FBI rival. It seems Special Agent Allison Wesson has thrown her lot in and must now face the consequences. However, once a Hunter, always a Hunter—we take care of our own…

See here for more information on the Supernatural RP, or contact Maeglin, ArielButtercup or MissAusten with any questions.

Disclaimer: We tend to be a little more informal around here (as well as infernal): lax with customary RP rules, rough with our language, and generally sacrelicious. We ask only that you play nice, stick to SPN canon, don’t be (too) mean, and do everything in your power to make the game fun for everyone.

Happy hunting!

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2 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:02

Supervisory Special Agent James Holyfield:

*** *** *** *** ***

Special Agent Holyfield stepped out of the FBI Armoured Suburban, straightening his jacket, tie and collar before shading his eyes and glancing at the "hospital". He found it hard to believe this place had an ICU at all, much less one capable of handling the injuries Special Agent Wesson apparently received in the debacle at the police station after her successful attempt at busting the Remington boy out of Federal Custody. So Romulus was not only a sly little psychopath, but an intensely convincing one too.

And whatever his personal feelings about the b**** he was about to arrest, she was also a traitor. Just another reason to despise her, really. She was just another kid with a chip on her shoulder trying to use the Bureau's reach to investigate some cult of lunatics killing her sister. Yeah, the Taxpayer would love to hear that their dollars were going into funding her little vendetta. And to top it all off, she'd turned traitor, thrown her hand in with the Remingtons and burned all her progress anyway. Showed just how unprofessional a kid with an axe to grind could be when offered an easier - regardless of how under-the-counter it was - way to do things.

His agents followed him. Twelve interrogation professionals, all members of FBI SWAT Teams and the HRT, hand-picked specifically because of that. They weren't needed for either cause right now and their skills and experience would come in very handy in case the Remington Rats decided to try and save their ex-Fed bedfellow. Their scores in marksmanship tests and hand-to-hand drills were just another bonus. He scratched his chin as he entered the lobby, flanked by six very foreboding-looking squaddies on each side. He knocked on the reception desk and leaned over to the nurse as she turned to him.

"Hi, Supervisory Special Agent Holyfield. I'm here to visit a patient in the Intensive Care Unit. Allison Wesson. We're taking her into custody and moving her as soon as she's stable enough," he stated pleasantly, nodding as the nurse wordlessly indicated he should follow her.

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3 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:03

Lenna woke suddenly up; she couldn’t explain what it was. Aly was still sleeping in her bed.

Weird, why do I care for you? You...

Memories of the older women protected her more than once appeared in Lenna’s mind, she knew why.

Because I am retarded and trust people as soon they try to protect me. Right.

“I’ll be back; I have to stretch my legs a little.”

No wonder Rome thinks I can’t look after myself. They are all injured and I have barely a scratch. I wish I could be more than just the geek that everyone needs to protect.

Lenna stood at the coffee machine waiting for her drink. She felt lonely since Georgie left the hospital.

A year ago I liked it to be alone and now? I am scared to be alone.

Lenna sighed, took her coffee which tasted like feet and was on her way back to Aly.


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4 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:03

Holyfield half-smiled as the nurse walked him towards an ICU Private room, with Wesson already cuffed to the bed. The nurse glanced around before standing aside. Two Agents remained either side of the door while the others followed Holyfield into the room. He took a seat next to the bed, leafing through Wesson's chart to get an estimate of how quickly she was recovering since her initial report was sent to him. It'd give a good guess as to how soon they'd be able to move her to Quantico or DC, depending on where the Directors wanted her. He glanced up at the sleeping traitor on the bed, sighing contentedly before leaning towards her.

"Rise and shine Agent Wesson," Holyfield announced cheerfully.

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5 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:04

Lenna went around the corner and saw at Aly’s door to guys in suit. She went back behind the corner.

Sh*t. We are sooo in trouble.

When suddenly phone vibrated. Without checking the caller ID she answered.

“Rome we have a serious problem here in the hospital.”

“Um Elenna sorry but I am not Rome. It’s me Georgie.”

“Damn it Georgie. Okay listen. We are in trouble, well at least Aly is. There are two FBI guys standing outside her room. They look like guards. We have to help her. I um maybe I go and talk to them, try to explain...”

“Are you insane? Yes we do have to help her, but we have to figure out what the FBI plans. Get the hell out of the hospital, NOW. I call you back.”

The phone went dead.

But I can’t just leave her here. She helped us. I mean she kind of saved Rome. Think Lenna, come on. I know I go and check if they also have Danila, maybe he can help.


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6 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:06

Allison groaned. Everything hurt but she didn't know why. Oh wait. She had been in a fight, with Agent Smith? No. Something that had taken his form. She hadn't been alone.

A voice...Rome? KGB? Rawson? No. This was unfamiliar. She had thought for moment that she could hear Elenna, talking in German or Latin, or something, but she wasn't the one speaking now.

The bright light burned her eyes but when she went to shield them with her hand she found it restrained.

"Where am I? What happened?"

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7 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:06

"You're in federal custody, Miss Wesson," Holyfield answered, his expression turning to a smug near-grin, "So, what was it turned you over to the Remingtons' side anyway? Was it that he was convincing, or you were easy to convince?"

Holyfield casually leafed through the last few pages of the report, returning it to the folder at the foot of the bed before taking a seat.

"I'm not going to start the official interrogation yet. Just gonna ask questions out of curiosity for now," Holyfield added.

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8 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:06

What the Hell?!

"No, no--you have it wrong. That killed Agent Smith and took his form. Rome--ah, the Remingtons were innocent. I still don't understand it all, but they saved my life. They had been hunting it see, and they were the only ones able to kill it. The last thing I remember was nearly being disemboweled by the skin walker. They must have killed it and brought me here--to the hospital I guess."

Official interrogation? Do you know how crazy you sound right now?

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9 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:07

"We saw a tape of you shooting Agent Smith, to no apparent effect. And you say something killed him and took his shape? The tox screens are clear, but I think you two may have been exposed to some kind of drug or toxin at some point, Agent Wesson," Holyfield responded, folding his hands at his waist.

Maybe it was that rather than being convincing, Remington had just built up a resistance to whatever it was he dosed other people with. It wouldn't help Wesson's situation, but it would certainly explain things.

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10 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:07


She thought back. No. She hadn't left him alone with her drink. It couldn't have been that.

"No, I wasn't drugged. I watch my drinks very carefully and Rome didn't get the chance. Something literally took David's skin and wore it. I couldn't even tell the difference until it revealed itself. Did anyone else survive?"

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11 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:08

"Some of the local police survived by virtue of being off-duty, but the State Police Detachment you and Smith brought in are all dead. And I'm still inclined to think you and Agent Smith were exposed to some form of intoxicant, because you're still acting strange - even for the amount of painkillers you're hopped up on," Holyfield responded, "And if this is for an insanity plea, well, you know how being committed can last until you die."

He turned to her again. She had to have been exposed to some cocktail of drugs. She looked like she actually believed there was something running around here wearing the skin of other human beings. Although there was that one killer in South Carolina ...

"Look, Allison, we can't help you if you keep this up. There is still a killer on the loose in the area as well as the Remingtons," Holyfield added.

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12 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:08

"The Remingtons aren't killers--just at the wrong place at the right time. And if I'm still alive, it means they killed you're still looking for so don't waste resources."

She coughed and tried to sit up for some water, but the cuffs prevented it.

"Could you sit the bed up and hand me some water? I feel like I haven't had anything to eat or drink for days."

She paused.

"What is today?" How long had she been out? Hopefully long enough for the Remington-gang to skip town. They wouldn't have been stupid enough to stick around...would they?

She glanced across the room. A vase with wilting pink roses sat next to a card. She didn't know anyone in New Mexico, so it had to be from one of the hunters. Maybe they stuck around? Sure, she could use a few witnesses, but not at the expense of the people who'd saved her life.

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13 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:08

Deciding that, for now at least, Wesson would stick to her senseless guns, Holyfield thumbed the switch to sit the bed up and handed her a glass of water from the side table.

"Is the weather here always this hot?" Holyfield asked, shifting the conversation away from the case until such time as he saw a change in Wesson's demeanour.

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14 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:09

Help, I need help. I know what to do when we have a hunt, but this. I don’t know what do to. I told Rome the FBI is scary as hell.

Lenna quickly wrote angry a text to Georgie.

What the hell r u doing Barbie. I hope it is a rescue plan. I am good in lores and myths but not in this.

Lenna went in the opposite direction to Danila’s room. Without knocking she went into his room.

“Danila we have huge problem, massively huge. Aly is arrested by the FBI. She is still in her room two huge FBI machos are standing outside her door, but I think it is just a matter of time and how stable her conditions are. They gonna make her pay for all the death people in the police station. That is not fair we have to help her. Please, say that you are helping me. I can’t do that alone. I am good with monster but I not good with this kind of stuff. Please Danila she protected me, I don’t know why but she risked her live to safe me, please help me.”

The young hunter was standing lost at the end of the bed hoping Danila would tell her what to do.


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15 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:17

Danila's eyes flickered open drowsily. The last thing he remembered was stumbling to a car, an incredible headache, and the movement of the vehicle on a dirt road before he passed out again. . .

And now, he woke up with the girl hunter at the foot of his bed asking for advice and, apparently, the one fed they had on their side under arrest.

Well, this was just lovely.

Danila sat up slowly, taking in a sharp breath as the blood rushed into his head and the headache worsened. Damn that shapeshifter. . .

He looked up at Elenna with an oddly out-of-place smile. "Well, the answer to zat depends," he started with a small wink, "Do we want to deklare outright war on ze US government?"

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16 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:18


Damn it, Rome would immediately help me. He has ha horrible hero complex and rescue a damsel in distress.
Lenna took a deep breath and tried to stay focused.

“I am sorry Danila. I woke you up. Aly helped us; she saved us as much as Raws did with shooting that skin walker. Please Danila. I can’t do that on my own, I need help. And the US government is anyway not on our side. So we don’t declare the war, we just join it. Please?”

Lenna begged the last word and she still didn’t understand why Aly was suddenly so important to her. Lenna let her boys leave without her and sure she missed them but she but she also knew that this was important to do. Looking innocently and shy at Danila, she just prayed that he would help her.


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17 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:18

"Zat eez what I like to heer," Danila said with a grin. Compared to that Skin Walker, these guys would be a walk in the park.

He looked around himself for props and weapons. . . and it looked like some kind of medicine was dripping into his arm through an IV. And nobody expects an attack from a guy with an IV sticking out of his arm.

He looked back at the girl. Even if he hadn't wanted to break out FBI, who could resist that girl's pleading? "I've got a plan," he said, gesturing outside, "Now, iv you could make sure there are onlee ze two guards. . ."

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18 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:18

Lenna face lightened up.

“Really? Thanks. Um yeah I can check out how many guards there are. Give me 5 minutes.”

Lenna walked out of the room. Back at the corner she peaked around.

Yes there are two guards at the door. But what if there are more in the room?

When suddenly a nurse run into her.

“Oh I am so sorry Miss. Can I help you?”

Yes. Yes. Okay be a girl, Lenna, just for once.

“Um seriously yes. My favourite type of guys is men in suits. Are there more of them? Because those two at the door are a little bit to serious looking.”

The nurse grinned.

“There are all together 12 of those guys, the rest are in the room of the patient with one who looks more important.”

“Really? Okay thanks. That means I have to get changed.”

Elenna walked back to Danila’s room trying not to look suspicious. She didn’t checked a second time if he was awake.

“Danila. There are 13 all together. Two guards at the door and the rest are in Aly’s room. So what is your plan? I think Georgie is trying to get more information. I think she will help us.”


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19 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:19

Danila cringed. Thirteen guards. Too many to knock out between the two of them, even if Elenna turned out to be a world-class fighter.

He sighed. "Okay. I need my FBI badge from my vehicle. . . please tell me we are steel een Gallup?"

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20 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:19

"Um yeah, where else should we be? Your car is in the parking lot. I think I can get it for you. But um you think you get her out just with showing you FBI badge? I mean how to you explain the IV in your arm?"

Wow and I thought Rome has serious weird bad ideas. Why am I always a part of those ideas. Next time I will think about a crazy idea and let everyone help me with it.

Lenna looked curious at Danila.


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21 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:19

Danila chuckled. "I doubt we could vight zem all. . ." he said with a wink.

"Yes, eef you could get my bag please? Eet ees in ze trunk, navee blue, looks lioke a zuitcase. I'm zure you can fine it." he said, fumbling through the plastic box with his things in it until he found his keys. He handed them to her with a smile, "Don't worry. We'll get her out," he said to the girl, hoping his words might comfort her a little.

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22 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 09:20

Lenna took the keys and was on her way out when she turned around at the door.

"Thanks Danila."

She found the car easyly, she had parked it. And also the suitcase wasn't difficult to find since she knew where to look. She returned quickly to Danila she still had no idea what he planed.

Okay trust the stranger. Hihi that is a little bit how I met Raws.

Lenna was still scared of the whole situation, but now that she had some help she felt better.

"Here is your suitcase. I thought you might need some other stuff from it. What are we doing next? You really wanna pretend to be from the FBI? Please tell me you don’t plan to march in Aly’s room and say that you need to transfer her? This sounds more like a Rome-plan then a plan someone like you would do. No offence. I will be a part of this mission even it is a mission that looks more than dump, because I have no better plan. So?"


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23 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 12:17

Georgina knew that something was wrong. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed Elenna's number.

"Yeah?" Elenna's voice sounded harsh.

"Lenna? It's me! Where are you right now? What's going on?"

"Aly was arrested by the FBI. They blame her for the death of the people in the police station. We have no clue how we can get her out of there!"

"Damn, that sounds bad." Georgina bit her lower lip. "I'll call my uncle. Since he's a lawyer he knows what to do in situations like that."

"Okay, but hurry! We don't have much time."


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24 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 12:23

Lenna stared at the phone in her hand and wondered why the hunters suddenly worked as a team on a so not supernatural case.

“That was Georgie. She said she will call her uncle; he is a lawyer and has maybe an idea what to do legally.”

Note to myself. Never ever leave my boys again. Not sure if I can handle this whole situation. I mean monster I get, they are all evil; but humans? They are friggin unpredictable.

Lenna suddenly realized that Danila hadn’t answered her questions yet. She wondered why.


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25 Re: Gimme Shelter on 4th November 2011, 12:24

Danila had taken advantage of the short time the girl had been turned around and on the phone to change into a standard, black-and white suit. He had just put the FBI badge in his front pocket and was clipping a magazine into a pistol when she turned back around.

Danila smiled. "Don't worry," he said as he held it out to her, "Tranquilizer rounds. I like zees country, I would prefer not to keel zair agents."

He reached into the open suitcase, fishing out another pistol and clipping a magazine into it. "I know you don't like to uze guns, but if zay don't fall for my deestraction you may have to use eet."

He chuckled. "Zpeeking of deestractions, how good are you at flirting with FBI guards?"

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